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The problem of activity has been on my mind for a long time, most people come online create their post and then drop it in the channels. This does not work as they are asking for support, but not showing any support.

The primary objective it to help the community grow together and get everyone to support each other.

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The biggest change:

  • Support will be given to those who support the other members within the community, this means that comments will get higher weighted votes than posts made by the same user.
  • Comments will now be voted on. Quality will be assessed before votes are given.
  • Channels will be divided, strict rules will be applied so make sure to check them out.

support_proof channel:

Drop only the name of the person and if you have commented or upvoted their post. The more support you give the more you will receive. This will be checked daily, comments on posts will also be checked (so make good comments)

Promotion channel has changed:

  • Now post and comment channel
  • General channel

Division of channels:

  • Posting and commenting channels are now divided between all the sub-communities. Thus each sub-community will have their own post and comment promotion channels.
  • The rules will be strict as to allow proper function of these channels.


  • You can either drop your link of either your comment or post in the specified channel. ONLY ONE PER DAY.
  • There are multiple post and comment promotion channels, make sure to use the one assigned to your sub-community or the main one. ONLY ONE OF THE CHANNELS.
  • If your link is found in more than one of these channels your post or comment will simply be missed by the curator. THERE will be NO RE-SUBMITTING.
  • Comments on the same user will not be voted on, each day comments must be on someone new to get your upvote.

If you are struggling with these new rules stick to the main post and comment promotion channel and be active in the community by supporting others.

New Goals:

Commenting is one of the best ways to meet new people on steemit, it is also one of the best ways to make friends and get followers.

  • Teach users and members how to be active and get the most out of steemit
  • Help them help each other, this forming a unit of friendship and support
  • Get users to be more proactive in the community and steemit in general
  • Help users understand that their support means something, even if it is small

For any suggestions on way to improve the system please test it out and give feedback on the next community post. If you have any questions about the above info feel free to ask or make any suggestions.


Support the community makes everyone happy these new guideline shows more community

this is the thing we need to do and its make community more beautiful more beneficial .. i am here for support this community although i am also a new member .. you are going to very good work .. upvoted @dragonslayer109 upvoted @mrblu upvoted @funtoz

This is good improvement, commenting is another good way to support one another, recently, I found out that commenting on other people’s work generates more rewards to me than some of my posts, it doesn’t stop there, constant good comments on other people’s posts can force them to visit your own work and support you too.

Life is all about give and take.

Good post @dragonslayer.

This is a great initiative man!

Yeah i really agree with you @dragonslayer its goes beyond posting a post i see steemit community as a humanitarian support grand wre Wat ever u put is Wat u get back.
When you visit people's blog and upvote dy post others too must one day do so to u thanks for sharing
Post resteem @japfive

HEY @dragonslayer109,
These are the changes I have been looking forward to in all the Discord servers concerning Steemit. I have been preaching this gospel for a long time. I even set up a challenge (#Hug-Challenge!) that helps people to do exactly this sort of thing. Thank the heavens that you have adopted it.

Its really an amazing way. We gain support by supporting others too. No man is an island especially not on Steemit. We all need each other to succeed. This way everyone benefits...

Thanks for the beautiful works you are doing to promote Africa and her citizens via Steemit. Cheers brov.


We have done something like this is a smaller community that I am in and I decided that it was time to test it out here. Only time will tell if this is going to work well.

Yeah brov, It will definitely work well for the serious people. The spammers, scammers and trollers will just quietly remove themselves... Cheers!

It will definitely work. It is a good idea.

Well as I can read all the rules are sound nice but I don't understand how do you manage the upvote of someone. Like if I would someone and also helping peoples to grow but even after that if I am not getting a upvote on my post but would be the solution you have for this. And the concept is really great and it seems like that I will be making many more friends there and I really appreciate that you start something like that.

I agree with funatoz.

Thank my friend

Instead of you getting an upvote for your post you will get it on your comment. As the new system on steemit is linear it would be the exact same amount as what would go on a post.

Ok I want to bee the part of your community so what should I do .

Where are you from?

Hey my friend I am from India.

@funatoz, currently the community discord channel is exclusively for Africans, with time this may change. @dragonslayer109, I hope this my info is correct. Thank you.

hi bro..hoping for your support too..thanks and more power to you ^^ im your follower too..^^ hope you will try to visit on my page @mrblu thanks @dragonslayer109 upvoted your post..very nice article.

Nice post. Please follow me, upvote and comments on my post. just like I did.

not gonna lie that did fry my brain a little reading this but i think i get it....
Steemit chat is just one big spam bot for me at this point but will stick it out and try to make friends...Atleast with the Sa group for now... thanks for trying so hard

great work, really love this. keep it up, look forward to more.

Vote comment me please

Yeah, it is a social media platform with ability to earn. Socialising is like 50% or more of it. Sadly it all seems automated. Make a post. Post. Wait for upvote. Repeat cycle. That makes it monotonous and removes half the fun of being here. Nice new changes. Keep steeming. Muchas gracias.

It sounds great. Comments tell writers of how they are performing and how people enjoy what they read so it must come often.

But does it mean we drop our posts only in these new channels...
.Now post and comment channel
.General channel

Hi @dragonslayer, this idea is very good and I am sure it will definitely work out.
I believe by this rules, every member of the channel will be active and everyone will benefit from it.
Thanks for your consideration on others.


This ideas will go a long way to help. Thanks for the initiative.

This is very innovative though I did not read it before dropping my link today. I pray I am forgiven.

This is awesome idea. It's very hard to get your posts seen so I try to upvote and comment as much people as I can. This is my last upvoted @funtraveller, commented and upvoted @fitdoc

i love these new rules. They will increase post engagement and will speed up development. But the rules are quite tricky

Teach users and members how to be active and get the most out of steemit

It's always good to evolve. Let's see how things pan out

Brilliant idea, can't wait to see where this leads, hopefully it can reduce the amount of spam and increase the contributions of those who have an opinion.

I totally agree that it was a challenge to find the gems among the vast quantity of mediocre content on Steemit and I've already made some great connections. I do have a question though. How do I find the channels where I think I belong? I know I'm posting here because I've made it to the Africa channel (thank you @dragonslayer109) but how do I find the travel or scuba diving or photography channels? I apologise if this is a seriously dumb question but I'm finding Steemit a seriously steep learning curve but keen to carry on and find the right communities for me.

I noticed that, as from today (?), whenever I make a comment, I now have the choice of self-upvoting, but I had not realised such important changes had happened.

You want my honest opinion? When I saw your above new rules, I first asked myself whether I want to continue using Steem.

I make my posts and probably make between 5 to 10 or more comments each day. Each of my comments is a response to what the other posted, either encouraging them or trying to help them improve.

Now you are trying to make it that I must report (brag) about my trying to help others?

No way, Jose!

If you had said that those who recieve a good or helpful comment can encourage the commentator by send a link for someone to see and maybe choose them, I could live with that. But I am already running short of time because of trying to help others (even getting into a fight with the #1 witness because he attacked a small poster from Nigeria).

I do all this, despite my not earning anything more than cents per post, even though they take me a lot of time and effort (I write Fantasy stories mostly), because I am enjoying helping others - because I want to, anything other reasons means I do not enjoy it. As for you talking about community, sub-community and Channels, I have no idea what you are talking about.

I do not react well to being coerced into doing good, and this is what your idea sounds, I'll wait and see. If my not taking part affects me negatively, I'll just say goodbye to the friends I've made here and get on with my life - on my terms.

PS: If you want, you can go to my blog and check on my comments. You'll never see a 'scam' comment. Sometimes my comments are longer than many of my own posts, so I am not pretending I already help others. It also sounds to me like you are followig the rules of the snowflakes - we do it your way or we get out. I've noticed many support your idea, so maybe I better close up shop.

Ive only been on here for a week or two but I can tell that some people just hover around here posting stuff and then running off. On the other hand I also see some people getting A LOT of support for (sorry to say) shitty posts.

Kind of reminds me of highschool, your either a cool kid or youre out.

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