My support to Steemit Board

in #steemit7 years ago

First of all I would like to start my post with some show-off

This is the last badge I got by supporting @steemitboard

I made this post, because I found @steemitboard after they gave me an award, so I decided to start investigating what they do, and I thought they are doing something really good for the community, incentivating people to share more things, and contribute to the community.

I wanted to support them, I know I´m not a whale here, but this is what I can do to help them, so I decided to make a post about to talk about them, and I have voted for them on the witness page as well.

You can also help them, how can you?

  1. Upvote the notifications you receive from them!
  2. Vote for @steemitboard as a witness here!


Images used on this post belong to @steemitboard


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