They are just being spiteful because they know you are on Dtube and Steemit racking up money that they cant get their hands on!!

lol fuck youtube

awesome work Pete, been with you for years on YT & great to see you on DT, 1Mil Dtube subs coming up :)

Well, YouTube is run by social justice warriors and has their policy shaped by the most liberal organizations, so it really doesn't surprise me that they would try to milk you for your money.

Spot on m8 ,spot on!

this is a huge achievement.keep it' power of you.go on your way

Sir, after your post I get so many information that hopefully you always post something like this will give us some education opportunities to be a lot of patriotism

Greate post 👍

Well, we're glad to have you!! lol

for Dtube people say fcck youtube?? oMG

Nice one Pete.

I'm with you, I got two of those for them.... Cant wait til their replaced....

Nice one.

YouTube has been declining in quality since Google bought them out, and is becoming increasingly stale with bland, generic, inoffensive content.

guess how they thanked me for my 10+ Year Loyalty. They deleted my channel with over 320k Subscribers.

Thats such BS lol! I actually did a lighthearted piece on the youtube gold button here on steemit. The button is a HUGE accomplishment but I was just having some fun with it. I have an idea for a Dtube gold button made of actual gold. If you would like to check it out...

DTube == 2nd class citizen? :(