Success: The phishing domain "autosteemer(dot)com" has been suspended.

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A few days ago the site "autosteemer(dot)com" popped up, heavily advertising account automation services through spam comments.

The domain was registered anonymously, of course. BUT, it still wasn't hard to get the site suspended through the domain registrar.



you're welcome...

P.S.: Thanks to @arcange, their PSA-post seems to have been enough to fully convince the namecheap abuse team to take action!

P.P.S: The phishing-site has moved to autosteem(dot)info registered via godaddy and is still being spread through spam comments. See updates in comments.
UPDATE: autosteem(dot)info has been taken down!
DOWNGRADE: GoDaddy has taken the site back online!!! WTF!


follow up site phishing abuse reported to abuse@godaddy


... the current registrar information is as follows:


and most likely guaranteed to be bogus!

"Jesus Goddish"

The GoDaddy Team was by far not as responsive... but several complaints, countless emails and 4 days later. The site is finally not being routed anymore:

not resolving URL

and it's back online... still with GoDaddy... ugh!

WARNING! A link in this post by @johnwatson leads to a known phishing site that could steal your account.
Do not open links from users you do not trust. Do not provide your private keys to any third party websites.

I appreciate your initiative.

Please see the post above. The domain has been suspended through the registrar.

This is a PSA to illustrate how easy it can (sometimes) be to combat such phishing attempts through the domain service providers!

The bot saw the phishing site url named.

Great job getting this one down, much appreciated. We were able to get another one down yesterday so it's slowly coming together.

Yeah I know... I saw the bot in action a few times!

That's alright... it's a good flag to have ;)

You should always use autosteemer(dot)com or similar just in case

yeah, i figured so... couldn't be bothered and it's a flag I'll wear with pride ;)

well I encourage you to do it next time


Thanks for this bit of info and success! We appreciate you keeping Steemit safe and helping us to do the same!