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I don't Have Steem Power

As we all started steemit we dont have steem power and where ever in our heart we would be begging for steem power because your whole account is only run by steem power and its not easy to gain so much steem power in a moment because it takes time in what ever we are doing. because i still think that on steemit the steem power is not the stronger thing the only stronger thing on steemit is the community and the people of steemit.WITH TIME WE WILL GROW LETS HAVE SOME PAITENCEThe only way to increase your steem power is your own time and the effort you put into your posts and your blogs the only way to do is that you should promote yourself make yourself a better place on steemit so that all of the people can know inspire them.It is not because you are doing better than others or because we have to be rewarded for putting effort to promote steemit.

  • Many things can promote your account and increase your steem power even with a simple comment your are promoting your account and gaining more followers and rewards, all of the people on steemit are actually really smart because they are promoting steem behind our backs and thats a great thing.
 Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

if you are promoting steem and steemit more people will come to steemit by your sayings and the quality of your posts. 


Strongly aggree with your post @jonesteemit

I appreciate your work dude But you do not think it's important to have an investment?

It is good to invest a little in your Steem Power. Also, you are right that you need to provide consistency and hard work to have a result!