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 Everyone one steemit is an author and especially we are ourselves authors of every post we make, but lately we dont get alot readers on steemit because steemit is getting more populated and our post is barely noticed by some readers  but we should be really thankful for those who upvote and comment on our post because of that we will be have to have some loyal followers and who will be there for us.STEEMIT IS GETTING FILLED WITH BOTS 

  • As a researcher on steemit i have seen that their are alot of bots commenting on our posts which make people comment less on our posts . 
  • Alot of people who are commenting on our post are those who actually dont read the post , those are the people who are begging for upvotes and followers which is not right This is a reality and we should accept it. 


  • All we have to do is that we should become one of the readers because that will make steemit more real and bots wont be able to take over our posts and steemit. We should our specifically choose great authors and start reading their posts and appreciate their hard work.
  • This will not only make us make more and we will get rewards because good comments are also rewarded 
  • By this we will get a great response from their sides which will be really helpful for our accounts which means more followers  

IT CAN HELP US GAIN MORE KNOWLEDGE Commenting and reading the post wont justt reward us we will get to learn even more day by day such we will be able to find out about the latest news, experiences, this will not only help the people who are posting good contents but it will help the whole community and steemit will be more real