Magic Dice v1.2 - Referral Program - Start earning with Magic Dice!

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Magic Dice is a transparent and provably fair dice game on Steem. If you haven't tried the game yet, go to and give it a try. If you want more information about Magic Dice, read our introduction post.

Referral Program - Start earning with Magic Dice!

The Magic Dice referral program is online. You are now able to earn steady rewards with Magic Dice. Refer a new user and you will receive 10% of the house edge on all their bets!

All you have to do is to use following link to promote Magic Dice:

Replace steem_account with your Steem account name. Every user who logs in via your referral link will be tracked. You will start earning rewards as soon as they start playing. All rewards are transferred directly to your account every day.

The referral rewards are paid from the house edge that Magic Dice collects. There is no downside for the referred user. The more users you refer, the more rewards you will collect.

Rewarding the Community

The referral program is just the start. We have plans for other ways to reward Magic Dice users. We want to reward our community as much as we can and grow together. Follow us on Steem or join our Discord to stay up to date with all our promotions.

Top Referrer Wins 50 STEEM

The top referrer for the next week will receive an extra 50 STEEM. The top referrer will be determined by the total wagered STEEM/SBD of his referrals.

Play responsible and don't overindulge. If you have some questions, join our Discord channel or leave a comment. Resteem this post and follow us on Steem to support Magic Dice.


I have been using the game for a bit now, plus have tested other dice games that are out. Magic dice is fair and the rolls are pretty good and able to be somewhat predicted for higher and lower values. You have to see how many are betting though, since a couple other bets can go in before yours.

I have both lost and won, but I am enjoying the game and think it is well worth it! Keep up the good work @magicdice and the improvements coming. :)

Great game ! Like the warning @ the end ! Dont over indulge guys

This will be more awesome if you share profits to players, like other EOS dice games they're giving token per roll and share their profits to token holders.

We have some plans to introduce a token with profit sharing. We are going to release an update in the upcoming weeks.

Ooo, luring people into a -EV gamble isn't enough.. you want to print your own shitcoin too, nice.

will this really work properly? i mean it looks cool and all but i hope it is real :o

It works indeed. Just give it a try :)

Yes you can go without fears! Is 100% legit and working!
Just don't gamble too much

I like how you give caution to user at the end.

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Thanks so much. Will refer some friends when I am back from my vacation.

It is good project but try to improve

Magic Dice is still in development. We always welcome feedback.

See how you can prove for each bet - that it provably fair.

Something like
If I wish to bet then I send you 0.01 SBD and u send me your server hash which u will use when I bid next.

Now if I bet then u will use the sent server hash which Then I can verify using betid.

Hope u understands the point why it is important. It will undoubtedly establish that game provably fair.

I played your game in last two days and found above missing.

You can verify each bet on or when you click on the icon in the bet overview. You will see all bet details and how the dice roll was calculated.

Magic Dice posts all server hashes and seeds to the blockchain. All server seeds are generated before you place your bet. You can verify it with the server hash. The used server hash is included in every transaction that Magic Dice sends to you.

If you want more details how the verification works, read our tech talk post ->

Thanks! Gonna try it out!!

@magicdice : my account is blocked. I was testing automated betting program. Due to error in program multiple bets with wrong parameters went. It was not intentional. Thanks.

You were spamming Magic Dice with hundreds or thousands of very low bets. The spam protection blocked you. The block will be lifted after a few hours.

Looked very much like you were attacking the platform and draining our resources.

You can use automated betting, but you have to increase your bet sizes or bet less often. If you spam Magic Dice, you will get blocked and won't get refunded.

noted. thnx for lifting the ban. Any guidance on number of bets per minute vs minimum size of bet. That would be useful not to hit your threshold of spam

It is good project thank you @magicdice

BTW the dice in your logo are wrong. Take a real die and look at the pips; opposite faces add up to 7. Perhaps yours are magic.
Good luck with it!

Yeah they are magical dices :)

We have plans for other ways to reward Magic Dice users. We want to reward our community as much as we can and grow together.

Lol, such bullshit.

You're a game that's -EV and a losing proposition for people who play. (their choice, "gamble responsibly guys", etc)..... but if you want to act like you're some kind of community initiative, lolllll 😆😆😆

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bot for magic-dice is on the way... :)

let's see. understand the full mechanics first and see if there's no catch.

Thats what I have been doing with steemit for a year now, still don't full understand the mechanics or if there is a catch... =)


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Good opportunity for us. Thanks for this post.

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