Foreplay - Steemit-style

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I’m sure at the moment a lot of your daily conversations are about Steemit. Our household certainly has its fair share of Steemit, bitcoin, blogs and so forth talks. My husband posts every day. I’ve known him almost 30 year and he doesn’t talk that much in real life, but since signing up on Steemit he talks Steemit all the time. I’ve noticed that he gets an idea for a post and then he discusses the whole post with me first. Once he’s posted, I read and vote for each one.

Getting dinner ready last night, my husband had the ‘how was your day talk’ and it conversation inevitable turned to Steemit. I told him that my last post didn’t attract much attention other than the entry level minnow bots that voted. I told him how I was looking forward to a lucky day of dolphin and whale votes.

Hubby @jacor: “You have to read my post on How to become a Dolphin. It’ll explain all.”
Me: “Which part?” (I’ve read it remember?)
Hubby @jacor: “Just go read the post again.”
Me: “I don’t want to read it again – just tell me. I’d rather talk to you than read your thoughts.” (Woman are from Venus – I try to be different, but deep down, like it or not, I’m still just a girl)
Hubby @jacor: “It’s too much to tell you. Much better if you just go read it again.” (What??!)

Realising that the conversation isn’t going anywhere but #Steemit – I try to change the subject and tell him how I got stuck in traffic. Quick as a flash he says: “Oh, I wrote about that tree days ago. You have to check it out!” (sigh) (By the way - he made me read the dolphin post again)

Foreplay the Steemit-way

Seeing as we’re going to mainly communicate via Steemit for a while, I’ve decided to just adapt, learn the lingo and go with the flow…

With reference to:

“Hey Love! The kid’s are sleeping. If you want to ‘Get into a rhythm’ and ‘Understand what makes me tick’, I will be ‘Noticeable and Build a reputation’. ‘With a little bit of luck’ we can ‘be Honest and Adaptable, Enjoy ourselves’ and ‘Build Steempower’. I’ll be in the shower. You have limited time to accumulate ‘Upvotes’. Let's see whats 'Trending', 'Hot', 'New' and 'Popular'. Pay-out is guaranteed. I’ll even ‘Curate’ you after.”

Here’s hoping I’ll get a response and an ‘upvote’ from my whale. Steem-style!