Fed up with the Not enough Resource credits - I just want to post, comment, vote... ARRRRGH

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This is not a tutorial on how to get some Steem Power, because that should never be an issue if all your doing is content creation... However, Steemit think its a good idea... I am sure Newcomers and very Niche Content Creators think different

Steemit biggest failing is making it so hard for new users to post, follow, comment and even Vote as many constantly hit a brick wall and get the dreaded "out of Resource Credit"

It will only take 1 Rival Platform that removes these inconveniences to become something better than Steemit

I am really trying to make a go at Steemit and in fact I even posted some gimmicky MEME posts to help me maintain some RC...

I am in the camp of people who just want to use the platform

I am sure there are those from the other camp that say that Steemit is amazing, they have no problems, all I am doing is whining and if I dont like it.... Leave!

Im also pretty sure many people have left because of these problems

Telling people to visit the Welcome section, discord or other places to try and get people to give them some credit, really is not a solution.
There you have these Bots that pounce on users who think that using their "wares" will help them start posting.. which they dont.

And GOD FORBID you post Content and do the right thing and post the SOURCE, because then you will get a visit from the CHEETAH Bot, that will sarcastically say that you havent done anything wrong, but will post a source anyway, driving people to somewhere else.... THEN IT WILL PUT YOU ON A LIST AND SUBMIT IT TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC!!!!

ARRRGGGHHHH.... and just as I go to post this.. I get that damn popup !!!!
Now I have to wait for however long it takes.... Update... Its been over 8 Hours and I still cant post this damn article!!!

Apparently some replies to my Reddit post from newcomers saying the same thing... I wonder what % of people try Steem, get fed up and go elsewhere...



Yeah. It’s hard to do anything if you have less than 100 SP. When I started being more active on the Steem platform, I purchased some Steem Power with my other cryptocurrencies. It’s also possible to lease SP delegations. Most of my SP is leased.

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I understand all that.... But the point I am making is that... people will just want to post.... not hunt around for reasons to be able to post.

Some content creators are kids, some are from 3rd world countries, some are pensioners... its not so easy to justify spending $ just to use a platform, when you dont have that sort of money to spend...

They made a Movie that makes me feel as if I am in it, when using Steemit ... https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1790864/
The Maze Runner :)

Steemit is quite complicated as a platform. The resource limitation is necessary to prevent bringing transactions on the blockchain to a stand still. The concept of Steem Power is probably the only reason Steemit still exists at all. Without SP holders Steem coin would have even less value than it has currently. SP is an attempt to slow the downward momentum of Steem when content providers sell their earned coins in order to realize creator profits.

The important question to ask yourself is:

Why am I here on Steemit?

If you are here to post a few thoughts every now and then, resource drain shouldn't be much of an issue. I find it's difficult to write more than a few posts a day, since I have many other responsibilities in life. Steemit is currently a learning experience for me, and it's been a lot of fun so far. The important thing for a regular user (not power/purpose driven) is to stay engaged in the platform... but not too engaged.

If you are here to promote your content created on other websites, you will need to invest some time reading about how such activities are performed. There are several decent threads to check out if this is your goal. Copy/Paste plagiarism is a big problem. Thus the cheetah bot. There are some methods to verifying external content is yours, but downvoting the cheetah bot is not one of them. As far as fast growing influence is concerned, there are various vote buying services... but there seems to be a political knife fight going on with this process, so beware...

If you are here to learn how blockchain and crypto currencies function, I would recommend posting one or two random thoughts per day... and check out the Steem Engine... read a bit about the Steem API ... run Brave Browser ... sign up for accounts at least two crypto exchanges: Uphold and Poloniex .. Pass their KYC ... and have a little fun playing with the few dollars you get from random Steemit posts and watching anonymous Brave ads.

I guess you explained my point....
I just want to post...

As for why Steemit still exists, I cant agree that its due to SP, since there are many thousands of Social Networks that are running fine without it (or form of it)

My comments are based on just using the Platform, with no emotional attachment to it, or steem, the politics and so on... just like many new users...

Also my guess as to why New Users (if they can register) arent making so much of a fuss, could be that they made a few "cat" posts and suddenly hit with the out of RC, so cannot reply on posts that help, so just give up and go back to FB, Twitter and so on

I understand what you wrote and appreciate the feedback.... and why did I choose steemit? Well its another platform to use... And I am sure thats why many people try it..

Steemit is fundamentally different than FB and Twitter. It runs on a blockchain. Every user action on Steemit is recorded on the Steem blockchain. Writing these records uses real resources provided by entities called Witnesses ... that is... people who runs servers that generate Steem blockchain hash blocks for use in recording information.

Steem Coin is an application running on the Steem Blockchain. The reward system is used to pay to run the system. SP is comparable to stock purchases in a regular company.

Here's a decent post on RC ......

Resteemed this thread for more visibility... sharing what little visibility I have.

As for Cheetah... a Bot that goes around policing people... seriously... WTF

Some of the news I read is from people who have reposted content... If people never did that, then a lot of things that the General Public have been made aware of, may have remained hidden....

I dont visit WSJ or TIMES or CNN etc for news and most times find it via someones repost...

Anyway, as I said, I appreciate your post and wish you well ... :)