How I Made $162,306+ Through Blogging [+ What You Need]

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Dear Steemers,

I wish to share with you a secret.

Coming from an average middle-class family, and living in South India, I was always conditioned to be grateful. And being grateful, in a way, opened doors for many miracles in my life.

And one of that door led to blogging.

Today, as I was discussing with @businesswri, our conversation drifted from life to pizzas to blogging. Blogging is a subject close to my heart. And so I started talking.

In between which he told me to share my journey with you.

He felt it would move people.

Perhaps even inspire.

In my own life, as I grow older, I have found inspiration necessary. It drove me, in the past and now, to get better. To work harder. And to see the good side of this life. So yes, I have generated well over $160k in profit. Just by blogging in my free time.

Here's the screenshot of my earnings:


Of course, if you are into blogging, you will know there are various ways to monetize your blog. The screenshot above is from one of my Adsense account.

I have used other ad networks that has earned me an additional hundred thousand dollars or more in profit.

And then there are affiliate programs I have used to generate few thousand dollars more.

Wrote sponsored content to generate a couple of hundreds and more.

All these in a short span of time. And by investing few hours a day.

And, if you must know, I reinvested all my income into real estate. Which, at that time, was the only sensible investment as the property rates were lower in India.

Was is worth it? Absolutely.



There was a decline in my earnings.

It was because of my editor who, unfortunately, passed away in a bike accident, leaving me and his family shocked for months.

It was also because I hired the wrong people.

I refused to blog.

Refused to scale.

Refused to make more money.

(Strange, right? Perhaps that's a story for another time.)

All I can say is, there was a point in my life I felt money was a secondary factor.

Not a primary one.

What really drove me first was the thrill of figuring things out.

The thrill of observing.



And going against the norm.

There's something infectious about it.

And while I have moved onto other and deeper things in life, blogging still remains a source of income. I still get my monthly checks without fail.

Even when I don't work.

Would you like to know how it all began?


That's all I had in my PayPal account.

And to get this money in my account, I had to work for a month. I had to post each and everyday on a website that pays you a couple of cents.

I saw my first dollar after working 14 hours straight.

Then, in a month, I was able to generate $13.

It was enough to buy a domain name which, if I recall correctly, was $10.59.

Little did I know, I also need to host my website on a server. As clueless as I was, I asked someone to help me out. In return, I promised to write an article for him.

This was a moment of enlightenment because I had never written an article in my life.

Plus, English wasn't my first language.

Or even second.

Or third.

Add to this the fact that I never had much while growing up.

Which is why I went to a mediocre school, paying no more than $50 per year. Everyone else paid a little more than I did because the teachers thought I was a good student.

Despite all these...

Of my circumstances...

Of the little resources I had...

I never woke up feeling unfair.

In fact, if was quite the opposite which is why I ask you...


It's the simple truth of life.

If I can?

Anyone can.

And everyone should.

Because there's joy in finding wealth, isn't it?

It not only helps you move forward...

But also people around you are happier...

You get to know who is real...

And who is not...

Yet before money comes something else.

It is what separates YOU from everyone else.

It is what impacts YOUR life.

Makes a HUGE difference.

And it molds YOU forever.

I am talking about:


It took me a while to get this.

In my teen years:

No one guided me.

There wasn't any clear path.

And fair to say, I was dumb and clueless and determined.

Luckily, that combination worked well for me.

All I knew was to execute.

And whenever I was stuck?

I found solutions.

This is where your mindset plays a vital role.

And if you ask me ONE thing you need to succeed?

Either in business, life, or anything?


And when you build it up?

Make it stronger than ever?

And train it to succeed?

You get everything you wish for.

Which is why, instead of merely sharing techniques and shortcuts — which rarely exists and works for you — I wish to share something more profound.

Instead of sharing with you a couple of tricks on marketing and SEO and writing — I wish to share something that may probably change your life.

I wish to share with you the best mindset changes I have discovered.

I call them:

The Mindset Bullets

And these bullets will take you to the next level.

They are simple yet profound. You probably know them. Yet it's always better to reinforce it as it took me literally years of mistakes to figure it out.

Before we go there, this doesn't mean I have found the eternal truth to life. This is how I perceive life at the moment. And time and time again, this had served me well.

This is my way of looking at the world. This is my perception. And I request you to accept what makes sense and reject everything else.

Those who have accepted these bullets as truth have found the greatest joy of their life. I have seen and learned from several successful people using these same bullets.

So I hope and pray you will find them equally useful.

So to start with:

Here are the 5 mindset bullets you need to succeed in life:


What if you can invest your time not only to produce results...

But to also improve yourself?

This is what most people miss when it comes to hard work.

It isn't about the results.

But also your eagerness to learn.

If you can learn and execute?

You are in a better position.


Image source

I think you will agree with me when I tell you that anyone can wrestle but a trained wrestler does it better.

It took me hundreds of books and sleepless nights to get to where I am today. Always, and I say this with utmost certainty, hard work always beats talent.

So always push yourself and do it regularly.

Make hardwork your habit.

Which brings us to our next mindset bullet:


You will be judged all the time.

By friends, family members, and folks standing in the sidelines.

Everyone will question your move and judge you through their perception.

They will form opinions about you. Think about you. And talk about you.

Your task as a human is NOT to question them. Or even change their perception.

Your task as a human is simply this:

To trust yourself.

Just trust yourself to move forward in life. In your own life.

Believe in your own judgement.

No one in my family believed anyone can make money online. It was a concept new to us. I didn't convince them they are wrong.

I simply believed in myself.


Note: Of course, seek advice and accept feedback. We are always learning.

And yet when any situation arises, opportunity presents itself, and new doors are unlocked that no one talks about? And you feel it in your gut this is gonna be good? Then go for it.

Believe in yourself and believe it all.

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Aren't you amazed by the mystery of life?

Don't you like to explore more of this world?

Perhaps travel?

Or think differently?

Then you are curious by nature.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 4.50.19 PM.png

In fact, as you read this, you are on a platform that is still in beta. You are exploring and learning. Probably even investing.

All these are elements of curiosity, so remember to:

Be deadly curious!

I have already written a post why these 3 words are everything.

And how being deadly curious had led to more opportunities in life than anything else.

Related: Make 2017 your best year


When you are curious and hardworking and you trust yourself, the next step is to simply offer value to this world.

Value is the fuel that drives this world.


In every industry, there's an expert offering something valuable.

And that expert receives all the fame, money, achievement, and success.

Call it whatever you want, the more valuable you are, as a person, the better position you create.

For yourself. And the rest around you.

This world needs value. If you are going to be the one offering it? Miracles are part of your life.


Drop perfectionism.

And question this:

Has anyone merely won by planning?

For some reason, this generation, with all the technology and whatnot, prefers planning over action.

That's good as long as action is involved.

Unfortunately, it's not always the case.

Most live in the stage of planning all their life.

They wait for things to happen.

They never conquer.

Which is why:

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 4.54.09 PM.png

Just. Do. It.

And if you like Steeming?

Well, just do it now, anyway!


So there you have it.

5 mindset bullets you need.

I have used them extensively in my life and business and relationship to seek satisfaction.

And I firmly believe as you read this post and go through these bullets once again, you will find many miracles in your own life.

Plus, with these bullets, you will see the world differently and spread your message easily.

You will be more valuable, which in turn is going to generate you the kind of wealth and happiness you desire.

You will feel good. And you will feel good all your life.

That's my hope.

Sid "The Always Grateful" Steemer

This post went longer than expected. I started writing it yesterday and went on and on. But I have held nothing back because if this post helps even ONE of you...

It was WORTH my time.

And if you are reading this, and if you resonate with it, please do consider upvoting and resteeming this post to your followers.

As usual, I appreciate your support and love. Let me know your thoughts through the comment section below!


I wish the payout for this was more when it came :) This was an amazing read, Sid! I'm sorry to hear about your editor, I'm sure that had quite the effect on you.. I mean, months of grief obviously. I don't currently work with people really, but I realize I'll have to find trusted members soon. Very inspiring work and of course, the title definitely grabbed my attention.. as it did so of hundreds of other viewers!


I get your points. But just doing it for a lot of people, untalented at blogging, gets us a lot of poor content. It's nice to have a good niche about which you are an expert in. That's what I covered in my Intro Posts. If a person blogs about things no one is interested in, the money and success won't be there.

Quality is key, whether you are a perfectionist or not.

And I am not just pretending I know a lot about blogging. I was blogging before there was a word for it. I will document this and prove it more, in a post to come. I'd like your comments on that when I post it... perhaps within the week. For now, check out what I wrote about this topic on the page I linked above.

You got a lot of talent. Just don't ruin it with too many stock photos... original work, unique to you, is usually more valuable for you brand.

Peace! @uruiamme

Thank you sidwrites! You are doing an awesome job! You should have tagged this as a tutorial. The newbs, like me, can really learn something. Wish you the best!

Thank you! Updated the tag. You don't call yourself a newbie now, Hans! You know more than me! :)

Appreciate your comment!

you deserve many upvotes, including one from me (y)

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Very inspiring tale @sidwrites and thank you for sharing it

You have had your ups and downs but you came through and are very successful. This should serve as a beacon of hope to all minnows here: put the work in and you too can succeed. Keep a positive mental attitude, don't focus on the money - concentrate on building your network. The money will come later

Thanks Sid. This is the most inspiring thing I've read on Steemit so far. There are so many good minds here. So many good hearts.

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I resonate on this frequency.

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Awesome post, thanks for this. Very inspiring read. You're so right it's all about mindset and taking action. Waiting for perfection is the fast road to failure. Wishing you all the very best of success!

Life is no piece of cake; if you want something you have to work hard at it. This is no party with free gifts. Keep working hard and going on.

What a post man!


It was absolutely a eye opener!

You and I need to have some serious talk soon buddy!

Good post Sid! I'm resteeming, so get ready for the trending page ;)

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Great post and very inspirational! I came across this at the perfect time. I'm currently in the process of creating a personal webpage/blog for my love of music with my own material and to showcase my skill set with web design.

A lot of valuable info shared here; yet, I think I can grow most from studying your formatting. Very clean and appealing layout.

Real gem, here!

it does some unimaginable works that Humans may find hard to do well.
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Wow it's amazing to get that from blogging. You will achieve much more on Steemit.

Inspirational story - well done!

Upvoted and resteemed. It's so easy to get used to the little box I tend to put myself in. These wise words help open my mind. Thank you! And you have a new follower.

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beautiful one friend.... keep it on :)

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Thanks for the pep talk :) This was good to read.

I don't plan on surviving on blogging but this blog makes me want to :D Nice post , thanks for sharing the stages you went through while blogging.

It's these humble human being that come from a rough start that I enjoy learning from the most. They always work their fingers to the bone for the bare minimum, but knowing every bit of work loads to greater success. Lovely post mate!

great article, nicely written and presented,
it was really a great opportunity to know about you and your journey :)
keep up the good work, you deserve many more upvotes btw :)

Upvoted and Resteemed. Thank you, sir. This was needed :)

This is a great post macha 😉

Your aptitude makes you a race ahead; it is your aptitude that gives you wings!

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Fantastic post and your are surely to be congratulated on your accomplishments.

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Verry inspiring.

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You very right about those five principles. No idea why you call them bullets, but that's hardly important. I know these things, known them for years. Even managed to infuse them into my brother. But that doesn't change one simple fact:

I've been planning and rewriting my introduction post for about two weeks now :D.

Maybe I should print that "Just do it." out and put it under the pillow. Anyway, thanks for reminding me. I need that once in a while.

Thank you for sharing! Inspirational words to get the minds going!

AMAZING! Truly inspired. Thank you.

♫ SHOUT…SHOUT, type it all out! These are the things I can blog about. So log on… I'm linking to you… Log on. ♫ and upvote my blog good job.

And what did you blog about?

Well said, well written, well articulated, well done.

Resteemed and upvoted.

Nice, didn't realize you invested in real estate. I have also done that here in the US as I hadn't learned about crypto yet and refused to buy into an over extended US stock market.

You are right about mindset. I came from a family with little means growing up, I have worked hard and improved myself and my mindset over the years and boy has it made a difference.

There are certain quotes or mantras I use that mesh with your 5 points.

Here are just a couple:
"Stay busy, stay working. Gotta treat things like when you were an intern."
"You cannot be angry and grateful at the same time"

Great post, really enjoyed it. Look forward to when my scaredycatguide website is doing half the traffic of you blog!

"Stay busy, stay working. Gotta treat things like when you were an intern."
"You cannot be angry and grateful at the same time"

I love these quotes. And SUPER glad to know you improved and worked harder.

Boy, isn't that such a good feeling?

That we are responsible for our own journey?

Your website will do well. Hope and pray it does. Let me know if you need anything and I will be more than happy to share.

Much appreciated sid, and same to you.

@scaredycatguide @sidwrites
Did some unimaginable works that Humans may find hard to do well.
I might not presume like, it's gotcha catch humans... ha ha...
See: How the Predictions, 1875 of Isaac Asimov's become reality in the 20s
Please, check it out and share your thoughts.

I have come here because you upvoted my last post (I like to know who upvotes me) and I'm happy to have read this article and have found your profile!

Thank you! I love connecting. :)

Great life principles applicable to most any passion 😊

Nice! Btw you earned $100k + from blogging in the steemit / other platform?

Not Steemit. You can have your own self-hosted blogging platform through WordPress. Thanks for your comment! :)

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Thank you! Truly appreciate it.

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nice bro, never knew that blogging can get you rich. would you mind sharing some more info? i have an adsense account for my youtube channel which is doing decent. i was not much of a tech person, just started learning about it after my youtube channel and getting to know about cryptos. thanks. upvoted and already following, as u know.. ;)

I'm in a hurry today. I've bookmarked your article for a slow read. I know it has excellent points. BUT what totally blew me away was the grace and ease and beauty it presented as I sped through it. Looking forward to returning to more well written and beautifully presented articles. Thank you.

First things first. If there's something called On-Page SEO (Steem Engine Optimization here haha), then you have already mastered it. ;)

The post formatting is impressive. Expect me to copy (some of) them :p

Coming to the post, It was worth a read. Yes I believe everyone has to provide 'VALUE' through their writing. Simply writing gibberish isn't gonna help it.

And yes, you are always under the radar, being judged. You have to break the barriers ;)

One more thing I would like to add here is about Time Management. You see, Steemit platform got added to my regular routine and I had to spend quite some hours on it.

But I do have my own platform to stay active on, including my blog, some forums, some facebook groups, and of course, my mailbox! Managing all this together (and alone) and still cracking them on spot requires some serious time management skills. Cheers ;)

Amazing article my friend SID. Keep it up.

Awesome Chat, Awesome post! I followed you, I don't know why I forgot to last time.

you keep it very simple use of words and expressions @sidwrites

Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful masterpiece.

Your a star and deserve so much !! Well done and thank you

Sid, I hope this reaches you. I miss you so much here and I am so thankful to you. I took your advice to heart and just did it, every day!

The change this brought into my life is incredible! I had a car accident about two years ago and I really was in doubt if I ever should drive again. Plus I thought I could not. I did not have the money for a car and I can not use a friend's car to drive since I have celebral palsy and need a special one.

But after I decided to not overthink it and just do I found a way and I will have a car with in the next two weeks. - I am so happy!

As far as your list goes I find it very hard to trust myself, still. I am working on it.

Please come back. I really miss you. I have been re reading your posts, but it's not the same.