A wise man once said......

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Ask not what Steemit can do for you, ask what you can do for you Steemit!

To Steem or not to Steem, that is the question...

Voting is bronze, giving comments is silver, participate completely on Steemit is gold!

A fool thinks he understands steemit and use it to make profit, a wise man knows he is a fool and try to participate in Steemit!

There are many ways to move forwards into Steemit and one way to stand still!

Steemit is not about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself!

In the end it's not about the rewards you make, and more about the creativity you discovered in yourself!

Accept the situation and reputation of you in Steemit, know that it's only you who can create your success here on Steemit!

When one creates a post and get only 3 votes, then you might get disappointed because of the low reward, while you overlook the fact that someone voted on your post!

The purpose of Steemit is not to make money, it's to share the creativity among the community, to show the beauty of differences of what we humans are, and the reward will just be a logical reaction to improve our life!

You must never plan the next post by looking at your rewards from the past, or else you will get motivated to write a new one, and then might get demotivated if your next post get a lower reward. Your motivation to share content should be created by your general goal here on Steemit!

Your success on Steemit is not based on how many posts you make, and more about how you participate in the network!

Steemit is risky, there is one only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing!

No post is a waste of time or energy, because every creation is your training in creativity!

People never learn about Steemit by being told, you have to participate on the network to understand how Steemit works!

See Steemit as a good book, the more you get in to it, the more you will understand how success get made!

Being admired by others here on Steemit gives you strength, while admiring others will give you courage and it will create a network!

There is always some madness in Steemit, but there is also a reason behind every madness!

The most desired gift on Steemit is not the reward, it is focused attention!

In order to get votes here on Steemit, it might be wise to vote on someone else first!

Find a group of people here on Steemit, who challenge and admire you, spend a lot of time on their post, and it will change your future here on Steemit!

Someone to tell what is on your mind here on Steemit, is one of the most fundamental needs of being human!

Steemit is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, and a open door for the poor!

People get disappointed when the rewards are not what they hoped for, but they can never be disappointed if there goal was to finish a post!


This above here is more like a parody of existing wise quotes, which i edited and placed behind a alter ego called, a wise man, to show that these are of course not precisly my words and more or less said by someone, who used them in a "wise" way! And that's me!

And who is me? Well i joined Steemit since july 2016 and im a father, husband and i love life! I like the concept of Steemit, because it's decentralized, no advertisement, no censor and i could latterly share what ever i want, and i can get rewarded for the content i create.

That's almost to good to be true, but its the truth, we all know that. We all know that people can earn from the votes they can get on post, everyone knows! But we all see that a small group of users are the ones who are making big amounts of money on their post. Those reward could motivate or discourage others, that depends on how they look at it.

One could say, wow i want that to, and someone else could think of, damnn why he makes that much here??? Now im the type of member who feels motivated by others to get the same success, but im also the type of member who understands that we all are in the same ship.

There is not a steemit speed boot next to the main ship!! Nope, we are all in the same situation, we all want to reach succes here on Steemit, and the only way to do that is, if we work together.

Working together? What does that mean?
This means, together we must work to make Steemit successful, and not just your own account. Because when Steemit reach success, then we all will get success.

Going for your own success only works on the short term, and that might get you some dollars or even a lot, but that is only for a short term. Just look at all the whales from the past with huge rewards, are all gone!!
Do you think there is another platform were they can do the same things? No there is not.

So knowing how to earn money from a system is one thing, and keeping the system going is another. And much fail in keeping a system going, because they only after their own success. What can either lead to the destruction of Steemit, while we just got started.

Just look around you, every week are people creating a new application for the Steem blockchain, what could benefit the public or any other who wants to join that. While the public is almost not aware of the applications what are connected to the Steem blockchain.

That saying, there is a group here on Steemit, who wants to earn as much as possible, to use the reward for their own benefit. While another huge group is already on Steemit, or just joined Steemit and wants to help make the Steemit community grows. But many in that group get disappointed from the votes they get, while they see others with smaller content or almost no content at all, get huge rewards.

This means the focus to make success is pointed to the members on Steemit, while the real success could be made if the masses online knows about Steemit. And they can be attracted very easy, aloud me to remember you how, because i know you already know how.

Like we all saw our real life neighbors suddenly with a new car, or a friend suddenly with new cloths or going to vacation right? This means if any member here on Steemit creates success, then his improvement in real life will make other curious about how he improved his real life status, and wants to get the same success.

So how to make that possible here on Steemit?
Choose the niche you are interested in....
Then look in the trending and new page, and look on the pages of those members, to see if they are active...
Search for 10 people and vote on their post you like, then keep a eye on them for at least one week...
If they succeed in what you are searching for then follow them....
Next is, every time you come on Steemit, watch your feed first and upvote/resteem post you like....
Or place comments if you have something to say on a post.....
Resteem post what could improve the Steemit network, to en light others about Steemit....
If you have enough steempower, contact a active content creator and make a deal with him, then use bid bots for his links, and then resteem those post.....
And last invest your steem rewards back into Steemit, don't remove them, either power up or use it to invest in others.....

That saying if we want Steemit to be successful then we have to be the change we want to see here on Steemit!

Now i hope i did not sound like a wise guy who has grammar problems, and for the record English is my third language, so forgive my grammar and spell mistakes. Im just a regular active member who have confident that the system of the concept of Steemit can work for everyone, but people have to understand that it's up to us to make sure that the success of Steemit is because of you and me and everyone else here.

There is no blue pill, no shortcut, no easy this or that, there is only one way.... send all your tokens to me and il promise you all will be fine.... nah im joking of course, the only way is to work together with the members of the niche or networks here on Steemit you prefer/like, and dont count on your rewards and just focus on to create friends or a network, then you will see what will happen...... trust me on this!


You already know of.....

Thanks for reading steemians,good luck and have fun!!



Hi @sinzzer

This is very good information and advice for the new Steemian, and anyone who may be interested in the Steem blockchain. You communicated the information very well, and it was easy to understand. Not too shabby for your 3rd language!

and dont count on your rewards and just focus on to create friends or a network,

This is good advice, we shouldn't focus solely on rewards alone!

Thank you my friend, I thought let me share what i had on my mind, and Im glad you all took iT positive!!

Something to ponder on not just about steemit but about life in general. Great post my friend!

Thank you, Thank you!!!

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