I love the billboard because it's so clear and concise. In 1 seconds everyone understands what Steemit is.

Yes for sure, we had a great designer... @kyriacos and he did a great job.

Very clean, love it

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Greetings and thank you @eric-boucher!

For some reason, I just love the words on that billboard!!! Oh wait... :) lol Nice Man!

Loool steemit-life go baby!!!

LOL!!! Keep it going man!

Heys Guys, great job. I do have a couple of suggestions or topics to think about. I have and continue to work in SEM/ SEO, and I have experience with branding and just human nature in general when it comes to tech. having worked in the field of tech. support before. Most people will see "" just because .COM has been branded so well with domain names on the Net. It is still good though, branding is branding, but for some reason I am just partial to STEEMIT.COM for marketing to the public knowing of course that all tracking of sources goes out the window.
2ndly, I also notice that redirects to the Home Page. Just something to throw out there, but maybe a special landing page for those new eyes coming to I notice the **Learn More" button on the home page links to . At this point for me I am ambivalent as to whether I like that users land on the Home Page and can see some Pay Outs on some the articles. I also wonder if it wouldn't be best to steer away from that "Get Rich from posting idea" that is created by that visual and rather send them to a page that more explains the long term goals of this "New Paradigm" in Social Media. Maybe something that will guide them gradually into the Steem community and its ideals.
Just some thoughts. Great Job Again!!
full $teem ahead!

Hi @streetstyle I like your input, much appreciated. We eventually would like to have its own landing page, perhaps with links out to as well as other frontends that may be developed in other languages. The landing page could have useful onboarding training info for new users, @ash, @marketingmonk and a few others have some good tutorials. The campaign is still very new, once a bit more established we can become more sophisticated.

I also like the idea of taming down the "Get Rich" concept, the signup page has the slogon, "Your voice is worth something" which could be good also. Not sure however if a bit long for the billboard and the time one has to read the text. Thanks for your support and ideas!


Glad to join the initiative guys. Keep it up!

Pleased to be working with you. Hope to see you help us with a billboard in Cyprus in the near future.

Awesome stuff! Great to see the first one in America up and running.

Thanks for your support @cryptoiskey always awesome when our liaisons pitch in to support the project some more. Looking forward to your New Zealand proof of flight.

coming soon my man:)

More Steemians on the Way!!

That's the idea!

Nice work now done! Congratulations!


Thank you for your effort to promote steemit. :)

Thank you for your support and thanks!

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I like the billboard but the video is really bad quality. The camera shake on the billboard footage is terrible. Advertising two other companies first, doesn't seem like a good idea. The resolution of the lettering and first photo is very low. I have invested quite a large amount in a platform that I believe in. Please get someone to do a good video and don't paste low quality graphics. It gives a very bad impression.

Hi @gct the video was provided by the advertising agency like that, they did us a favour, they usually only take static photos. Thanks for pointing that out. in future, we will try our best to get better videos. The other companies were shown so you can see how the billboard scrolls, I did debate whether to include that, but will bear that in mind for future. We will address all issues in the next campaign.

If anyone wishes to edit videos for our future campaigns please let me know.

OK Good. You can contact me for video editing if you wish.

I've transferred my Steem back to Poloniex over an hour ago and there is no sign of it. Should I be concerned?

This bot is great, I had no idea these other blogs had written about the @steemdrive campaign. I have voted both the posts with backlinks to encourage others to mention our posts in their blog.

Great work done for sure it is good.

Pleasure, thank you!

Wow, I'm pretty new to steemit. Did not even know this was happening. Awesome work Nolan!

Lot's of awesome stuff happening on Steemit, every day a new surprise!

Thanks for the campaign.

Pleasure! Cool username by the way, I like it!

god friend tremendous job , so everyone more easily recognize Proof of Successful Crowdfunded Flight Billboard in Chicago , USA !

That's the idea :) thanks for the support!

your welcome my friend's... god job

Another successful campaign!

Minions, yay!!! My kids love them, thanks for your joyful .gifs...I want them in all the campaigns!

You will! :))

Hahaha @minion, my sentiments exactly!

How can I promote steem for french people you have an idea??
I think there is a "big market" (a lot of people) don't know steem in because it's not french

Hi, best idea is to make contact with @ekitcho on, he is French and is involved with an advertising agency. I think creating a French tag on Steemit for French content is a good idea, also a French channel on as a start. Eventually we actually need a standalone frontend that connects to the blockchain for each language, I wouldn't mind using our domain as the central point for people to visit and then select their desired front-end from there in their language of choice.

thank's for the information :)

good job bro ! u have our support as usual ! great job so far...
Waiting for i18n commit for internationalization of Steemit, so we can start worldwide campaign for non-english countries. Let's do France, China, Korea, Japan, India, Germany, Brasil, etc. :)

Thank you @ekitcho, for sure looking forward to Internationalise Steemit, will help you however I can. We will be doing Russia, Venezuela and Amsterdam billboards soon too. Also see my comment above to @pickoum and the idea of using the domain as the central portal for all font-ends of different languages, and include onboarding and help information also.

This will help me to become crypto-billionaire.

:) Hope do realise if Steemit becomes as big as Facebook, our Steem Power will be worth huge money, what's worth 2000 SP today could be worth 200 000 SP tomorrow.

Yess. Beyond bitcoin someday. :)

Great billboard campaign! I've donated a couple steem dollars to the campaign :)

Thank you @cm-steem I will log the donation! Much appreciated, keep up the good Gridcoin work!

This is huge! Simple and easy to understand. Thank you for this.

We are happy to entertain and wow the community, thank you for your positive comments.

That's fantastic!!

Spider man...spider man! :) :)

wow... amazing!!! you're a very nice job. if you all are interested in my invitation to plant a tree for the life of the world please read my article:
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Trees are a great initiative, voted!

"Well done is better than well said."

That's a good one, thank you so much!

truly extraordinary

The Steemit community is awesome!

yes was amazing

Thank you all.

Thanks for your votes and support @liondani!

This is a great way to reach Joe Blow on his way to work :)

The other billboards were way too busy, especially for something you want people to see while driving. Seriously, you expect people to remember two different phone numbers? But, the SteemIt one? ~kisses fingertips and tosses away, like an Italian~ Perfecto!

Doing good work, sir. following you and appreciate you following me back.

Up vote please my new jokes:

Wow ! its beautiful !! Great work !!!

Hi there I'm new user... Please upvote and follow.....