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Today’s @steemitblog post is brought to you by the Steemit Applications team. In this post, we highlight some of the projects we’ve been working on over the past few weeks.

Hivemind 1.0 and Communities

In @roadscape’s last Communities/Hivemind post, he explained how the first phase of development for hivemind / communities is to complete Hivemind 1.0 (Core). Hive 1.0 contains a minimum viable product (MVP) API to replicate all the relevant pieces of get_state and get_discussions_* needed to support condenser. While this phase is uneventful with respect to user interfaces, it’s crucial to get running on hive so it can be tested for load, reliability, and compatibility.

We are excited to announce that hive 1.0 has been completed and is live in production! Condenser has been updated to start using the hive APIs and is currently undergoing testing against hive’s condenser_api implementation. The current focus is on compatibility and stability.

As soon as we confirm everything looks good and address any unexpected issues that come up, it will be time to start the fun part - Hivemind 1.5!

We know that it has taken much longer than everyone has expected for us to get to this point. Development has taken much longer than originally planned because we made the decision early on that we should build communities for Steem and not exclusively In other words, we wanted to build a Communities layer that every Steem developer could leverage. This would create a unifying layer that would enable the Communities you see on one Steem application to be the very same Communities you see when you visit other DApps powered by Steem. While this decision added a lot of time to the development cycle, we feel that the value that this new software will add for developers will make it well worth the wait!

Even this new application layer (hive 1.0) will benefit developers by allowing them to write applications that use Steem blockchain data without them needing to run a full node. This will greatly expand the ability of third-party developers to (cost-effectively) build exciting new applications on Steem.

Improving Sign-ups

Improving the sign-up process continues to be a top priority for the team. We recently added a sign-up tracking system so that we can monitor how many users make it through each phase of the sign-up process. This data will give us much better insight into which parts of the sign-up process are causing the most issues for users.

The tracking system logs all of the steps that each user completes, from the very first step (landing on the sign-up page) to the very last (confirming their password and activating their account):

Better Image Hosting

The imagehoster application is what we use to upload and store images that users share via We recently did a major refactor / rewrite of the imagehoster code, which has allowed us to improve image load speeds. Users outside of America should notice the most significant improvement.

Another big improvement we made with the rewrite was to make it “storage agnostic,” which means we can transition storage providers at will, or put all the images on IPFS. This gives us maximum flexibility to shop around for new providers that meet our needs for image hosting as the platform continues to scale. This also allows third-party developers to use our open-source software without being constrained to use the same provider that we do.

Lastly, the rewrite lays the foundation for some fun new features like GitHub issue 60, which will allow image resizing to be done via condenser /

Improving Developer Tools

Steem Python

Steem-python is a library used by application developers to interface with the Steem blockchain. We made several updates to the library that will improve the experience for developers using the library: GitHub issues 169, 170, and 226.


Jussi is a critical piece of software for the Steem development stack. It is a “reverse proxy” service, which allows us and developers to map various API calls to different Steem blockchain servers to optimally distribute the load. It's a really important component for keeping the quality of Steem-related services high. It's especially useful for developers and node operators.

We have done a lot of work improving this application to be a more effective tool for developers looking to integrate with Steem:

  • Improved error handling for when errors are caught (GitHub issue 158).
  • Improved logging (GitHub issues 151, 152, and 153).
  • Update the caching behavior for irreversible blocks (GitHub issue 159).
  • Optimize processing for non-cacheable requests (GitHub issues 167 and 168).
  • Provide a default configuration so a developer can run jussi locally (GitHub issue 143).
  • Miscellaneous (highly technical) updates (GitHub issues 119 and 164).

Condenser ( Updates

  • We recently added additional performance monitoring and refactoring to help speed up
  • To keep everyone safe, there are new warnings for URLs within people's profiles which alert users to suspected phishing attempts.
  • As discussed in this post, we added a new prompt for users to read and explicitly accept Steemit's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  • A new tooltip component was created to be used for providing contextual help. With this new component, we will be able to add tooltips to areas of the website that need additional clarification to help improve the user experience.
  • We fixed the drop-downs so that they’re colored correctly when switching to night mode.
  • We removed the three-day averaging of estimated Steem account value in the wallet view. The estimated USD value in the wallet should now be more accurate, as it reflects the current prices.
  • We made minor updates to the FAQ section around Steem Power and Powering Up.
  • We updated the witness voting page to distinguish between active and disabled witnesses.

Steemit is Hiring

As many of you have already heard, Steemit is hiring. If you’re a talented software engineer who loves the challenges of building cutting-edge DApps for cryptocurrency (and especially for Steem), then we want to hire you.

More information can be found in this recent post or on our jobs site:

Thanks for reading!

Steemit Applications Team


"We are excited to announce that hive 1.0 has been completed and is live in production!"
That is huge. Congrats!

Pretty obvious the current registration system loses many that never see the registration email approval a few days later.. Many friends I have asked to sign up, lost at that point (short attention span disorder is prevalent).

Not having to run a full node, again pretty huge accomplishment there as well. None of this really shows up in the UI yet, so I can't help but feel, though this level of communication is "really great", many are still left wondering the timing of the next HF...


Many are calling for a limit on self-voting. I think it's a fair addition to the app, since I would say the code scales, but does Steem Culture as it stands, really scale to the masses?!
I contend more direction will have to be built-in, and simply turning off self-voting may help at least direct people away from behaviors, who are not really looking to cheat, but simply are trying every feature, to understand the app shortly after signup.

steemreports and other sites reveal associated voting patterns, which have to be policed anyway.. I'm familiar with the game theory arguments for allowing self-voting, but I contend 90% of users are not interested in gaming the system, and will just want to be part of a community and post.

Tell me this, dummy, why would ANYONE buy Steem just to reward others while not rewarding themselves? Doesn't that seem ass backwards to you?

If I'm buying Steem and powering it up, you sure as shit better believe I'm going to upvote myself as much as possible.

Remove/limit self-voting and you remove EVERY reason to buy Steem.

You get curation rewards as well as interest rate on SP. I don't self upvote, and neither with 10x or 100x more SP, I still wouldn't self upvote, just because of moral reasons. By helping others now, you also increase the value of Steem later, because this builds a strong community.

Congratulations? I dunno, that seems silly to me, but, to each their own...

I totally understand if you don't find your content to have any value, but then why write it in the first place?

Neah, we just have different mentalities :) Don't you have more satisfaction when there are other people voting your posts instead of yourself?

And also, don't you find it more satisfying when you upvote a complete stranger, who worked a lot for a post that nobody upvoted?

On the other side, I don't judge anybody who self upvotes. This whole place is something completely amazing, because we can see how people act as communities or individuals when money are involved. And it is a case study that keeps the data immutable. I guess this should be more expensive than it really is :)

You sound very clear to me . Thanks @mejustandrew

What @berniesanders say may be rough, but it's the hard truth. The way the Steem blockchain works incentives everyone to be content producers. We Steemians can't compare ourselves to regular internet folks who binge Buzzfeed videos. We are all trying to be the youtubers and the medium bloggers of the blockchain. What incentives non-steemian content creators to go great lengths to create content elsewhere in the internet?

That's right.

And if it helps them to motivate themselves, a self-vote that big of a deal.

And to honest self voting isnt even that much of an issue when compared to the other problems the Steem blockchain is currently facing.

I'm not in favor of turning off self-voting. Holders of SP must have ways to profit from their SP while not powering down. If you restrict those ways too much there will be adverse consequences.

But two things come to mind as to why buying STEEM makes sense even without the possibility of self-voting:

  1. If you don't power up STEEM, you can still buy it for speculative reasons, which is why it has mainly been bought in the past and why it continues to be bought to this day.

  2. Also, if powering up in order to be able to self-vote makes sense, then delegating to bidbots makes sense, too, which requires powering up.

Hey MarkyMark!
YES, we can change steem economy so that this all makes sense, I just read Kevin Wong tonight, I agree with his views; your views are not going to help long term, and won't fix a broken economy, and I don't care if you buy SP or not bro!

Plenty of takers when we change it around so doing NO WORK and sitting on ass won't create value.

I am not MarkyMark, have you gone retarded?

I laughed so much reading this comment :)) I don't even know why I find it funny...

the new social network ONO ... the death of steemit? ... I have been saying for a long time that the great problem of steemit is the bad distribution of wealth ... and that if the powerful ones, that with greed accumulate sp and instead of beginning to delegate in a cheaper way sp, so that many of us win, prefering to sell votes the future of steemit is doubtful and people end up leaving steemit... in this new social network (ONO) there is equal voting power for all... there is no voting power ... maybe they have to start thinking about changing things in steemit... because if it stays the same, steemit will die and it will be they, those who have more, who lose the most ...
in these days this new social network comes out internationally... It was a success in China where the first launch was made ... I mention it so that all think a little and do something so that steemit does not die and lower the value of our coins so much ... or they will continue to have millions, but millions of nothing

Provided developer interest in Steem continues to grows and future SMTs continue to favor Steem Power accumulation for dApps, there will naturally be more centralizaton of STEEM and I see nothing wrong with that. How that filters down accordingly will be through SMTs, which will serve to decentralize power accordingly through unique communities.

The problem of today is that Steem seems too dependent on Steemit to be viewed in any other context. Decentralized functionality found in dapps with unique tokens backed by Steem is what will make Steem far more useful as a reserve currency than in its current state.

Imagine a steemmonsters SMT that wields users increase benefits in the Steemmonsters universe. The success of that SMT will surely benefit all steem holders, but power itself is distributed more fairly because someone who has little interest in Steem and more interest in Steemmonsters can have more influence in the niche community absent of having meaningful influence in the world of Steem.

if this, if that ... steemit dies ... I do not want it to be that way because I love steemit... and this social network ONO is going to finish killing if it works well... I do not understand how all these guys are so smart but they do not realize when something is dying and they do not do anything to save it ...
as well as ONO killed the beatles going to kill steemit lol

the bad distribution of wealth

If anything, i blame the long time minnows who can't figure out how to get people to like their stuff. Disregarding the @steemit,@steem, and exchange accounts, wealth distribution seems on par with Zipf's law to me. other than the stupidly long tail.

I mention it so that all think a little and do something....

Well, are YOU doing anything? i dont get the mentality of non-whales pointing fingers to whales and tell them to "you should do this, do that" from their armchair. Everyone can do something. not just the "whales". these "the whales should something" talk is so reminiscent of how poor people in poor countries blaming everything to their government while not doing anything about their circumstances. Those who work don't complain.

Steem is the beginning of an experiment to tokenize the web, it will be a process years in the making (it took 40 years to get the internet to where it is today). Expect Bugs.. I don't know how ONO will do what it promises, but their vision sounds... Keynesian, to me.

blame the fish?jajajajaa...If you blame the fish you do not know what is the distribution of wealth...
that many minnows dont do anything and post shit and expect them to vote just for belonging to steemit is true...always criticize that.. it's not my case

steemit is going to die for the ones who have the most and his greed, not for the minnow ... but they will also be the ones who lose the most when they die ... then they do not cry like little girls ... but if you think different I respect it...
keep accumulating and asking sp the minnow instead of giving it more accessible and see how steemit dies ...

So... Steemit dies unless welfare to the poor? There's no more argument here.

My God ... I said that? no ... what I say in this way people leave steemit because they do not see the future... but how do you explain that a 1millon account was created recently but only 60,000 are active? because people do not see the future and it goes away ... people do not trust that the platform deserves to give their time and publish quality ... that's why the shit that is published is published ... as you explain that such a spectacular social network As steemit only 6% is active ... I'll explain it to you ... for everything I said before ... because the reality of steemit leads to that... and the fault is of the minnow? coherence...
simple ... and if you and the powerful do not want to see it will not change anything ... and therefore will die ... I repeat the most lost will be those who can change things

Thanks for the constant updates in the last weeks.

Pls consider bringing back the "views counter". Even if it shows only traffic from, I want to have at least an idea of how many people read my blogs. It kinda sucks without it.

Even in the bad market you still try your best to give us the fruits of your product. I think the current price of market cap is not the bottomline here but how we always provide values to others. And that will drive the price of the token because speculating the price is not a long term solution, providing the value is... Thanks for always providing value!

Lastly, the rewrite lays the foundation for some fun new features like GitHub issue 60, which will allow image resizing to be done via condenser /

Awesome!! This is one of the biggest reasons why I use Reddit Enhancement Suite.

Thanks for the update and great job to the team and @roadscape for all the work he's put into hivemind. It's great to know the reasons why the development has taken longer than anticipated, thanks for the continuous communication! Good things come to those who wait. :)

Thanks for you patience and understanding!

This is awesome news. Thanks for the update.

I agree with the decision to make communities a STEEM feature and not only Steemit. That enhances the value of the entire ecosystem. For a breakthrough like that, I am willing to wait a bit longer since it does increase the development time.

It is going to be exciting when all this comes out. The fact that the ability to scale before the traffic arrives is very encouraging. This will avoid what Ethereum and others went through.

Great update!
I'm thrilled to know Hivemind is making so much progress.

Nothing worth having comes easy, and I think there will be few who don't pardon the delay knowing that this was one of the reasons:

The development has taken much longer than originally planned because we made the decision early on that we should build communities for Steem and not exclusively

The communities and their builders will appreciate that!

Making communities work across dapps is a great move. This feature could be crucial. I'm sure a lot of people are eager to start communities.

Keep up the good work

Sorry, can't resist @steevc

Not hearing too much on the Mobile front are we?!

You mean their mobile app they were going to provide? Not heard about that lately. I think they are finding development more challenging than expected, but I hope they have a team who can deliver.

Steem is about to change the game for social media blockchain! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

Yeah Baby!
Hey man, you want to start a DAC?
chat me up..

Thanks for the update :). Looking forward to communities. Will I be able to start one on steemit backed by an SMT or will I need to do it from another website?

We've got some exciting stuff planned for communities ... but you'll have to wait and see ;)

It's ALWAYS "wait and see" what point do we get to stop fucking waiting? All of those updates above are bullshit fluff that could be completed by a real dev team in a week. That's a fact.

A few of the items here were longer term projects that have been in the works for a while now (like hive 1.0), but most of what is listed in the post is the activity from our last sprint (which took place over a two week period).

We are doing a lot right now to try and improve the throughput of the team, so we can deliver more things at a faster rate (with the lowest amount of errors of course).

We know there is still a ways to go on this, which is a large part of why we are making such a big push right now to hire more qualified developers. If you know of anyone that would be a good fit, please send them our way.

There is absolutely no way in hell I would ever recommend that anyone (including my enemies) go work for Steemit, inc.

I'm disappointed with people like Bernie on this site.

I made some small contributions on GitHub and not many people cared. Bernie only adds negative energy by insulting people yet he has many fans and upvotes.

People want a decentralized platform yet they don't want to put in any effort. All they do is insult and ask the central authority to fix all problems.

Responses to Jerry Banfield made me realize this is a really rotten site. Jerry seems genuine in his belief yet people attack him angrily like he is a monster.

My respect for this platform today is much less than it was yesterday.

Love the updates that's been communicated!

Everything in the Steem Blockchain is mission critical so i understand that any update takes time and strenuous testings before it's been introduced.

By the way, the image resize feature isn't a small deal. People are going to love it!!

Have your team considered using to advertise your vacancies? Seem fitting to me that a blockchain company would use a blockchain focused platform to look for candidates.

Browsing through all the addressed issues is a great Friday read. These are well structured and well spaced updates. Kudos~


Thanks for carrying about steem python:)

You may wan't to check out beem:
There is also a new tutorial series by emrebeyler about beem.

Great update, thank you!

Even this new application layer (hive 1.0) will benefit developers by allowing them to write applications that use Steem blockchain data without them needing to run a full node.

Looking forward to a guide on the developer portal on exactly how to set this up and use it in third-party applications!

I opened a suggestion issue for that:

What does hivemind 1.5 involve??

Hive 1.5 will basically consist of the features necessary to create communities on Steem.

For more information check out our post: Update: Communities/Hivemind

Good night steemit friends wherever you are ... On this occasion I will try to discuss about the dangers of bitcoin. As cited by the international financial institutions of the international monetary fund (IMF) in recent days ...
where the IMF provides information that we should be careful with this currency because it has no legal certainty and is also vulnerable to fraud and keeps a negative risk to the financial system itself. how not, with its form of digital assets, cryptocurrency is easily misused for the crime of the financial system such as money laundering crime.

besides, the lack of a clear system, makes cryptocurrency vulnerable to malfunction that ultimately harms people who use this instrument.

In this case Andrian one of the employees explained:
"Crypto assets have potential for financial crime (fraud), security breaches and operational failures," he explained.

for that, Adrian said, governments and policymakers in various countries should begin to establish a clear policy related to cryptocurrency so that potential problems that will arise in the future can be prevented.

so for comrades who have already bought digital assets bitcoin or the like to be careful .... And who has not bought should undo your intention, before you regret in the future ...


We already know the risks of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies because it is very volatile. You dont belong here if you want to share arguements for this topic. Honestly I dont care about bitcoim and other digital tokens, because I am not an investor, I am the one who works with their investment.

We keep creating content and get rewarded, nothing will be lost from us except efforts.

Muy buenas noticias para la comunidad en steemit. Esta red social tiene un gran futuro si se siguen haciendo las cosas bien. Gracias por las Actualizaciones.

Great! Thank you for the updates Tomochain.

Thanks for sharing 😊

For a newbie like me, this is awesome

Right on! I can't wait for what comes next!!!

Great news, guys! I can't wait to see the Hivemind being implemented.

Great to see another update of the project.

For the condenser. I recently update using the latest copy of the condenser. I've noticed in the default.json config still point to "img_proxy_prefix": "", which is not working.

In the past upgrade, I can fix this pointing to and the upload will work ok.

After the upgrade, I'm getting an error when I tried to upload an image.
Image upload : Error: [object Object]

I will post this to github and see if I can get an assistance.

Cheers for now.

Thanks for the update.

Fingers Crossed !

Thank your for the update. It's best to design, implement and test everything well before releasing. Communicating is also important as it will keep up investor confidence.

A helpful update. I was wondering if during the:

is currently undergoing testing against hive’s condenser_api

is the reason that the wallet page now has a bottom page slider on chrome browser? None of the other pages have this, so just wondering, minor glitch? See image:
bottom page slider.png

Thanks for keeping us informed.

Steemit will be great success .

Congratulations @steemitblog!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 9 with $ 438,41

@steemitblog taking time to build a stronger community and products is always the best rather than rushing to come out with a flaw products. I appreciate your efforts about hivemind development and other updates to make Steel a stronger ecosystem. Cheers! The world will always wait for something better no matter how long it takes.

very good post

@steemitblog good team work.. keep it up.

Are you all still looking for someone to help with blogging?

Congrats this post is featured on Joy's Steemit News!

False positive removed

Pls you guys must edit my name out of this crappy bot. I have worked very hard for my reputation in this community. Dont ever term me a scam again!
@arcange and @geronimo.

This is a copy of my initial comment which you flagged.

These are very powerful updates! We expect to scale to the moon soon. Hiveminds and SMTs!👏👏👏💝💝 #SteemLover!

Its because of that hashtag. A phishing scammer was posting misleading comments using that term about a month ago and got a lot of victims. The bot is still looking for it I guess. It's not anything that you did, it's just that they picked that term to phish with.

As @guiltyparties wrote, it was a false-positive triggered by the hashtag.
I will update my warning bot to avoid such issue. Please apologize for it being so touchy.

no problem sir

love what you have done with the sign up process. so only 40% of people confirming their password and activating their account:. when you say confirm their passwords and activate accounts, do you mean sign in to steemit with their passwords.

I am asking because of this 40% a large % never go on to posting or voting. We can see from the image below, less than 33% of accounts set up in May went on to post, however your image above indicates there is only 10% loss from account approval to the final step. Am I missing something here?

Can't wait for hivemind. Steem needs community features. it will be awesome and I know you will create something wonderful.

The picture looks like it is just a test / mock-up sample.

I was hoping so. Would love to see real stats from steemit. it would be awesome. if anyone knows anyone (@steemitblog) please do share some real data. demographics would be awesome along with real sign up data.

It would be astonishing if exactly rounded numbers of users got funneled through each step of the way =P

I thought the numbers were an example based on the %