Update: Townhall & Witness Meeting

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Hello Steemians, we apologize for not updating you sooner but the last thing we wanted to do was give you inaccurate or untruthful information. We have now met with the TRON team and are excited to share with you the outcome of those meetings.

Town Hall

We will be hosting a Town Hall meeting a week from today, March 6th at 9 pm PST. We will provide Zoom meeting information prior to the meeting. Please leave any questions or comments to this post that you would like to be addressed during this forum.

Prior to the Town Hall, there will be a meeting between Steem Witnesses, Justin Sun and other TRON members, as well as the Steemit team. The meeting is tentatively set for Wednesday, March 4th at 9 pm PST. This will be a great opportunity for the Steem Witnesses to share their ideas and vision for Steem. The community asked for this, so we are happy to deliver on that request.

Our Visions

The most important question in our minds going into these meetings was not whether we share the same vision for Steem, but whether these two organizations, each with their own strengths, can work together to help realize one another’s visions. We were happy and somewhat surprised, to discover that this is the case.

Both organizations are trying to onboard the masses to the blockchain through amazing applications. But while Steem is taking a more application-specific approach that enables it to provide speed, consistent user experience, and free transactions, TRON is constructing an ecosystem of interconnected databases like the TRON blockchain and BTFS each of which serves a specific purpose. They see the Steem blockchain as the perfect addition to this ecosystem.

Making History

After meeting with the team we all agreed that the best way to progress our missions and add value to one another’s stakeholders is to connect our two powerful blockchains through Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps!

This would be the first time in history that two blockchains of this size will be connected to one another so that tokens can flow freely, and voluntarily, between the chains without the need for trusted intermediaries like exchanges.

New Path, Same Destination

We know that there is still a lot of work to be done to mend the wounds created by previous leadership and a rocky transition, but we are now confident that this partnership can be the new beginning that Steem so desperately needs. We hope you will join us on this new path toward achieving the same mission: to onboard the masses to the blockchain by tokenizing the web.

But let us know what you think. Do you think Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps sounds like the type of win-win solution that could help Steem and TRON explode into the mainstream? Let us know in the comments below and we will see you next week at the Town Hall.

The Steemit Team

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Explode into the mainstream?

If you think cross-chain atomic swaps are the key to going "mainstream", we're in deeper shit than we thought.

Bahahaha. Your comment made me giggle.

"we're in deeper shit than we thought" Hopefully this isn't the case.

I just hope too. I hope the new managements bring the Steem of our dreams. :)

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Well neds old stake plus Justin's new ideas depends how generous Justin is feeling with he's stake right now?

Should he throw it all back into the kitty and have huge rewards for all? And have the one chain trickle into a decentralised economy for all nations as such a chain was intended for.

after swapping to tron , Justin Sun will have to full control of those steemit accounts. it is a trick

The problem Justin has is that he thinks anyone has any interest in anything TRON offers.
Why in the world would i ever move my Steem to TRON to use it. Theres nothing on Tron (except Dlive) with any remote utility.

If anything these atomic swaps are beneficial for STEEM (if Justin doesnt try any fuckery from his side) since Steem has so much more to offer then TRON does to their community.

Is Dlive on Tron and not Lino or is Lino connected to Tron? Last time I checked, Dlive left Steem for Lino. I guess I don't know a lot about Lino.

Tron ended up acquiring dlive later on

Just wait for justin sun's next video, "buy my deeper s___ coins."

...before my laptop runs out of batteries.

made me giggle too

steem is fine.gif

did not see that they said that is the key to going "mainstream". From my understanding (and english is my 3. language) i understood that they think cross-chain atomic swaps are the best way to connect these two blockchains.
Are they, i have no idea, i almost don't know what cross-chain atomic swaps are.

This would be the first time in history that two blockchains of this size will be connected to one another so that tokens can flow freely, and voluntarily, between the chains without the need for trusted intermediaries like exchanges.

Well that is just straight false, but it definitely fits the established pattern of hyperbolic marketing that both Tron and SteemIt, Inc seem to engage in.

As far as the meeting "invitation" goes, 9PM PST is a little more than ridiculous. If we are trying to get a time when the majority of time zones can participate, I think those in China could get involved before 1PM in their work day.

Finally, Justin Sun has promised "airdrops" or some other token distribution to TRX holders. Why is there nothing similar being mentioned for STEEM holders? Really kind of comes across as TRX holders being the ones Sun cares about not both blockchains equally.

Any chance you guys talked about picking up development of SMTs and utilizing the SPS to fund development if Steemit.inc decides to drop it?

There could be some conflict of interest since SMTs could be seen as competition to TRC10, TRC20 tokens due to their extreme ease of use and superiror user experience.

From the perspective of Steem users, would it be smart or even possible to look at the TRC, the Tron stuff, or to somehow treat Tron like we would SMTs? I mean like, doesn't TRC interact with Steem or would TRC interact with Steem in the same way SMT would? So, is the SMT system not up and running on Steem yet? Has that been delayed just like Communities were delayed? Does it look like TRC would have some kind of advantage over SMT? I mean like, would SMT and TRC not be on a leveled playing field of competition against each other? If that is the case, then that is like stabbing SMT in the back with a knife perhaps.

Got more faith in Justin than Ned at least

I have more faith in cancer being cured by my dog than a piece of shit coming out of my asshole; but I wouldn't bet on either.

I just want to be clear that you agree Justin>Ned

thats where you have a totally wrong idea of de-centralization

nobody > nobody

many body > somebody you mean?

that's very well possible ...

it's hard to say which one of me was on the top-side 24 hours ago

You can cure cancer by the way, but I get what you're trying to say.

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Dude. Cancer is cured already. Dog doesn't need to get involved. There's just a mass of disinformation by BigMed, BigPharma and BigMedia keeping the general public in the dark so they can continue to extract money and reduce the population. Fact!


Overwhelming anecdotal evidence, which "science" classes as scientific fact. Trouble is you have to search quite hard to find that overwhelming evidence (due to suppression by big pharma and the like), unless someone points you in the right direction. Happy to do that on request.


wait you lost me. You wouldn't bet on a piece of shit coming out of your asshole?!? Where do you shit from!?!

This would be the first time in history that two blockchains of this size

True, there aren't many blockchain of the exact same size.

Why would he care about both equally? Be great if he did, but not going to be the case - yet. My hope is, he sees what Steem really can be, falls in love with it, leaves TRON for better skies like he did Ripple and brings his resources here to make Steem phenomenal. Best case scenario.

Keep smoking the hopium and let the people that aren't living in fantasy land do the real work.

I'm addicted to Hopium.

i'm addicted to faithium and loveium :-)

I will keep smoking the marijuanium. I do appreciate that you are keeping it real though @netuoso and cheers for having independent knowledgeable blockchain developers working on Steem - you rock!

Dream on...

You're just not dreaming BIG enough


"This life is just a dream
A dream made of love
Remember who you are
Remember what you are"

No disrespect, but that's delusional and will never happen. Best case scenario: he supports Steem as a blockchain and isn't just consuming it into Tron.

Why not competition? I say the more the better.

As far as the meeting "invitation" goes, 9PM PST is a little more than ridiculous. If we are trying to get a time when the majority of time zones can participate, I think those in China could get involved before 1PM in their work day.


Fun Fact : Qora & Burst did the first ACCT on a mainnet on 5/17/2015, after DOGE/BTC did it on testnet in 2014.

How false is that? Which part? Are you saying that something like this has happened before?

Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps > Token Swap

This will keep Steem sovereign and boost both ecosystems. Bitcoin and litecoin did it, now making a blockchain like Steem, connect to a general application blockchain like Tron will be very cool.

Mutual win-wins are what this is all about.

☝️also what he said

Did Ethereum ever do it? I didn't know Bitcoin and Litecoin did it but that's good.

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Thanks for the update!

I would like to address one issue and it's really simple, at least in my mind. Why Tron devs (or I can do it myself if you guys want it) are not creating a simple smart contract that will permit to people to use Steem VIA Tron, complementary as we do now with our Steem accounts. So the Steem blockchain could also handle transaction signed by the Tron wallets/users.

Technically we only need 1 and only 1 smart contract on Tron to be able to transact with the Steem ecosystem. And we only need a small change on Steem to accept those transactions!

From my opinion this is far the best option to keep those lovely chain as they are and permit interoperability between both of them. That will keep everything stable while giving an easy way to use/combine the Tron advantages with those of Steem.

This will not need any swap, any big change, only an a simple implementation in both side.

Edit : this option also give the possibility to have a dedicated TRC20/TRC10 for Steem on Tron. And basically we can give back the whole rewards for Tron users as SteemTron tokens or permit to users to swap their tokens at any time if they find it interesting.

This will work 100% and I can easily give more details if you are interested.

Alright. So this has some good news and clarifications at least. I'm glad to hear that the news we've been hearing of plans for a "token swap" now comes down to atomic swaps that I understand is a 1:1 pair where you always have the identical number of tokens on each chain, rather than this being some new token that we are asked to trade in our STEEM in exchange for (as many have feared). This can be cool, as it practically means that there'll be opportunities for Steem dApps to utilize smart contracts if they want to, while others won't have to deal with Tron if all they need is already on Steem. Great. That settles a lot of concerns people have had.

My main question is to what extent this is likely to benefit Steem or Tron the most? Is adding value to STEEM still the main priority of the team? Or is there now a conflict of interest where the new owners benefit more from Steemit developers helping grow the value of TRX? In that case, is the Steemit Inc stake, which is promised to be used to grow Steem, still going to be used explicitly for that purpose?

Many questions still left to answer, but at least I feel a bit better from this post.

an atomic swap is not a 1:1 pair. it's more like a decentralized network where transaction happens when certain conditions are met which includes the exchange rate. but i dont really care how much value it's gonna bring to steem/tron. i care that it's not a token swap where justin is trying to force people to give up steem.

I dont think they even know at this point how this will work. They need to set goals they intend to complete before we can make a guess as to who benefits and how much.

the best way to progress our missions and add value to one another’s stakeholders is to connect our two powerful blockchains through Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps!

Yes, a bridge between the Tron and Steem blockchain, that is the best next step, I think. With Steem adding SMTs, being able to swap chains, make it so!

Great news.

I think this sounds positive and good. No doubt you will be bombarded with a bunch of negative shit but please ignore it :0)

Good point. What happened to #newsteem. That didn’t last long. :)

We're not here to be yes-people, especially if you're referring to the SF as "negative shit".

In regards to this post, I'm personally quite optimistic and are looking forward to the 6th of Match, but as always, one has to be realistic. Steem is a project where people have invested a lot (monetary & time-wise) and it should be treated as such. Even if that means, saying "constructive negative shit".

I think most of us know the difference between constructive criticism and negative shit.

Nobody said anything about being yes people.

I was pleased by this and thought it positive. Constructive negative shit is always good in my book.

But just plain negative shit, no thanks

The 6th of Match you say, I like that. You Match me this and I'll Match you that, if you can all find 6 things to Match upon I'd call that a Match Set....lol

id say embrace it

master tree

we moeten er allemaal mee leven

waarom zij niet ?

I'm all for the embracing it, will have to see what the it is but full steem ahead!



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no kiddding.

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@steemitblog, We are eagerly waiting for the Town Hall Meeting Session team. Hope that this session will going to clear up the Environment Of Confusion and both Steem and TRON will start a fresh and Mutually Beneficial Journey. Stay blessed team.

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  • timeline for SMTs
  • burnup charts
  • weekly communication
  • explain what is Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps in detail but laymen terms
  • Explain role of Ned today
  • number of steemit incs core team members
  • how big is the Tron team you are communicating with
  • steem is the better chain with 3-second fee-less transactions and mass scalability, why would one who understands steem even consider bringing that on the weaker tron chain. Shows someone didn't even understand what he bought and publically announced on twitter.
  • how big are language barriers? English is not a very difficult language.
  • next steps
  • now that you seem to have enough funds, will the programmatic selling stop immediately?

Is there a case to record the whole meeting so that both Steem TRON communities have an idea what's going to take place the next few months rather than just reading a report?

I second this motion to have ALL meetings that involve Steem Witnesses are recorded and available to the public. We are all stakeholders and should be privy to these conversations.

They should live stream the meetings on YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, Dlive, etc, the more the better. Upload copies to Bit Torrent, Bitchute, Brighteon, LBRY, the more the better. People should try to make copies of the videos just in case. Mirror the videos because you never know.

The Zoom software they are saying to use can record the whole thing with a click of a button, yes. The choice to do or not do that will be a deliberate one, as the button is a pretty big, red, round one.

will see what is going on next week

you are the smartest hamster ever

so far

... i lost count but thats a lot of steempower

do NOT buy until they spend

and stay frosty

nobody looks cool when they lose their cool but sometimes its really hard

half of them don't understand the concept of decoy anyway

they're all dawg

like whippets on a metal rabbit

who the hell would have ambiguous plans when millions are involved

a bit more of this and im really gonna start blaming it on the plastic in the water

So glad to hear the merger between steemit, steem, and tron will work to the benefit of all!

  1. Remove downvoters!

  2. leave advertising

  3. remove bots!

  4. Succeed and success!

... 5 Be as valuable as whaleshares

This ignorant user is spreading dangerous lies in order to attempt to gain popularity and attention from the new commie overlord. Ignore the ignorant twat bag, you'll immediately feel better about your life.


I agree that the downvote flag button should be replaced with like a Reddit style dislike button and there should be an option to be able to see posts with more likes closer to the top of the feed like you would see on Reddit. Perhaps, they should have a like button and an upvote button as liking and upvoting can sometimes be separate. If I like something, I want to like it. But upvoting might be like a super like, well depending on how Steem works. But upvoting is almost like buying something. Well, I mean, upvoting can be expensive or whatever the case might be. I would prefer having an option to vote or to like or to do both things.

Ever read @meesterboom? @johnjgeddes? There's a lot of authors that are so very good that I like every single one! I think it's possible for fans of authors to like everything an author dies. Take Bezos, Buffett, Zuckerberg, Bloomberg, Musk - everyone that likes them likes what they do. Now me, I spent a lot of time in my life faith healing and know people who do that and I have never heard of antone complain when they were healed instantly for free, have you? No there people who follow authors, speakers be it jesus, marx, or satan that adore everything they do, like President The Donald

"This would be the first time in history that two blockchains of this size will be connected to one another so that tokens can flow freely"

lol stinc, you're telling me steem and tron are bigger than bitcoin and ethereum?


you're not the first either cuz atomic swaps have been in existence for years.

and why do i get a feeling justin is gonna come up with a random webpage and call it "atomic swaps"?

So, Bitcoin connects to Ethereum, Litecoin, and what else via the atomic swaps? I didn't realize that but Bitcoin is a pioneer in being the first cryptocurrency as far as I know. So, if they're doing it, then perhaps Steem and Tron should do it and eventually Steem should connect to Bitcoin, right?

yea i guess, but i'm no expert. all i can say is this: they're secondary layers and steem is neither the first nor the biggest. justin lacks clarity in his marketing because he doesn't care or is incompetent. either way, it means he's gonna burn steem to the ground.

But would Steem be the biggest social networking blockchain assuming that Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc, are not social networks in the same way that Steemit might be?

yes maybe. but the post says "blockchains" and nothing about social media. again, justin lacks clarity cuz he's got nothing but hype. if dlive becomes censorship-resistant like he says it will, i might start thinking about believing him.

Did Dlive ban Infowars?

you can't ban someone that's not even aware of your platform.

Nice. This seems to be inferring that the STEEM chain will continue to exist, while being able to interface with TRON..?

Hopefully this is the case and we can revert this soft fork and continue on forwards with development, on both chains!

That's how I'm interpreting it. Like a symbiotic relationship.

Let's hope this is the case!

Sounds like it.


I like the idea of atomic swaps. I still think Steem is a superior blockchain. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when Justin call Ned asking why the steem witness's are fucking him lol.

I'm still not seeing exactly how this is financially beneficial to anyone. It still feels like an uninformed purchase where the new owner is now desperately trying to find a way to justify the purchase.

Like the modern artist: Paint random nonsense now, justify in the description later. I actually won a competition doing that once.

i stand in awe at the risk-taking

the new beginning that Steem so desperately needs.

I'm calling bs on that, other than stinc not delivering smteees! and 'communities' being better than nothing at all for the true belibers that are currently holding Ned, et al,'s bags, we were progressing just fine after we forced HF 21 onto the chain.
Delivering long promised code that has already been paid for is supposed to be par for the course, not super amazingly, stupendously, death defying lying to us about the reality behind the curtain, eh?

could help Steem and TRON explode into the mainstream

Honest, responsive leadership will do much more for us, IMO.

Who sets the exchange rates on these 'atomic' swaps?


Now with Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps!

A late 80's early 90's cereal commercial comes to mind when I hear that inside my head. If we're going mainstream with that though, we might have to hire Mr. T to say it.

I have two questions I'd like answered at this meeting.

  1. What the hell is a Cross-Chain Atomic Swap?(Never mind. Thanks Google.)

  2. Who took all the names?

The real question is "Does Mikey Like it" ?

He likes it-hey Mikey!

It's so fine, it blows his mind.

*edit Sigh. You changed Mickey to Mikey and now my nonsensical response doesn't make sense.

it was a set up lol

Curses! Foiled again!

Does Oatmeal like it lol

It will be still nice to hear the specifics on the Cross-Chain Atomic Swap between Steem and Tron

Yeah. Until then, more wait and see.

  1. The guy with the money, of course.

You got your Steem in my tron!

Polkadot and the web3 foundation have been working on connecting blockchains so this is by far a first, they are also way head. I still dont get why steem is not part of that.

The word swap, rather than exchange pair is rather worrying.

I think tron and steem can be strong together and there is potiental, but it will be easy to mess it up, and fast.

I think it's the terminology because it will work directly between the two blockchains and not via an exchange. That's what I understood from their post:

This would be the first time in history that two blockchains of this size will be connected to one another so that tokens can flow freely, and voluntarily, between the chains without the need for trusted intermediaries like exchanges.

If we ignore the first part regarding being the first time, which might or might not be accurate (they do say "of this size" and I'm not familiar of the sizes of the other blockchains which inter-operate), they do say one very important word - VOLUNTARILY. No one will be forced to do these atomic swaps if they don't want to, which seems much better than the sound of the initially marketed token swap.

I honestly have no need for TRX. Nothing on their chain says "hey wow!" But we could be strong together and it would be easy to mess up quickly.

You could build Steem apps that use Tron for smart contracts.

Yeah but the dapps will still exist on the Steem blockchain so the only benefit we would feel is if dapps manage to increase users and funding to improve our user experience.
Its not really a direct benefit for us.

DApps use blockchains as back ends, either as data storage (Steem) or for computing/data storage (Tron when using it for smart contracts). An app that used both Steem and Tron would benefit both blockchains by increasing organic demand for the tokens, that is SP, STEEM/SBD and TRX/possibly some TRC10 tokens.

steem is worth nothing

tron is worth a LOT but not by unit

steemit stinks at sales

tron stinks at coneheads



Does this mean STEEM will be adding EVM and eWASM support? Which token types and standards will be supported?

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Im new here but ithink the basics are clear enough. We still don't know exactly whats gonna happen, and until we have a solid idea, we need to maintain face.

There are several scenarios that might occur, and i think the absolute worst case is a complete overhaul of the Steem blockchain. Thats gonna be messy and expensive.

I think at the end of the day, those of us who love Steemit wanna keep using it like we do without danger of significant disruption.

So, the question those top 50 witnesses need to ask Justin is, how the hell can we meet whatever vision you have for Steemit while still preserving what the people love about it?

Compromise is the name of the game here.

This seems to be a kind of political battle mixed with M&A. If so, I do not deny that may happen. But you should be more serious about keeping sustainable ecosystem not trying to get short-term benefit.

You use word swaps again, isn't "linking" the chains, more fitting? Unless I don't understand what is meant by Cross-Chain Atomic Sawp, jeeez sounds like term from scifi movie xD

A cross-chain atomic swap is a way to exchange your tokens on one chain for tokens on another chain without using a third party like an exchange in between. It's a protocol for ensuring that the whole exchange takes place or none of it. To do it, you need a wallet that supports both coins and the protocol.

Thank you for explaining this, had never come across the term before.

hey @steemitblog, you should add this to the post so newer people to the crypto game know wtf a "Cross-Chain Atomic Swap" is.


Can someone please make @justinsunsteemit aware that Steem does have abuse issues? Unless some big accounts help out by flagging and/or delegating to those who do then it is likely to get much worse if we have an influx of new users. A few whales could cancel out all the paid votes and make for more organic rewards distribution. Efforts like @steemcleaners and @steemflagrewards can only do so much. We have a load of volunteers in vigilante roles for little in the way of rewards. I expect most users do not use their free downvotes for whatever reasons.

Let's make Steem great!

@steevc bro, we all know that does not work, actually the worse idea we ever had in this ecosystem was to make a police in a decentralized place.

Sorry: the worse idea was to store the shitposts in the blockchain.

I rather shutup, i am just waiting for price to sell.

Was nice thou the 1 year the dream of a good place lasted

The dream is still alive for some of us. I don't see much in the way of alternatives that offer what Steem has with the same potential. It's a shame you didn't cash out when your Steem could be worth $100k. I didn't then and won't now. Just buying a little more in fact.

Have fun.

i didn't i kept thinking i was doing a good thing using my SP as a means to pay the efforts of the project members i dont regret not cashing out i regret my reasons for not cashing out.

Funnily enough, my project was called "dreamer"... but i was constantly called scammer

There's lots of opinions on what is considered legitimate on Steem, but I am generally against buying votes for profit. I can find plenty of examples. I downvote them, but I also support lots of people who I think add value. I'm doing this for fun rather than short-term profit. If Steem takes off then I'll do okay.

No information about SMT?

It's not up to steemit to launch SMTs. They already made the code available for testing. Once the witnesses are comfortable that there aren't any critical bugs in the code they can go ahead and deploy it.

Short answer: the witnesses need to decide when it's safe to upgrade not steemit.

Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps sounds like the type of win-win, the main direction in the cooperation is to continue develop steem as a independent blockchain, we have a lot of coins in crypto market and most of them we can only hold and transfer, but the steem is more powerful and functional blockchain.

What about the Steem Backed Dollars? I think the system could be imported in Tron to have a much larger backed equivalent "Tron Backed Dollars"

I think that they could also go even larger and do: "dollar-backed dollars"

How about back-backed dollars? Backed by backbreaking labor by indentured laborers, tucked away in an abandoned mine recently acquired by the Tron foundation.

What if we do TronSteem-backed USDT Steem Dollars that are backed by the collective faith of Steem users in Steemit Inc.'s leadership?

You forgot the "post Ned's stint as the Steem blockchain's expert visionary on guitar strumming, and the like" at the end of that. So now we have:

TronSteem-backed USDT Steem Dollars that are backed by the collective faith of Steem users in Steemit Inc.'s leadership, post Ned's stint as the Steem blockchain's expert visionary on guitar strumming, and the like.

You forgot “backed by.” So it’s actually now...

TronSteem-backed USDT Steem Dollars that are backed by the collective faith of Steem users in Steemit Inc.'s leadership, backed by post Ned's stint as the Steem blockchain's expert visionary on guitar strumming, and the like.

Or something along those lines to that effect or similar.

I knew you'd catch that, but I figured why even try to edit that in on you with your legendary screen-capture reflexes and well documented lack of edit-tomfoolery tolerance?

I'll sneak one in on you one of these days. Even the great @ats-david must blink from time to time, I've read somewhere. If there's one thing in this life that I'm certain of it's this.

was that a tongue twister?

omfg I'm dying XD

They can mine lithium for battery powered mining rigs for Bitcoin.

And if they can't find anything, they can use stationary bicycles to generate the power.

Out of box thinking : how about we print a paper note with hologram and everything for the tron back SBD ?

That's just crazy talk.


Nah, the biggest, by far, would be "bullshit-backed dollars". Every politician, ever, is at least a quadrillionaire in that currency. I have a cousin who's easily a trillionaire. I'd bet that there are whole parallel universes full of our collective bullshit, just so we have enough space for some air to breath.

The ”let’s back the backed dollar” scenario 😂


Let’s see what happens 🤷🏼‍♂️

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giving tokens to steemit inc

im having like a lulz right now

Cross-chain atomic swaps are a great way to boost network effect in the ecosystem. How are SMTs coming along?

Not a single word about SMT’s....for second consecutive report.

Come along eh..? We shall see...

Yep. Good news are the code should be ready and only undergoing testing right now. Should a hard fork need to be done, at least the Communities are in production and SMTs not too far from that.

Who needs SMTs when we already have TRC10s?

People who want nothing to do with TRC10s?

Exactly. And mobile wallets and exchange with fiat gateaway.I'm sure that's the plan.

People who don't need a smart contract for their dapp.

TRC10s are native tokens, like STEEM or SBD. TRC20s are smart contracts.

they aren't native to Steem ... which is where SMTs will live

Can we get a definition or description of what Cross Chain Atomic Swaps are and what they would entail?

Probably not, they just took some terms they know people like, tossed them in a post with the hope of calming people down...

a wise man once said ...

Technically speaking atomic swap should typically be all or none exchange between two ledgers. I don't know details of their approach yet.

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Sounds good. I think we would need more information on the Cross Chain Atomic swap. Are people going to transact / upvote using Tron as well? or will steem would be the sole entity for it?

Not quite sure what this means, but atomic doesn't sound good to me LOL.

Atomic is a CS technical term for all or none. Allows for coins or tokens to be exchanged in escrow. Sometimes without need for escrow agent because the chains take part in locking the ledgers in limbo. This allows for at least 2 people to swap. Sometimes more complex arrangements are made like multiple tokens or an escrow mediator. Details depends on the technology available and how the swap is done.

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Thank you for the explanation! Wow, these things are complicated.
I still think it's better to leave it as it is now.

It is a blockchain or Bitcoin term right? Well, maybe not a Bitcoin term but cryptography should follow the same all or none logic to ensure transactions are verified and completed so that things are not left in limbo like you said. There are differences between cryptocurrencies and how traditional digital fiat currency works. So, it sounds like the cross chain atomic swapping is a term meant to describe a mechanism within cryptography itself but with the addition of going from one blockchain to another blockchain, am I right? So, in other words, instead of an external middle-man exchange, it sounds like the atomic thing is like a built-in internal exchanging protocol that is built in on both blockchains that allow for the transactions, I mean the exchanges. So, technically, it is not that there is no middle man but that there is no third-party middle man, it would seem.

Better than nuclear!