My First Week Experience Of "Steem-Ua" And Some Important Advice For All Of You !!

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Hello All Dear Steemit Friends,

So guys from last one week iam enjoying the services of @steem-ua in return of my 250 Steempower Delegation to them and today i want to share my experience and total amount in upvotes that i received in these 7 days from @steem-ua,

So basically i got 7 upvotes in last 7days bcz i Delegated 250 steempower and According to their Delegation plan iam eligible to get 1 Upvote per day and now let's see what is the combined value of these 7 upvotes from @steem-ua :-


So guys as you can see that in last 7 days i got 7 upvotes from @steem-ua and the total combined value of these upvotes is around "$3.17" that is way more then any Delegation service provide us in return of such a small steempower Delegation and the best part is as soon our UA increase the upvote value also going to increase according to our UA score and that give us a greater Opportunity to increase our content quality and get more valuable upvote from @steem-ua ,

So guys make sure you invest some steempower Delegation with @steem-ua because the value of upvotes that iam getting is nothing if we think about steem price 6 months ago bcz it will simply make the upvote worth more then right now,

So make sure to get involved in this superb project as soon as possible.

Thanks For Reading My Post

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What tool did you use for the above search?

I appreciate your update. I am still trying to get to one post a day level, I have actually managed it twice, but even at the amount of post I put out, I look forward to being able to increase my delegation to the 250 level. I plan on a slow grow so as not to effect my vote power to much as I like to vote on a lot of varied content.

Ya slow and steady always wins the race. ✌️

Great! I just delegated the same amount today! Pretty excited to see where this goes in the future. 😃

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That's for sure a great decision mate and iam really happy to see that even you are a new use you already powerdup almost 2k Steempower, great decision buddy.

Yes I think so too. It’s a definitely a work in progress. Little by little 😜

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Yup you are right.

hi @thecrytotrader

Thank you for sharing such a nice information for growing on the steemit.

whether we will gets comments from steem-ua also?

Ya it also share our current UA on the time on Upvoting and give us some tips to improve our UA score

I started getting my votes a few days ago, and noticed that the payout is increasing every day! I expect it to stabilize at some point.

I'm happy to participate in this project for sure

Well it's the most exciting thing about steem-ua that when our UA score increase the upvote value also increase with it,so it also encourage people to write more good posts.

...and to network with other quality Steemers!

I knew I had a fairly high UA going in, which made a difference in my decision to delegate.

But I do want to say I can see the value to plankton and skinny minnows in jump in in as well

Ya you are right and i hope they bring more features to @steem-ua in coming future.

It sure does look promising!!! Delegating today too!

I agree that this is better than other things, or people where you can delegate them instead of some rewards.

It's all based on your rep score at @steem-ua mine is 1,450 so I receive only 1% upvote and now it's worth 0,19. I only delegated 25SP because I had only this amout available for that (right now), but if even If I delegate 250SP so 0,19 x 7 = 1,33$

I'm trying hard to have better score but I find some problem. Mostly I stream on DLive, they have OFF-Chat so even if peoples commenting my live, steemit and steem-ua dosn't see this :D

I will gonna try delegate more steem power later :D

Ya it might be an issue that why your UA scores not increasing that much i will aak about this from the founder of Steem-ua to let you know the solution of this problem.

Thank you very much! :D

Most welcome and i asked the founder of @steem-ua about this problem and he said that anything involving off blockchain system we cannot track and that's why nit going to increase the UA score, so i think using only dlive is the main reason why you UA is not increasing.

Are you saying that any activity outside of the #steem domain is not formulated in ua score?
Is that also for dtube, busy, and others?

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No that are on blockchain but the off blockchain chat feature is only on Dlive so that is not counted in calculating UA and all other Dapps are good fir that.

I understand, thank you for your time. I should made more articles then maybe my UA score will increase :)

Ya for sure that will improve your UA, All the best.

That's definitely a good return.

Ya, iam really happy that i Delegated my Steempower to them.

@thecrytotrader thanks for shearing your 1st week experience with @steem-ua i have tiny power so i will delegate with 25 SP in this upcoming week.

Ya for sure this will help you to get some good upvotes in coming months when steem reach it's old $4-$5 price.

Dit you forget to deduct the 25% currations from this? That would mean - 0.79.

So 3.17 - 0.79 = 2.38

And you would not be able to increase this by delegating more. I would not say ty to steem-ua but more to the current high delegators of steem-ua.

And if you can, can you tell me what tool you used to get those details? <--- this tool - i think its giving you the liquid payouts already, not sure... im going to double check.

Sorry to bump in here, but i figured i could answer.

great tnx

Thanks for replying the comment of @zoef .

This is great as this is a great win/win as it helps a great project made to help engage the community and gets you incentives to do so as well! I'm close to getting some more STEEM and doing a delegation as well!

All the best with your steem collection target.

Thank you for the link or tool to find out the worth of upvote from steem-ua..I too delegated 250 SP

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Waaooo you took the right step bcz this project is really good and we have a lot of advantages as early adopters of @steem-ua


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I did delegate 50 SP to steem UA and I think I got two upvotes from them this last week. Great project and I see a bright future ahead :)

Ya their Upvoting system is good and give upvotes timely and iam sure we are going to earn more when steem price go up and this will also helps people to post quality content only to improve their UA scores.

Nice posting!
I hope more people would recognize by seeing this post that they could get higher earnings than what they delegate to @steem-ua.

Ya i wish people get more befinfits from @steem-ua

Infact a great investment base after long on Steemit. Since utopian i think this is the best for delegation👍

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Yes after a long time i really find a projy worthy of Delegating more steempower because they are not only giving upvotes but they also insurance with their UA system that people write more and more good posts here to increase their UA.

Exactly....makeing it one of the worthful investment option and the craze for it in the platform says it all 👍👍

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I agree, we should delegate into this project. You get a nice little ROI for supporting and you can say this can be like helpful booster to build with especially for new Steemers like me. Of course the challenge will still be to improve your UA score but it's a good challenge. I recently delegated some SP to UA but I can't help but be intrigued to move some cryptos around and delegate more toward it after a few days of learning more about it and using the service. lol

Hi @thecrytotrader!

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