Crypto Influencer Award 2019: Vote for Steemit!

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It's time again for the Steem community to show it's true power!


One of my fellow Steemians, @sergiomendes, just made me aware about the Crypto Influencer Award 2019, where Steemit has been nominated as Best Project.

So, you know what we do now right?

We'll utilize the power of Steem to make sure Steemit receives this award.

1.) Go to

2.) Click on Vote

3.) Share the link with others

4.) (Optional) Resteem this post

This is a great chance to furthermore show the world, that Steem has the biggest crypto & blockchain community.

Let's do this!

PS: @blocktrades has been nominated as "Best Crypto Web Tool" - vote for it as well! :)

Do you believe that my work is valuable for Steem? Then please vote for me as witness.


we were able to get together and win the netcoins listing so we should be able to get together and get steem and blocktrades voted as #1

@blocktrades is an absolute beast.. what a great service and they are very professional

Awww man thank you for the mention ♥️ as I told You in the other comment we need to give back to the community and keep proving to the Crypto community that STEEM is here to stay and make a huge impact in this Crypto World. Any opportunity I will have to make a point on this cryptosphere I will do my best to make it happen. Thank you so much for reading my long comment about it on the other post. But having members of the community like You spreading the word about it is important... Because unfortunately I don't have the influence or the power that someone like You have to make a bigger impact. 😉 Once again thank You for all the hard work that You do in the community (this is just a side note... But it is never too much to show gratitude)

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Yeah we all can do the best we can to make this the best place to everyone to come and spend their time on the Internet 😊

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Resteemed... we in @red-rose believe that steem is the best crypto coin ever found.
We will vote and support both steem and @blocktrades ....

yeahh voted.. I would rather seen that we could vote for Steem instead of steemit

Steemit Inc was the creator of STEEM and they were the ones in charge... I think only lately there is a separation... But still legally and when it comes to paperwork I am not sure... But maybe steemit Inc is still the one that deals with STEEM. but I get the point

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Probably crypto world is confused about what is Steem and what is Steemit.

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I'll contact them


Thank you! Also wouldn't it be great to feature some of more successful Steem DApps on Bad Crypto Podcast? Travis and Joel have massive audience.

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Another nice update @therealwolf
Thank You and @sergiomendes for letting us know
I have informed the Greek community via @greek-trail and I would like to mention that I saw this due to the resteem by @iliasdiamantis (but how can you be everywhere?!?!??!)

it's my lovely assistant GINA :)

She is precious indeed!

You're welcome. Always a pleasure to do all I can to help everyone here in our HOME ♥️😀

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Yeah, I just voted for STEEM. Here's the screen shot:
vote steemit-CIA.png
I equally shared the vote on twitter for users to see.
vote steemit-CIA2.png

I also voted for @blocktrades. Here's screen shot

I shared the vote on twitter:


Thanks @therealwolf for sharing this.


We are steem we will will definitely

I already voted Steemit and Blocktrades.
Goodluck to the Steemit community.

are u kidding? how could I look in the mirror if a vote for steemit

If it wasn't for Steemit Inc we wouldn't be here. They have created STEEM

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That's not good enough, their performance since I got here 2018 has been unprofessional and really not worthy of confidence.

You wouldn't even be here having this conversation and getting rewarded if it wasn't for them 😉

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If things were run right there would be a million active users instead of about a thousand. Things need to improve or else all our 'rewards' won't be worth anything.

I get what You mean... But the fact there are no active users it is not because of steemit or any other dapps on the Steem network... Mainly it is the community fault that people don't stick to use the many options that you have to be a creator in here. We can't blame them for that for sure.

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Voted for both and resteemed!

thank you for sharing this information.

Voted. Steem would have been better but I guess there is a big brand confusion in the crypto world with Steem/Steemit.

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True. There is... But in the end STEEMIT INC was the company and project that created Steem 😊

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Vote done, resteem done😉 Thanks for your post and hard work👍

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Voted, resteemed and TwittedScreenshot_20181221-174923.jpg

Amazing. Love it ♥️

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Thank you! Also I'd like to offer to all Stermians to share this action on Twitter and Facebook to attract more people to this voting for Steem and Blocktrades!

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I have done all of that yesterday... Been trying to promote this as much as I can. 😊 Let's hope more and more people will reach it. I have done a post about it yesterday as well to alert all my people in here ehehe

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Fortunately @therealwolf offered your iniative and now I hope we will put Steemit to the first place like it was with coinbase! But in any case you started important Initiative for all community! Resteemed your post too!

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Just happy to be able to help as much as I can. That is the most important thing 😊

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I borderline spammed the Israeli FB group about this contest.
Gosh I hope all those people won't be pissed to see themselves tagged in my post.

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Proud to upvote both.

So easy!

Naomi Brockwell (Steemian @skycorridors) has also been nominated in the Interviews section... so if you've got any clicking left in you:

I voted for her cause I follow her on twitter... Didn't knew she was here as well ehehhe

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Vote for steemit and blocktrades done.

resteemed and thumb pressed.

Thanks for the post and hard work. 👍🏻

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Bildschirmfoto 2018-12-21 um 17.09.13.png

i vote steemit - you vote me, deal? 🤪

I just voted🤞 for Steemit and @blocktrades too!!🍀😁

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Voted, resteemed and shared on twitter.
Bildschirmfoto 2018-12-21 um 5.24.52 PM.png

Hi, @therealwolf!

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Super cool that there are so many options to promote our community and we have a tremendous group of people able to back it with votes that they actually mean. Voted on both

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Ready !! I already gave my vote :)

It's a shame it's Steemit and not Steem, but not surprising really. Voted for it nevertheless!

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We are winning again this time. Nothing is stopping us.

cool, voted for Steemit :)

Also @dollarvigilante's steemit blog is nominated

Voted for steem, @crypt0 and @blocktrades

Nice one, I just did it on other post but all the help is awesome.
Thanks for your efforts.
I posted this one that I think it's worth to take a look:

Thanks for sharing this info @therealwolf i do steps 1 - 4..



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Thank you for the heads up 😊
Voted & Resteemed 💪💖

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Nice mate, thanks for sharing. Upvoted and re esteemed. Cheers

Done and resteemed!

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