Medium is now Smaller, and this is excellent news for Steemit!

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Medium, is an online publishing platform and one of the most notable names in the blogosphere.
Today they announced they will be laying off 50 employees, roughly one-third of their staff.

They're also closing offices in New York and Washington, DC.

Medium's CEO Ev Williams, wrote that the company would be changing its business model

Our vision, when we started in 2012, was ambitious: To build a platform that defined a new model for media on the internet. The problem, as we saw it, was that the incentives driving the creation and spread of content were not serving the people consuming it or creating it — or society as a whole. As I wrote at the time, “The current system causes increasing amounts of misinformation…and pressure to put out more content more cheaply — depth, originality, or quality be damned. It’s unsustainable and unsatisfying for producers and consumers alike….We need a new model.”

This is the biggest opportunity that steemit has ever encountered. Medium is an already established platform with huge reach and they are cutting back in part because of ad revenue, but also because advertisers are beginning to pressure for specific spins and narratives to be pushed.

Upon further reflection, it’s clear that the broken system is ad-driven media on the internet. It simply doesn’t serve people. In fact, it’s not designed to.

To my mind this means that Mr Williams is as concerned about integrity as he is about profits.
He has acknowledged that they need a new model, now we need to convince him that
Steem IS the model, and Medium just needs to adopt it!

Honestly it should be trivial for a company like Medium to adopt steem.
Moving Medium onto steemit infrastructure would provide the following benefits for Medium

  1. Hosting and scaling costs are close to nil, because all the data is hosted on the blockchain.
  2. The database backend is rock solid and cannot be compromised by hackers and attackers due to the type of cryptography used.
  3. Generating revenue directly through upvotes which completely negates the need to be beholden to advertisers.

This is literally everything he is asking for from a strategy perspective and we are perfectly poised to help them.

I am calling upon @ned and and @andrarchy and all of the Cryptonomex team to reach out directly to medium to see what we can do to bring them to us.

I'm also calling on the entire community to head over to Ev William's blog and extend him a warm invitation. Some of our writers such as @stellabelle came to us from there. So maybe it would be a good idea for those writers to create articles about how Medium could benefit from steem integration, submit them to Medium and to Steemit so the Medium community can see just how much of a peanut butter meets jelly situation this really is for all of us.

What are you waiting for? Let's do this!

This post is 100% steem powered!


Yes, it seems like an opportunity. I have promoted your post.

Wow, thank you for that!

Upon further reflection, it’s clear that the broken system is ad-driven media on the internet. It simply doesn’t serve people. In fact, it’s not designed to. The vast majority of articles, videos, and other “content” we all consume on a daily basis is paid for — directly or indirectly — by corporations who are funding it in order to advance their goals. And it is measured, amplified, and rewarded based on its ability to do that. Period. As a result, we get…well, what we get. And it’s getting worse.

Steemit and Steem are a year ahead of their realization.

So, we are shifting our resources and attention to defining a new model for writers and creators to be rewarded, based on the value they’re creating for people. And toward building a transformational product for curious humans who want to get smarter about the world every day.

It is too soon to say exactly what this will look like.

Their post sounds like they don't know how to move forward yet.

Medium integrating with Steem would be miraculous. If the miracle were to happen, it would be amazing fusion of their UI and UX with Steem's backend.

In more realistic planning, Steem can capitalize on Medium's walking into the unknown. A better UI, especially in the departments of ease and flexibility of formatting and post display, can go a long way into bringing Medium's user base over to Steemit. Or Steem with a different front-end, if development isn't flexible enough to make such a shift.

This is an excellent point @pfunk our UI teem tries hard, but at the end of the day the steemit ui is being created by programmers and not Designers. I remember back when steemit first open sourced the code there were some attempts by a guy from brazil to produce a "Medium style ui" on top of steemit. I don't know whatever happened with that effort, but it looked slick.

If medium just used steem as a backend, they could dramatically cut their own costs and I'm fairly certain there is enough talent to make that look and work slick.

With the recent surge in cryptocurrency market, convincing medium may not be so difficult

I love Medium and have had an account for a few years. I have been in this business for years and very few of my social media and blogging peers get what we are doing. I prefer passive engagement, just like how I found Medium. If we flood the internet with Steemit links we will be noticed.

I wrote about this exact thing, as I suggested that Medium adopt Steem as its monetizing strategy. I also messaged Ev Williams, CEO of Medium, on that platform as well:


Awesome job @stellabelle nice to see we're on the same wavelength. Here's hoping everyone follows your example. I think if we can just grab Evan's attention,let him know that we exist that he'll give it a good look.

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We have the same crap...

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This is potentially a great news in deed and cross my fingers, arms, legs once when not twice! Thanks for the info. All for one and one for all!!! Namaste :)

How do you see such an integration working?

I could see it as a opt-in basis, so authors on Medium would have the option to basically link their account with a steem account and cross-post everything to both sites. I'm not sure if this makes sense as a business model on Medium's end, it could end up with authors just jumping ship entirely if they get better compensation on the Steem side.

To my mind, authors could keep accounts in both sites, but keep in mind that steemit was created as a demonstration platform for the steem blockchain. The plan always was to work with existing social media networks and get them to move their backend infrastructure to the steem blockchain and this would drive demand for steem as a currency.

The resulting rise in steem price would more than compensate from the dilution effects of multiple sites adopting steem as their infrastructure and impacting the reward pool.

The fact is medium is much more curated than steemit and has WAY more eyeballs.

There are already writers with accounts on both places.

To my mind, Medium would probably be the one with the steem account and that account would get all upvotes. They could split the rewards with authors based on number of pageviews over 30 days.

@dan also had some proposals for a setup where upvotes were split with a host site, that would actually be ideal if it were in place right now since no one would need rely on a third company to pay them properly.

OK, got it. Thank you for taking the time to explain that, I have a much better grasp on the situation now.

Your idea about Medium having its own account and splitting rewards to authors from there sounds completely plausible to me. I'll show it some support over at Medium.

The plan always was to work with existing social media networks and get them to move their backend infrastructure to the steem blockchain and this would drive demand for steem as a currency.

A brilliant approach! It is a matter of time some big Social Media catch up !

It's an interesting article, and I uprooted. However, the garbage, antiquated, and p**%-poor interface of Steemit will be one of the hurdles for sure - amongst others mentioned herein.

I think that's a bit harsh kuching. The steemit ui isn't all bad and if you look at esteem and a few of the others, you can see that it's fairly easy to redo the UI to suit particular tastes.

Steemit has programmers doing UI. Medium has designers doing theirs.

Hi @willimabanks - come on, let's be honest here. Steemit is a clunky, techie-driven poor excuse for a UI. Creative types and 'designers' would absolutely HATE it (as do I). It reminds me of something from 1998.

There is NO way creatives would put up with it, I'm quite sure.

Have you used Medium, Wordpress, or other modern platforms, like Bravenet? (even LI is better, and FB allows all kinds of things to be added, uploaded, etc. with a simple click).

While I think it'd be great to capture some of this Medium audience, it's likely not in the cards.

Steemit's UI never was intended for people from Medium.
But we do have alternative UI's they just aren't here on

That's kind of the point though. Integrating a steem backend into medium would be good for them and good for us, a total win/win.

Love the idea. Good luck! You will certainly need it, given the current state of play of this platform.

BTW not just the UI - there is a much deeper conversation on the 'fairness' and the propensity of only 'whales', half-naked (or fully) women, and sports to dominate this nascent platform. UI is HUGE; this is even bigger IMHO.

I can not understand all the news because my English is not good.
One thing to understand is that the Steemit system is great, so follow it.
Anyway, I believe that the Steemit system is great
Thank you for uploading a good article.

@sochul There is a famous website called and they are having problems earning money. My post is saying that if they used steem they would not have these problems.

Thank you for giving your answer using your precious time.
It means only use the Steemit reward system in the medium.
I have a clear understanding and I upvoted, followed and resteemed :D

Yes that's correct!

Honestly, I've not even heard of this.

me too it's the 1st time i hear about it

Heh. A little bit of schadenfreude is okay. No? :-D

Honeyscribe did not come from Medium. She was brought over from Huffington Post blogging.

But yes, this would be a good opportunity to reach out to more writers...and their followings, which is just as important.

Thanks @ats-david I've corrected it now.

Maybe it's because they suck :) - I just did a post about Medium and how awesome they are...

PS - I do see the value of getting some steem up their backends, I just hope never to encounter most of them again!

Upon further reflection, it’s clear that the broken system is ad-driven media on the internet. It simply doesn’t serve people. In fact, it’s not designed to.

You don't say? Rofl.
Can you really believe someone who apparently just now figured out what ads are?
Ads never want something good for people. They want their best - their money. For that they have to "create demand". Which is only possible if you make people feel worse then without ads.

Post promoted.

I personally think that Steemit is the best thing since "koeksisters" (a South African - Afrikaner delicacy).

Steemit is going to grow from strength to strength and I am planning to ride with it.

Keep up the good work.

I agree! Good things are here to last. I believe in Steemit and am proud to be part of it!

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Is this an opportunity?

Actually steemit looks like a pension account with this system. if it does, it will be easy to attract people and share more.