Minnows Whales and Dolphins oh my...

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I am new to Steemit and if your are a newbie too than my friends you might find my little post informative or entertaining

So when I first jumped into the Seemit ocean I found myself in a sea of analogies that I am only beginning to understand..
The first thing you need to know is that you are indeed a fish and if you are new to stemmit you are a "Minnow" a very small fish living in reeds at the bottom of the ocean.
On the bright side you are not alone for there are many Minnows here swimming around together, including me. Hello!!

So what does it mean to be a minnow?

Well because your new and unknown you have yet to build up much of a following, and might only have a few subscribers if any. You don’t have huge steem power and as a result of both your posts might not get seen by many peoples.. this however is not always the case..
I think next analogy I have came across is a" Dolphin" I know it seems a big jump from a Minnow to a Dolphin and maybe there should be an a medium sized fish like a salmon in-between the two,but to be honest I haven't come across that analogy yet?

A Dolphin is not quite as big as a whale (which I will come to next) but are doing very well. They might have a few hundred subscribers ,increased steem power and starting to earn a good few steem dollars as more people are reading and commenting on their posts..
Whale spotting in the steemit ocean is very easy, they are top of the food chain the big Daddy of posts,and lot of the time their post and videos are trending and are getting most of the traffic.
Now in nature a whale and a minnow are unlikely to ever meet, but as you swim around the reeds at the bottom of the steemit ocean making bubbles you might just attract the attention of one of these magnificent creatures, and if you do then you might not stay a minnow for very long.
Oh yes my little fish they have the power to lift you from the reeds and into the world of the bigger fishes.

So make lots of bubbles from the depth and most of all enjoy yourself, because big fish or small thats what this ecosystem is all about.

Ps. I never got to mention Steemit Witnesses, I think there are like the Council of Elrond or someting but who knows, I have a lot to learn..

Keep on swimming.....


Great advice!

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:D this is making me smile so much