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I found this video about a doctor who was not impressed with the removing parts of the brain. 

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In those days they did remove a part of the brain to stop people being violent. 

He started thinking about some stimulation with electrodes to stop lobotomies. 

It did not seem right to him. 

He then started experimenting with electrodes. 

He used a wild bull to show people that it was possible. Yet he never got the right to use it on people as there was an outcry that he would be able to control any person. 

The video I am putting in here is to show you how well it did work. 

He went into the bull ring only with his remote stimulator to stop the bull. 

I hope you enjoy this and realise that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.    

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I can see the implications of this as beneficial but also scary.
This is just the beginning of something far more concerning especially when we get down to the size of nano machines.
Unfortunately it always ends up as a power and control thing.

That is very true there are always people who misuse things that make it difficult for others.
I do believe they are now starting to use this in parkinson's with success.