LEO Mega Miners are gone

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How do I know? Because I have them now.

To be honest I am not sure if this was the right decision but it is done now and now they are staked and hopefully will what the name implies and mega mine a lot of Leo for good old Flipstar.

I bought some more tokens of different tribes as well and we will see how this will play out for me.

I remember an investment podcast where the host said the best investments he made him feel nervous quite a bit, which gives me a bit of confident.


I just bought 1.21 LEOM and stack it right away but really don't have any idea how much it will mine and if the mined LEO will go as liquid tokens or stacked ones... so if you have some info about this just please let me know!
Once i understand how this miners are working i am thinking slowly to take miners for couple of tribes...

you will get it liquid. How much you get will depend a bit of luck as the miner will kind of enters a raffle every hour. So you can get tokens a couple of times in a row or go on and get nothing for a while.

I am not 100% about the average yet

Very interesting... looks like the more miners the better!😉
Thanks a lot for the info.

no problem. Will make an update probably in a month or so if I know a bit better how they are doing

If you felt sick to your stomach when your finger hovered over the
"Buy" button, then it was probably a good trade.

yep that pretty much sums it up :-)

That’s how I felt when I bought my best performing investments ever. So chances are you did good!

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as the feeling is still here I am allowing a bit of confidence to come up