Steem coming back?

in #steemleo4 years ago

Hi Steemit Friends,

As many of us are thinking how low Steem could get, things seemed to improve in the new year. Seeing the prices hovering 12c or even lower is pretty depressing. Seeing the prices around the 14c mark at a point 15c is a sigh of a small relief.

Projects like Splinterlands in my opinion are keeping this blockchain afloat and I do hope more of these projects will be introduced to us in 2020. Having 1 or 2 good projects bringing in new blood is not enough, we need a variety of them to cater to all interests and needs. Steem Hunt was also a nice project and is still ongoing with its own tokens live on an exchange. I am glad I am part of these two great projects and I am sure there are a few more I have missed.

I am sure if Steem heads towards the 20c mark, many of us will be pretty happy and we are slowly heading that way from the looks of the movement this week. Steem on friends!

steem jan.png