The Sell Wall For Leo Vanished

What the heck happened to the price of LEO?

The sellers all pulled their bids it looked like.


Suddenly, the lowest selling price jumped to .49 STEEM.


Obviously, with the float as tightly held as this is, things an change quickly. However, to go from a price around .20 to the lowest as near .50 is incredible.

We will see when the sellers step back in. This most likely is a temporary condition but it is good to see it moon, even if only for a brief period of time.

A preview of what is to come in the future I believe.

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Nope steem-engine only allows marking for 30 days period after 30days all tokens are refunded back to the wallet of the owners until they place a new order, noticed it some few months back on my community airhawk, which made the price back then to rise to 0.1 steem/coin. I think that should be fixed to maintain liquidity

Oh, so your saying all those lower priced orders expired and left only higher priced orders due to this 30 day rule? Interesting .

Probably those lower price where fix 30days ago, I guess the holders can replace their sell others and buy orders. It's a pro and con of steem-engine as many communities will lose some of their markets especially trader trading multiple currency who relies on data for explore, will be hard to keep track of entry prices and exit prices.

My advise to anyone trading on steem-engine is they should keep a hard record so if the others are canceled one can easily retrace his steps

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stacking as much as possible and buying leo miners as well!

Perhaps its off to being burned :P

Don't be surprised if the price of LEO matches the price of Steem at some point...just saying

I guess it's the result of another upcoming burn? :D Good think I bought a couple thousands below 0.2 justteo days before this nice pump :D