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The new collection score is coming into effect.

I guess for the game developers this is a good thing since it allows them to control how many players reach what level. Currently, people seem to be able to rank higher with smaller accounts then anticipated and this is not to the liking of the @splinterlands team since a lot more cards have to be printed and this dilutes the value.

  • If fewer people reach the higher levels it concentrates the players in the lower tiers and there are fewer rewards that have to be doled out.
  • If you want to get higher up you need more cards so this creates an incentive for players to buy more.

From the viewpoint of the game creator, this makes economical sense. For some players, not so much...


Now I am lucky here and have a high enough score to stay in the Champion leagues.


My Rant:

But I do own 6 other accounts that are being played by other people and they currently reach diamond easily and even champion from time to time. These are accounts that have roughly 70k - 120k power.

According to the stats, these will only be allowed to be played into GoldIII or even SilverI. I know these people live in countries that are struggling and that the income provided by playing this game is really helping with their survival. By bringing them down from DiamondI (on average) with 60 reward chests to GoldIII that will only give them 22 rewards chests. Even on the dailies that will make a massive difference as well.

I also realise that this move should, in theory, improve the value of the cards in the long run (especially the reward cards) but I am not so sure about the short term implications.

A lot of people play this game because they like it but there are also a lot of them that are drawn to the potential money-making aspect and with this move, the earnings potential has really been slashed to bits.

The whole measure looks to me like something that is just financially driven and not player experience. If someone is able to make champion 1 with lvl 1 cards that is not the problem of the player, that is part of the game and then as such they should get the rewards.


My Insight:

I do understand that the game cannot continue as it has been. There is too much ROI for low-level players in the game. Put the bot account rewards on top of that and the payouts are getting out of hand. This does not help the overall economy of the game itself.

  • If you slash the option to earn then there will be less market pressure and hopefully, the overall card price will go up
  • If you cap the leagues people will be enticed to spend on cards and the overall card price will go up

I do fear that will limit new players and will nerf their experience and as such will limit growth to the ecosystem.

Let's wait and see what will happen. I am not selling my cards but will not be buying any new ones either for the moment


I think having separate leaderboards for each league will help a lot.
I get why the devs want to take it one step at a time, but a lot of the response seems to forget this is step 1 in a two step process.

I just find that they have seen the problem but are taking the wrong approach. If people are organically reaching higher tiers that means the game is balanced wrong in some way. Hardcapping them does not fix this issue. Skill should be prevailing. I know that each tier will have its own rewards to reward the skilled or persistent but am not sure that will help in the long run.

I'm still matching up against 1 bcx cards, in Champ 1. Not often, but often enough. Over the course of the season they push everyone up.
Ideally, and this idea has been floated, a boss battle to move up to the next league might be a less confronting way to achieve the same end.
Cooldown would hopefully prevent players from sharing a boss-beating subset of cards amongst their multiple alts.
Just make the boss impossible to beat without higher level cards.
Maybe 4 or 5 consecutive boss victories with only one splinter available each match, and none repeated.

Hopefully people in champion and even diamond like playing with each other. Otherwise it’s not going to be fun! Those leagues are going to get boring real fast, I think lol

the botters will probably combine some accounts to farm higher tiers. They are always going to find that balance where they make the most reward vs effort

As I understand it the main reason they did this was to prevent people playing multiple middling accounts and getting in the higher leagues, kid of an attempt to make the middle guy buy more.

You now need about $1K of investment in one account I think to get into champions - does that sound about right, if power is just based purely on the card value, I've no idea!

From my perspective it's a bit annoying as there'll be less fodder around this time of the season in Champions 1!

yea, not everyone has 1k laying around to put into one of these games even if it is "blockchain" and "NFT". And as for the fodder, I guess there will always be bots :-)

It will be interesting to see how it effects the price - I get the feeling that in general aggroed isn't really aiming to attract poor people. I'll never forget his 'it's only 5 BTC' response to me once.

I can't even remember what it was in response to, now, but if gives you an idea the kind of money-class he's aiming at, and it sure as fuck ain't the poorest 90%, let alone the poorest 50%!

I was wondering how I was able to reach Diamond 2 when I barely was able to stay in Gold before. Either way I still enjoy playing the game, although I won't invest my money into cards I might use some DEC to buy one here and there.

same here, I am not pulling out anything and have been saving up DEC for the moment. I pick up a card here and there with that but not with outside investments.

At the moment there are decks with level 1 cards managing to reach champions league. I believe it's normal that people who are heavily invested should be able to earn more rewards. It's a kind of staking in the end. I believe this will boost rental markets and also demand for gold foil cards.

those are good aims to do so but it should not be forced in like that. There must be better ways to handle something like this

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