Gold pirate captain added to collection

in #steemmonsters4 years ago

Hi Steemit Friends,

Another shopping day on the Splinterland market. This time, I used just over 3000 DEC to buy two beta gold pirate captain. The reason I bought two is I need to make it a level 4 to have an equal level to what I currently have in the non-gold version. One of the cards is still under cool down for another 30 hours which is not a huge problem as can use other cards to make up for it.

I am happy with this buy considering I use this card when I play the water splinter and this will increase the DEC return if I win a game. I have considered buying Untamed packs yet, with the limited funds I have, I can either continue to search for gold or take the risk. At this stage, I will only consider searching for gold to see how things will turn out.

gold pirate.png