[Steem Monsters] Expected Value of a Beta Pack (1)

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Hey guys! You have asked and we have delivered! Introducing the start to a new series, Expected Value of a Beta Pack!

Introduction - why?

Why pack prices you may ask? Well, this to me is the best indicator of a diversified investment in beta cards index, or Beta Packs Index (BPI). The BPI will be defined as the expected value of an alpha pack. If you'd like to know how that is calculated, feel free to check out this post which explains it

If you've purchased a lot of beta cards, you'll likely have one or more of each card, or at least a huge variety of them. This index is an average of all cards which will help you decide whether the market is on an uptrend, downtrend, dip, etc.

NOTE: the volume and liquidity of cards is quite low, so for now the BPI might not be a perfectly accurate index but will still provide a very good estimator, especially when we have more data points.

Some Graphs


Prices used for today's calculations


  • These prices are the LOWEST PRICE/BCX at the time of writing thus provides a very conservative estimate of your cards' worth, since alpha packs give singles which are worth much more than combined cards.
  • Some Gold Foil Legendaries prices may be lower then the market listed prices if not many cards have been listed.
    An outlier was detected for the price of GF Frost giant which has been modified from $475 to $150

Below shows the data used of each category with ascending prices.

This brings today's price to: $1.12 (+$0.00)

Price History

  • 12/12: $1.12 when Steem was $0.223 and SBD was $0.581

Selling Alpha Steem Monsters Packs

1-10: $3.50
11-25: $3.45
25-50: $3.40
51-100: $3.35
100+: $3.30

Trading Alpha for Beta Steem Monsters Packs

Currently trading 1 alpha pack for 2.5 beta packs, trades only in multiples of 2 alpha packs (for obvious reasons)

Reply below or message me @cryptoeater#5209 on Discord for more details!