Updated MonsterMarket Discord Bot and A Giveaway

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In my last post I have introduced you to an inconvenient way of buying Steem Monsters cards. A few people are buying cards and save themselves 2% of every card they purchase. So, I got motivated to update it. :)

Here come the highlights of the updates.

!list command has been updated to show the list of all Steem Monsters cards with their ID grouped by their splinters.


!buy command will show card name, image, and splinter color in the Discord embed.


In the above screenshot, for Earth embed color is green, for Fire it is red. We also have the cards images.

New !buy-pack (alias !pack) command has been added. You can now buy Booster packs using the command.


Example: !buy-pack reazuliqbal 5 STEEM
Explanation: @reazuliqbal wants to buy 5 booster packs using STEEM.

Quantity and currency have a default value of 1 and SBD respectively. Purchasing booster pack does not have auto cashback system yet.

Other than these automatic refund and cashback system has been improved.

I have 2 gold Naga Fire Wizard cards and want to give away one. So, If you would like to get it, do comment on this post.


One lucky human will get it after 7 days. No upvote, resteem, or using the Bot is necessary. But I'd appreciate if you do. 😉

If you want to test the bot and save 2% on every purchase, please join BDCommunity Discord server.

Thank you @zaku, @mhossain, @sheikhsayem, @priyanarc, @blind-spot, @ayasha, @xawi, and @mango-juice for using the bot and all the recommendations.


WOW!!! You are Mr. Programmer! Great job. I will resteem to help get more people to use your market. Thanks brother.

Thank you so much for the resteem. You are also enrolled to win the Naga Fire Wizard. :)

Thank you for making such a nice market. I have using this for quite a fee time and I appreciate your hard work of modifying the bot UI. It's much better and easier to use now.
Getting 2% cashback may seems nothing much but when you buy a bunch of cards or expensive legendary cards, it does help a lot!
Specially for me as I am trying to increase my stock day by day, this 2% cashback is helping me very well.

I would also like to recommend others to use bd monster-market and to save some few bucks.
Something is always better than nothing right? 😄

Best of luck friend. Hope to see new updates and features from you!

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Thank you for using the bot. I highly appreciate your inputs in updating the bot. :)

Thank u reaz! I also appreciate your hard work behind this.

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I had already completely forgotten about those updates. Thanks for reminding me :0)

Ha ha ha. Hope to see you there buying some cards. 😉

I sincerely appreciate the love and care that you shower for us! The monster market is a unique thing and a great hard work of yours. Recent cashback and no botheration to go a market! Which inspired us to go on and on!

Hope it's enough for a Naga 😋

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LOL. You'll find out soon. 😁

Bro, great job. Just keep it up. You always try to do something helpful for us. That's why we support you . 😍

I got many GF cards😋 but I didn't get GF Naga Fire Wizard😐. So, i need it . At last, I wanna say that East or west my brother is best. 😃

Lov e pap 🙄 Pape mittu ⚰️

Thanks for the comment. I cannot guarantee you'd receive it. Writing a script for random selection too. 😉

Is everything expensive or I'm just a poor! 😦
Would like to draw your attention 🙄

I am sure you are poor. 😂

Then please be kind and send me a Naga. I can't afford!

This is a very exciting update!
The color coding and, sectioning and using images oc the card has made the whole experience so much more fun and easier!

Really appreciate your work, sir. You are awesome!

P.S. I am here only for the Naga 😑
I don't have gold cards 😓

if you didn't get any gold cards, then why do you want this one bro? 😋 Leave it for me @blind-spot bro 😉.

okay if you say so.....

Thank for the comment.

Who knows this might be your first. 😉

This is really a nice update and in this update it's easy to pick up and buy your desired cards, plus as a bonus purchaser also get some cashbacks... Amazing ..Also thank you so much for this giveaway..

Thanks. You are also enrolled to win the Naga. 😁

Thank You @reazuliqbal I would Love to WIN One of the Gold Naga Fire Wizard Cards. Steemmonsters is the Best Game on Steemit !

Sure thing. SM is the best game of Steem blockchain. Thank you for your comment.

Looks interesting. Haven't tried yet, but maybe worth to do.. :)

Please join BDCommunity server and try it. Let me know your feedback. :)

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2% seems not a lot, but in a long term.. who knows :)

It rounds to a good sum when purchasing expensive cards. BTW the 2% is 40% of revenue sharing. :)

Screenshot from 2019-03-26 23-26-55.png

amazing giveaway. thanks

Thank you for commenting. :)

Wow that Bot feature for Discord looks awesome!
I will give it a try! Thanks for sharing!

Come to the BDCommunity server and try. I look forward seeing you there. :)

This is really cool and useful discord for steemmonsters fans

Hope you'll also find it useful. You are also enrolled to win the Naga Fire Wizard. Thank you for commenting.