Content Upvoting Policy Update

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Currently players are able to purchase upvotes on content posted on the Steem blockchain from the @steemmonsters account using the Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) token. Additionally, players are able to earn DEC by delegating their own Steem Power to the account. The purpose behind this was to incentivize players to post content about the game on the various Steem-based websites and to provide additional utility for the DEC token.

As a result of the recent changes to the Steem blockchain implemented in Hard Fork 21 last month, we no longer feel that the current system serves those goals as effectively as before. Effective 1 week from today, on September 30th, 2019, it will no longer be possible to purchase votes from the @steemmonsters account using DEC or otherwise. After that date any DEC sent to the @splinterlands account (where funds are currently sent to purchase votes) will be automatically refunded.

Going forward we will be assembling a team of curators to actively seek out articles, videos, and other content posted to the Steem blockchain that provides value to the game and to the player base and manually upvote it from the @steemmonsters account. The posts that are selected for an upvote and the size of the upvote depend completely on the subjective opinions of the curation team. We do not plan to use our stake in the Steem platform to downvote content for any reason at this time.

For anyone who currently has Steem Power delegated to the @steemmonsters account, we want to thank you for your support and let you know that as of September 30th, DEC will no longer be paid out in return for delegation.

For content creators, we hope that this change will encourage you to create and post even more, with a focus on content that adds value to the Splinterlands game and community as a whole. Adding value can come in many different forms including, but not limited to:

  • Guides / Tutorials
  • Suggestions & Feedback
  • Data Analysis
  • Sharing Cool Fights
  • Awesome Card Pulls
  • Event Announcements
  • Humor
  • And Much More!

We're continuously amazed by and thankful for all of the awesome content created by our player community, and we look forward to using our stake to continue to incentivize content creation through the unique reward distribution model that the Steem blockchain provides.


That's great news, For me manual curation is much better because this will encourage content creator to do their best on their content and I can say I'm one of them so count me in....

And I want to be a part of curation team, what is the requirements to become a curator? @steemmonsters...

How do i delegate my steem to sm

Wow is this due to @trafalgar war on people who use upvote bots?

It's more than just trafalgar. Many people are onboard with #newsteem!

Haha! Yes, I thought I was the only one. He downvoted ~ 75% of my most recent ~ $5.50 @steemmonsters upvote, and in a gesture of diplomacy, I made my case on this post (which is from another author who appears to be part of their "effort" :

I can understand the reasoning behind their effort, and I did NOT argue with them about it, but what bothered me was the overall lack of desire to discuss the issue on their end. I had immediately contacted some of the top admin of SteemMonsters, and made that clear in my above comment exchange, and admin was EXCELLENT in immediately refunding my 2,000 DEC, plus gave me a nice JUICY $2 upvote for the inconvenience (which I used towards purchasing a new "+5 reward card" potion (which ironically expired that same day). My MAIN GOAL was to simply DISCUSS the issue, figure out if I had actually done something "wrong", and then proceed to work to find some solutions. Luckily, it seems that SteemMonstes admin could see the logic in all of this, and their solution is perfect. Although I (and some of the handful of other players (primarily in my guild) generally disagree that ALL paid upvotes are "counterproductive", I believe the solution made by admin will address the needs are all parties involved. My only main gripe at this point is the lack of a proper discussion with the downvoter. But luckily, SteemMonsters admin is professional/smart enough to address (and solve) this type of issue in a MATURE manner. So it looks like there has been a happy ending in the grand scheme of things.

Consequences of this?

The value of DEC goes down. It was not actually meant to be a store of value but what does that mean for purchasing cards with DEC? You will on average need more DEC to buy cards and with the BETA cards running out expect that to increase significantly.

Maybe it will be easier to buy potions in the shop now with DEC bought from Steem-Engine since it will be a lot more cheaper.

Is there any other incentive to hold DEC or earn DEC in the long term?

The voting bot was mostly just passing DEC around between buyers and delegators, it wasn't much of a sink and shouldn't have much effect on the value. DEC's main value comes from buying orbs and potions.


Is that mean we can undelegate the SP from steemmonsters? Well.. I never bought the votes either.. perhaps there will be a transparency about the curators too😉 thanks for the information

I understand the not being able to buy upvotes anymore, that is totally #newsteem

but I am wondering about the delegation not getting DEC anymore? That would mean there is no reason (except goodwill) to delegate to the @steemmonsters account?
At least that is how I understand it?

That would mean there is no reason (except goodwill) to delegate to the @steemmonsters account

Yes, that's correct. The DEC payouts for delegators came from the DEC spent to purchase the votes, so that will no longer be available. While the additional delegations were nice, we have a significant stake of our own to use to incentivize the creation of content and we have also applied for a delegation from Steemit, Inc to further increase our voting power (among other reasons).

Well that is a better use of the sp in steemmonsters account. Don't forget to downvote spam posts too. I been doing that at splintertalk regularly.

Glad to hear this! Nice work team.

Glad to see this upvote craze in DEC has stopped a lot of people were abusing it and reward farming!

Still liked the earning DEC for delegating so I can buy more cards 😁😁😁

That is so contradictory.

And your point being? Last time I checked contridictions aren’t illegal! Or is their an actual point coming?

There is no point at all, actually. I just thought it was funnyish.

Nice to see the change. Amazing content should be able to earn support not have to buy it.

Sounds good to me. Paying for bots is a pain in the ass.

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This is great news! I always love the updates!
Archmage Arius (648px, 10fps).gif

Wow! That is glittering cool giphy :)

Thanks!! You are such an awesome player!

THIS IS GREAT NEWS @steemmonsters ! Manual curation should be encouraged across all Platforms and Tribes including Steemit! Glad to hear it, upped 💯 and resteemed to help spread the word!👹👿❤👍

Interesting, The steempower from steemmonsters was initially promised as upvotes for tournament rewards. This may effect the value of dec but I already assume it has no future value so no real change in dec in my opinion. One tiny step in the right direction great job.

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