Daily Quests are Live on Steem Monsters!

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Daily Quests

Great news folks! We're flying at the fastest speeds our fingers can code. We're happy to bring you DAILY QUESTS!

Starting today you can log into Steemmonsters.com and you'll be hit with a daily quest that you can check out.
Quests are randomly generated per player. Complete the quest and you can receive a free booster pack. Start with nothing but the starter pack and work your way up!
Click on "Battle" to view the quest:

More to come!

We're still very much at the beginning. We're barely into week 2 of the game. Already we've hit over 100,000 games played. We also have a handful of folks already reaching Champion level in the Season play who will be getting 20+ packs each for their work!

We still have to implement tournaments. Tournaments will rotate between level caps, various rules, which cards are allowed at any given stage, and there will be lots of opportunities for new players to have a chance to earn and more established players to capitalize on their cards.

We'll be starting with $100 daily tournaments and $1000 weekly tournaments, but both Steem Monsters founders are committed to increasing the prize pools as we can.

All it takes is your starter deck to play and now you can starting rising up in the ranks. Can't wait to crush ya!

Thank you for your continued support!

Steem Monsters Contact Info
Official Account: @steemmonsters
Website: https://steemmonsters.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/CAFJRjY


How about winning something when losing first the 10 games with in a row?

I guess it needs more people buying for less than 50$ of card to fight against to give some hope we can win.

I agree with your point. It's not fun to begin a new game, only to find out that it's impossible to even complete a daily quest without spending a lot of money. That is definitely something that would discourage me from getting invested in a game to begin with.
I would argue that quests should be focused on participation, with good gameplay skill reducing the time it takes to get a reward.
Edit: I tried completing them with cheap decks, and it's definitely possible. The balance is not that bad if you are able to make a decent deck, but I would probably still guess that it's going to be difficult with only a starter pack. Anyway, a way to get a daily reward after a certain amount of participation instead of strictly from winning would still be nice ;)

Wow over 100,000 games played, great milestone. How many DAVs does the game have?

This is a great update! Does the daily quest reset at a certain time, or is it based on when you completed your previous one?

I just won my first legendary dragon card! I love this game!

Darn just saw dailys now I'm on it like donkey kong :)

Fair play on designing the game, it's a lot better than I thought it would be. Seems like it's going to be too expensive to compete for most people though without any XP being rewarded in battles.
Now these quests will need us to level up a lot of different cards to be competitive just to win 1 booster pack.

Seems like it's going to be too expensive to compete for most people though without any XP being rewarded in battles.

Yeah, getting a deck that it able to climb below the 2k rating seems pretty impossible without buying several hundred dollars worth of cards. It would be very interesting to see how high a level 1 deck could get.

well to be honest a lvl 1 deck is like 2 bucks, so not very high.... at least get some lvl 3,4 to start with otherwise its just time wasting if you not willing to pay a few bucks to have some fun and eventuel get some rewards back --its not a free to play game like a few people might think.

SEN is the best shitcoin for the month of november.

Cool. I have to check out these quests then. I wonder what they are. I know that I have a tendency to enjoy dailies. In SWTOR I was forever doing dailies, back when I was playing every day. When it comes to dinky games, I tend to jump from one game to another for a certain period of time. When I'm playing one, I play it for several months and log in daily for all my dailies. Btw, dinky game = mobile game lol Now I need to check out the SM Dailies ;)

I think Dailies are a good addition because it will keep even casual players coming back to earn their daily rewards.

Now I want the ability to change 1 quest a day. Theres just some that I have no interest in completing and swapping that would help.

This is really fun and we will see what the future brings. Very exciting future for Steem Monsters!! Lol.. Cool stuff. Success!!!

Sounds nice. I have always love playing games since when I was little. This games seriously the coolest one.

So to start with we will have to buy the Starter Set , is that right ?

Yes, that's correct.

What is the life splinter for the daily quest?

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The life splinter is one of the 6 different splinters. You can get credit for this quest by playing a deck with Tyrus Paladium and his monsters.

I will pass this one, I focus on the fire deck.

Very happy that a way to gain packs by playing was added. Good job!

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That's a great addition! It encourages playing daily and it helps people that can't spend to much money on SM! Really nice!

It's good Idea, I like it.

Keep up with such amazing content!

You guys are awesome! Very stoked to work my way up the food chain with quests :)

Any chance you guys are working on a mobile app for the game? That would increase my gametime tenfold personally

A mobile app for Steemmonsters would be nice! It would probably be a good way to get a lot of new users as well. I have some friends who are ranked fairly high in Hearthstone from only playing on mobile, so there's definitely a market there.

This is really great for the game !

I continue to be impressed by the commitment of the Steem Monsters team/founders in giving back to the community. I love that considerations are given to both new and established players and all parties are presented with opportunities to win and grow. Very happy to be a part of this community!

I have really missed the game this week as I have been traveling and busy but I am now on the plane and headed home to get those quests done! Continue the great job!

Does everyone get the same quest?

I need to use the life splinter today!

No, it's randomly generated for each player. And that's good in my opinion, or else we would see everyone running the same summoner at the beginning of each day, and we could potentially climb in rank very fast by making a counter for the most popular deck by that summoner.

Awesome Idea! I like the challenge! I don't normally play with my water cards, the death splinter is usually my go to, so I had to really think about it. Was stoked to find this bad boy in my booster pack! Keep up the good work! Y'all have done a great job on the game!


when do seasons end?

It says so on the countdown when you click on the "Leaderboard" menu. It says 4 days and 18 hours right now.

12 hours later…..

Really like this idea and looking forward to the tournaments!

First quest complete! Thank you Steem Monsters!

thats really really cooooooooooooooooooool. MUCH LOVE FROM ME :)

Awesome stuff thank you!! Very exciting future for Steem Monsters!

Just shared Steem Monsters to our local Pokemon Go FB page!!

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Ah great! For me the main drive to play is to win more boosters pack :) this is what kept me going in heartstone!

Kick butt.

Quest is addictive!! STEEM ON! STEEMMONSTERS ON!

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This is really fun! I completed the first quest- love this!!

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Let's rock n roll now

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this is going to sound dumb but where can i look to see my quest.
any help would be wonderful

now watch. now that i post i'll probably find it. FML

see lol, I found it

I see that you have already found it, but if someone else is looking as well; go do the "Battle!" menu, and it will be right under where you select the ranked match to begin.

this is good news. looking forward with this.

good idea. and i think this is fun! :D

Wow sounds cool!

thats a great for the gaming

BRILLIANT IDEA! This solves the issue of not being able to level up cards through grind (due to farm bot concerns), yet still rewards and incentives playing the game, regardless of your level.
You guys are DEFINITELY doing everything right atm :)

nice to seem some quest, 2 bad i dont have a fire team good enough to win expensive enough to make 1 team already.

Woow it's great news for today!👍 I'll definitely participate in this daily quests!

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That is sooo brilliant. Thank you guys!

Great solution. Play has become much more interesting. More people have more fun !!! Thanks for the daily contests.

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