Steem Monsters Voice Actor Casting!!!

We're back with another exciting announcement from Steem Monsters!
As I'm sure you are all aware, we started the process of voice casting quite a while ago.
We've been anticipating the writer's finished ideas and now we are ready to move forward!
The judges have listened to the auditions and we have placed each entrant with what we feel is the best fit.

If you have been selected, please be sure to read the entire post for further instructions.

Without further ado.....let's meet the Steem Monsters cast!!!

Gold Team


Selenia Sky - @dreemsteem

Lightning Dragon - @nathankaye

Chromatic Dragon - @voraces

Gold Dragon - @frankjoseph

Red Team


Elemental Phoenix - @binkyprod


Fire Demon - @mughat

Serpent of the Flame - @jarvie


Serpentine Soldier - @bitson


Fire Beetle - @Ironyofitall

Blue Team


Frost Giant - @doctorcrypto


Mischievous Mermaid - @lillywilton

Naga Warrior - @breezin


Alric Stormbringer - @chronocrypto

Medusa - @choogirl

Water Elemental - @ecoinstant

Frozen Soldier - @javo1096


Spineback Turtle - @donna-metcalfe

Crustacean King - @v1tko

Green Team


Spirit of the Forest - @carrieallen


Magi of the Forest - @chrisroberts

Swamp Thing - @harrisonmir


Lyanna Natura - @littlescribe

Earth Elemental - @harrisonmir

White Team


Angel of Light - @coruscate


Defender of Truth - @rodneysreviews


Tyrus Paladium - @flyyingkiwi

Peacebringer - @jeffandhisguitar


Divine Healer - @randolphrope

Feral Spirit - @blueteddy

Silvershield Warrior - @jepu

Black Team


Lord of Darkness - @enginewitty


Enchantress of the Night - @isaria

Screaming Banshee - @simgirl


Zintar Mortalis - @thomasrobertgent

Haunted Spirit - @crowbarmama

Twisted Jester - @aggroed

Undead Priest @davidfar


Haunted Spider - @emptyintentions

Congratulations to all cast members!

There will be 2 stages of the voice acting process:

  • A short quip to be played when the card flip animation occurs
  • A short character story

We will be starting with the short voice quips.

Next week we will be posting the first team's scripts.
In the meantime, we will need confirmation from each cast member letting us know that you are still able to participate.
Please leave a comment on this post or leave a message in the voice-actors channel of the Steem Monsters Discord.
We will need confirmation by Monday, September 10th.

All the spots have not yet been filled so we will also be posting another audition post in the upcoming days.

Voice actors should also refer to @harrisonmir's post regarding proper sound quality to make sure that you are able to meet those requirements before committing to the project.

Each voice actor will receive 15 Steem upon completion and approval!

Thank you for your continued support!

Steem Monsters Contact Info

Official Account: @steemmonsters



Muahahahahahahahahaha!!! I look forward to decimating you foul incompetent fools! I mean, um, ya this is awesome!

LOOK! I made me!
me spirit smaller.png


Ha ha ha awesome!

Oh Em Geeeeeeewhiz!

Congrats everyone, we are going to have so much fun!

Just in case anyone didn't see, I outlined some very important information in this previous post as well. So be sure to read that too if you are listed (or were not, there are some reasons as to why we couldn't list some individuals here)!

Swamp Thing, out!

Soooooo much fun!!!!!! Wait! Am I part of the cool kids club now!?!!!!?

I have waited my WHOLE life to be in that club! 😉😂♥️

We're all part of the cool kids club now 😁

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Great work everyone I must of been sleeping during auditions @harrisonmir I see you are playing more than one character.... 🤔 Lucky bastard I'll take one if you don't mind...🤔

Hey @neddykelly, we're likely going to be opening up more opportunities for voice acting very soon. We still have a few cards to fill in, and there are new cards being released in the beta. I'll let you know when we hold another round of auditions!

Sounds wicked mate! I bet you have some wicked accents. Lol think of us and tag hopefully I don't miss the notification

Haha no not at all actually. I'm not nearly as comfortable with my voices as I am with working the post-processing to make them sound all crazy. That's why I took the 'creature' roles haha.


Yeah!!! Zintar Mortalis!!! Definitely keen to move forward with this - Thank you so much ☺️

Zintar is one of my favorites!

Mine as well! I kinda fell in love with all the characters on the black team. Look forward to hearing your voice for enchantress of the night - seems like a fitting role! Haha

Lol! I'm The Spirit of the Forest...

Checks out. 😎

I already know me so well.

Also, I gots the goods for recording.

Let the audio recordings begin!!

It is my favourite, you legendary thing

It's official...

hahahah Carrie, that's EPIC
I mean... legendary LOL

Bwhahahah! I spent too much time making that. I mean... less than 20 minutes, but still. LOL! It was quite rewarding to finish. I'm funny. 🤣

sure you have nice b... (I didn't type it) hahhaha :)
green is my favourite colour :) so :) congrats!

lol that's glorious Carrie

Hi there Spirit! I'm Selenia.... Nice to meet you!!! Hehehhehe

Yay! I'm stoked you got Selenia!

ABSOLUTELY THRILLED to participate!!!!! :)

Thanks @steemmonsters :) so looking forward to this! (thank you @littlescribe and @coruscate for letting me first read @beeyou's awesome story!!!!)

Congrats on the Selenia role @dreemsteem. You read my story beautifully and I’m happy you landed her role. The official story should be way more awesome. Go get them!

Congratulations to everyone!!

They have big shoes to fill as far as I'm concerned hehhehehee 😉😘

But thanks! And I sent you a DM! hehehee please let me know!!! Lol

I haven't had a chance to check discord, but I will try to get on tonight. On vacation . :)

Yep i'm still in to do this and happy to be on the list.

Also any BLACK SPLINTER ACTORS if you have any questions about the background of the Black Splinters "The Dark Eternals" let me know. I didn't write the stories so you'll want to talk to the authors about that. But I can tell you about their backgrounds because I wrote the template for that splinter.
Here or on Discord.

The Black Splinter is my favorite☠️

your my favorite!

Congrats to everyone!
This’ll be a blast!
At least I shall be able to blast lightning as the LIGHTNING DRAGON!
(Rolls in like thunder)

And CRACKLE!!!! And SIZZLE!!!!!!

This is great :D glad to be a part of the game, Black Team Rock :d, congratulation everyone, congratulation my friends :D

woah, this is really cool :D Thanks guys, looking forward to participating <3

Wow yay!! This is sooooooo cool! Congratulations to everyone!!!

Woo! Cool .

Oh wow - this is absolutely awesome!! Looking forward to working on this :D

Me tooooooooo!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Oh wow! I am honored and would still love to participate.
Very cool!

Together again. Ahhhhhhhhhh the planets have aligned!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️Hehehee

Dont kill me please. Ive had enough of you throwing gobbos at me! 😉

Hehe. Aren't we a couple of ledgendaries!

How exciting! Thanks guys! Looking forward to this! Going to go read up on the mentioned posts right now.

Congrats to everyone! :-)
Rexxie (701px, 10fps).gif

Thanks!!!! Woo hoo so fun!!!!!!

Yeeeow :D
Stoked chaps :D
I am still available and peace I shall bring :D
Thanks very much :D

Right on Alric Stormbringer - @chronocrypto

Need to work on my grumpy old man, I will bring the storms!

Thank you so much for casting me as the Defender of Truth. God help anyone who lies to me from now on!

I should very much like to take part, and I'll do my very best for you. Thank you. :)

Yes I am thrilled! I have a way better set up now that when I submitted for auditions months ago up on the farm, but I will check out that post by Harrison just to get it up to snuff!

Cheers to all the selected!

Thanks! Loving this project.

Congratulations to all! I'll be looking for Round 2 of the voice actors auditions. Looks like a lot of fun. ;)

Wow it is very pleasing to see this all come together now.

Thanks for sharing. I have many things to learn. Good wishes for you.

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Congratulations. I also looking forward for Round 2 of the voice actors auditions. Have fun

Sonmany friends, gonna be fun

congrats to everyone who made the cut!!!

oooooh I want to be involved!!!!! :O

Congratulations guys, can't wait to play and hear all the Characters.

Guys, can't wait to play and hear
All the Characters.

                 - philippekiene

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

@steemmonsters - Are you still casting for some roles? or do you require any music? I have a recording studio in my home and... have been churning out some excellent new music ( I can send on Discord WinD#0001 is my handle) - Let me know :).

I would love to give voice acting a try. If there's a chance in the future I'm 100% up for it.

Another chance to audition... Awesome!

Im in! Looking forward to it!

Aww man, I wish I had heard about this a little sooner. I'd love to have tried out! Still so cool to hear all the production value you guys are putting into this. It's reaching monumental proportions!

The Divine Healer is such a great match. I'm very excited to and ready with new audio equipment to do a recording.

R. R.

Excellent. Just send me the necessary links and I'll rehearse and record.

I'm also available for any other characters you'd like me to do, as different or as similar as you need them to be, so just say the word. I'll probably end up re-auditioning too to showcase some variety for you :)

This is going to be so much fun!

I look forward to hearing the readers. Count me in! I'm not good at acting or theatricals but will give it my best. Go Red Team! (Go SM team!)

I only learned I was chosen yesterday and didn't read this until today! Hope it's still okay to say that yes, I'm available and excited to participate!