Steemmonster-Investment change & travel

My newbe thoughts and adjustments in the world of splinerllands.
I started 1 year ago, with my main act swedishdragon, soon the ADD in me, took over and i saw i hade many gold foiled cards and moved them to my act swedishdragon76.
As im a huge fan of numers, it made sence to me to get 2 sets of rewards to cover my expences.
Then i found that i hade bought some alpha cards ontop; so obviously the next move was to creaite caraxes.
It was a pretty smooth sail to max up main act. No bigger issues LOL
I kept looking at the leaderboard, all them huge named players and their accounts.. It was almost a view of my to be heros ;)

I kept viewing.. i alos kept losing battles right and leaft, could not move passed rank100, even if i died trying ;) So new plan- i wanted so bad to be up the mighty set of acts in the leaderboard LOL
I got my first player, who easy shooved main act to over rank 50, he actually pulled rank 13 & then i knew i was LOST this is what im great at, hunting cards ;) LOL
This is soo cool as a investor point of view; i can not lose ;) LOL

I keept hunting carsd for my alpha act caraxes to.. and i got a DM from nureza asking if i was to max up caraxes to.. I was ofcourse doing this, but GOD dang alpahs do make dents in your wallet; but me the number loving girl i am, saw the diffrence betwin my acts produce of dec; there is a huge diff when you use gold/alpha cards in your battles..... So no more said; my next player got assigned to get caraxes to rank 100 :D
It didnet take more then 3 hours for nureza to climb caraxes from gold 2 to rank 50 LOL , sweet glory :D
And all of an sudden i hade 2 compeeting acts in rank 50 :D and with that the fab reward and glory :D
ScreenHunter 248.png

Last season, was all about to get her up in compeeting form; cards was moved , sold, traded in the great sight made by the fantastic duo Zaku and Reazuliqbal from the city of neoxian :D
I buy alll my cards form their sight AS they give cash back, and buying carsd for 300steem do give you a dwell in the wallet, then to find X xtimes % getting back, is a joy ;) LOL :D
Reazuliqbal was also responcibel for the find of my main acts player mhossain :D
This was my recap LOL
Ok so now i have 2 acts up in the higher ranks, to keep up is a utter nightmare.. O.o Holy crap

<doing her thingi ^^
a bit of Dragon oversharing ;): so it looks soo faaab when the pricepoint of
1 card is 0.019 USD alll cute and dandy,-noo sweat :wink: <cliicking along UNTIL you do your researtch and by misstake look at amounts-- holy machrill its 400cards BUT me , the daft cow MUST produce 3 X *said 400.. lets do math aagin,:rolling_eyes: you know to really stress your self OUT ^^ <sarcasem DRIPPING at this point.. :rolling_eyes: for said card i need 1200 bcx; jupp kill me now.. Ohh Ohh i hope you followed sm, ONE DONT JUST NEED 1 card either... <sarcasem dripping even more
HEAD-SHOT please & thank you
So as wer doing math, i hope you have your calculator ready^^ that easy peicy 0.019 all of an sudden turned into 22,8... PER F...ING card ...sigh.. BITE me!!

See even do to game theory, different players adopt different types of strategies based on outcome, a strategy that provides him/her minimum loss. We know, the main aim of every company is to earn maximum, so alos in splinetrlands...
Now with this in mind, even with diffrent strategys some of the cards will always be needed and thats my headace to fix; the rest is up to the player...
Lass season was ruff... which i found a bit supriceing do to heron was going to be out of service and this gave a lot of carsd on cooldown.. I also see this season being tuff... A few sights now starting to show up as heron lenders, i find this fab As im also soon going to build my untamed hand and will try to see how far i get with that . :D
Season rewards do alos purc you up; ax picks form last season
ScreenHunter 491.png

ScreenHunter 492.png

ScreenHunter 495.png

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“It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near her.
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Your rank is double mine lol. If i make gold 1 each season i’m happy - but even that takes far too long with loosing more then winning.

Gold 1?
If I make Silver II in any season, then I am happy. :D
I am usually in the Bronze leagues.

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