Steemit Philippines' Walk of Hope Update : all in a day of Bamboo Planting in Bayawan City, April 29th, 2018

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I think it was in February when this first project of Walk of Hope was finalised and since then, it was a matter of it's commencement to start and raise funds. Marlon had a full schedule of events for March in Manila till his flight to Negros to reach the @steemph.negros meet-up on March 31st, literally commencing this much awaited Music & Art's Tour. From then on, the whole of April were spent in Bayawan City, meeting other creatives and the local government, as well as the Departments of Education and the Tourism & Industry, doing Art's workshops for out-of-school youth and the students of Cabangal High School and lastly, doing performances and introducing his army of indigenous musical instruments to the public.

As Bayawan City is known of having different kinds of bamboo, one of the main livelihood is creating bamboo crafts where Marlon have been helping the community produce more innovations, displayed in the recent festivals and events in the whole province of Negros. Bamboo planting was decided to plant a certain kind of bamboo not presently found in Bayawan, as well as to replace the previously harvested trees and those harvested yesterday.

Planting a total of 160 bamboo sprouts was not enough in their agenda, harvesting more for their products meant a well spent day with Mother Earth. Kudos to everyone who participated yesterday!


In Pictures

Yesterday's post was written as they were preparing everything in the morning, till it rained. But now that all of yesterday's photos are in, let me to share them to you. Thanks everyone for following our journey.

So what to do when it's raining? Let the drums roll and make some noise!

Mother Nature doing her bit!

It was much later when i saw their pictures manually digging the soil that it hit me, and said, "thank God" for the rain. Situations like this more often leaves you that feeling of PEACE and SERENITY.


Through this group dynamics, we can develop patience, understanding , camaraderie and being sensitive to each other. Like any other sound check, this activity also prepared and synchronized us for today's activities
-- Marlon Ponsoy aka @flabbergast-art

This is the most fun way of checking a group's instrument before they play. Won't you agree?


Aren't they cute? Although the Philippines have produced a few tall Miss Universe winners, Filipinos are mostly short, so don't be fooled, these little tykes are in high school.

A total of 21 participants were involved in this event. For making this possible, all acknowledgement and appreciation go to all organisers, volunteers, students of Cabangal High School, local officials, other creatives, Steemit Philippines, the Walk of Hope Family and most especially to Sir Jude Cabangal, Tatay Dagsa and Marlon Ponsoy. Our 3 great ICONS for this tour as @bobiecayao have called them. Am waiting with much anticipation for more from them.

The Meaty part


@bobiecayao, some volunteers and their flying table!

Leading Steemit Philippines' @steemph.negros, @bobiecayao travelled for 2 hours on his bike to not miss the fun. Kudos Kuya Bobie, are you ready for the next one?


The local government of Bayawan provided a bit of land adjacent to Cabangal High School where the venue is. Marlon, with his meetings with the Department of Tourism and Industry have shared one of the plans to build a small processing plant for their bamboo products and innovations.


It takes 3 years before a bamboo can be harvested and for this project, It will be amazing to see what innovations in the future can these sprouts produced in Bayawan one day.

Want to join the Boodle fight?

Filipinos love FOOD, no question there. This is obvious from the unending FIESTAS that the whole country have in every city, in every occasion and if there's none, WE MAKE ONE.

What more for this event? I think all Bayawanons were present!

With no further ado cherie @osm0sis, a Boddle Fight is where all the food are in the table and people eat with bare hands. No noodles mon amie as it have soup.


Thank you Nanay Dagsa! Me keni and mangan tamo! Umay kayon ta mangan tayon!

Allonsy et bon appétit!!!


The 3 musketeers of Steemit Philippines L-R): @flabbergast-art, @bobiecayao and @jezmacher (kuya Rojel travelled 7 hours for this event.) Thanks so much guys!!

For those who are sensitive when eating, get your own space at one of the table's corner and have an imaginary plate. Don't be surprised when one after another will be putting food on it! Prepare for battle to stop them as leaving your plate with uneaten food is rude.

And lastly.


Who wants to join us next time?

In lieu of Steemit Philippines' mission to PROMOTE THE PLATFORM THROUGH IT's CHARITY INITIATIVES, this Tour is just starting its' journey of bringing Music & Arts to the underprivileged Filipinos in Visayas and Mindanao. @flabbergast-art, together with Tatay Dagsa, are the artists that will bring this to fruition.


Banner by @bearone, photo by Ian Abalos.

It's more fun in the Philippines!

Disclaimer: All images by @flabbergast-art

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For those who are sensitive when eating, get your own space at one of the table's corner and have an imaginary plate. Don't be surprised when one after another will be putting food on it! Prepare for battle to stop them as leaving your plate with uneaten food is rude.

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Thank you for the latest update @immarojas. It looks like it was a productive and fun day all round. 😊

I was surprised to hear that the bamboo will take three years before it can be harvested since, most stories I've read about it, say how fast growing and invasive it is!

hI gillian! Sorry was away.
The locals say 3 yrs. In my experience, I've never seen anyone plants them though our neighbours back home constantly have them in their backyard.
You do know that the baby bamboo can be eaten, like pickles.

No I didn't know about the baby bamboo pickles thing @immarojas but I can imagine they would be quite tasty! 😊

I think all pickles are quite tasty! Can be made as soup too😍😍

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