Full Body Eczema – Self-healing case study

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Several years ago, I started working with a man who was suffering with eczema.

It was a severe case and he had incredibly itchy eczema covering most of his body, head and face.

He told me that it was so bad that he couldn’t even pick up his baby son for a hug, which was very upsetting for him, of course.

The only way he’d been able to control it at all was by using strong prescription steroid creams. These were gradually becoming less effective and he didn’t want to use them in any case.

From the META perspective, eczema is part of a healing cycle from a separation conflict. This can either relate to a loss of desired contact (eg missing someone’s touch) or feeling forced to have unwanted contact (eg hugs and sexual advances from a creepy boss).

It doesn’t necessarily relate to people. It can be a separation from a place (eg moving house, country, school) or a metaphorical separation (feeling separate from your values/spiritual roots).

The body location is also relevant, as each part has specific associations.  Some examples are:

Inner elbow: Wanting to hold someone (in the arms)

Fore knee or outer knee: Wanting to get rid of someone or to push away someone

However it’s important to note that the meanings are subjective, as we all have our own beliefs and perceptions. So, individuals might have their own associations for specific body parts.

The other point that is extremely important is that the eczema is actually happening during the healing/restoration stage of the cycle. The itching, rash and soreness are occurring as the body endeavours to heal.

This means that they have already had an acceptance or resolution to the separation conflict that caused the stress in the first place. However, with eczema and other conditions affecting the epidermis (outer layers of skin) it is very common for people to go through cycles of being triggered by regular separation conflicts. Then upon resolving them in some way, the eczema appears.

Unfortunately, the healing response (eczema) can cause people to feel a separation conflict, so even that can cause the cycle to begin again!

In this case, with eczema over most of the body, we were looking for a “total separation conflict”.

During the first session, I taught him how to use EFT tapping on the physical and emotional symptoms, using the “Chasing the Pain” process. It was incredibly successful and after each round, he felt his itching reduce. He was able to release “burning anger” that he felt in the eczema as well as the sadness he felt about not being able to enjoy time with his family.

There was an amazing result, even in this first session. At the start of the session, the eczema was an angry red colour. By the end, the rash was the same colour as his skin and there was no itching.

He was really happy with this and then continued using tapping for symptomatic relief every day and this really helped him.

In the second session, we started to explore the deeper theme of separation and uncovered a huge separation conflict from his childhood. We used Matrix Reimprinting to enable his younger self to release the shock from the event and see things from a different perspective where he no longer felt separation.

This event was the UDIN, which set the stage for the ongoing conflict. UDIN means an event that is:

Unexpected – A surprise, didn’t see it coming

Dramatic – A big deal to that person, based on their own emotional patterns and beliefs

Isolating – They feel alone, can’t talk to anyone about it and have to deal with it themself

No Strategy  - No way to deal with it or escape at the time

This then causes a biological program to commence. In the case of separation conflicts, it is the epidermis becoming thin and numb to reduce the pain of the separation. It also leads to obsessive thinking about the stressful pattern and other stress responses.

If a UDIN is left unresolved, it leaves you highly susceptible to be triggered by other events that feel similar (picked up sub-consciously) – leading to either chronic, or in this case, re-occurring health conditions.

So, resolving the UDIN (root cause) is a core part of healing symptoms. However, there is usually still more to do after this stage.

If the biological program has been in place for a long time, then it often lays down a strong pattern, which is like a habit that the body has become used to. Therefore, you need to break the habit by releasing the attachments to it, as well as creating a new more supportive biological habit. This was done in the following two sessions.

In session three, we uncovered additional big separation events in his life, cleared the emotional attachments and developed more supportive beliefs in the strongest memories that came up.

In session four, he connection to a vision of his life where he created and felt deeper connection with his family and community. In  addition he was living with more connection to who he is.

This is an essential healing step, which I see missed out so often by people that are focused on healing their past. Creating an engaging future vision gives you a conscious understanding of what you are living for. It also provides motivation to take inspired actions and create a thriving and exciting life that you love.

After these four sessions, he had just a tiny amount of eczema on his face. He was no longer using any medicines and felt really good about life. This is a short testimonial video that he made for me about a month later. (Yes, we’re in the pub...)

And, as he says in this video, he continued using tapping techniques on an ongoing basis and not just on issues related to eczema. So, he had a great self-help technique for life!

This was a great example of how taking charge of his own health enabled self-healing to occur. By using tapping regularly and taking an empowered stance towards his healing, it happened very quickly (just 4 sessions with me and a commitment to self work and changing his life in positive ways.)

A couple of years later, I saw him at an event and found out that the eczema had completely gone and hadn’t returned. He was also using tapping in his life as required.

This was a great self-healing outcome with ongoing improvements in life, as well as symptom resolution. Exactly what META-Consciousness is about.

If you have found this interesting and are curious about how META-Analysis and Self-Healing Guidance could support you, I’d love to speak with you.

You can book a free 20-30 minute Conscious Discovery Call with me where I will give you some insights into your symptoms and how you can heal and transform your life by clicking this button:

Please note that I am not responsible for any healing that this client experienced. All healing is self-healing. My role is to act as a guide for people to understand and activate their own self-healing potential.

META-Consciousness is an integrated health philosophy. It is NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or psychological disorder. Always consult your health care professional and It is important that you get a medical diagnosis.

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Wow, such a wonderful self healing journey and so much to learn. Thank you for sharing this case study

You're welcome. Also, check out this previous one on rheumatoid arthritis - https://hive.blog/steempress/@eftnow/rheumatoidarthritisandmortonsneuromasself-healingcasestudy-01awd42yah

Thank you for sharing. I will go through it. EFT I am aware of but Matrix Reimprinting is new to me and will like to learn more on it.

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