SteemPress 2.3 Update: Gutenberg compatibility, new multi-user support, improved key security and new SteemPress curation trail!

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First of all, happy new year everyone! We hope you’ve all had a great start to the new year and are as excited as we are to see where we can all go in 2019! To start of the new year, we’re here a new update introducing a new set of settings for multi-user websites and also how we have been working to improve SteemPress’s converting following the introduction of the new Gutenberg editor at the end of the year.


As most of you will know well by now, WordPress 5.0 was released at the end of 2018 which introduced the new and long-awaited Gutenberg editor. In the weeks prior to its launch, we had been working on our own update in preparation for the release to ensure that SteemPress was compatible with the new default editor.

While this update took place early in December, we’ve since been making frequent minor updates to ensure that text written with the new editor is correctly converted when posted to the Steem blockchain. We have highly appreciated all the feedback and reported issues by our users of instances where this has not been the case and hope you will continue to do so if ever you have any issues with our plugin!

Multi-user functionality

So far, we have primarily focused on delivering a service for individual bloggers with a personal website and make it as convenient as possible for them to integrate Steem to their websites and make posts to the blockchain. Our goal now is to also provide an ideal service for larger websites that host several authors who may want to make posts to Steem through their website. Although SteemPress has allowed multiple Steem accounts to be associated with a website before, this has all been at the admin level interface.

A next logical step to improve the experience and access to writers and admins both has therefore been to create an option for writers to sign in and manage their posts independently. Previously, the admin of the website would have to insert the account name and posting key of the different accounts that may post from the website through one common interface. While this works well for single users with multiple accounts, it is less ideal for multiple users sharing one website who will want to keep their keys separate and private. In our new update, site admins will still be able to configure SteemPress through one global interface. Authors allowed to post through the website will then have their own profiles where they can edit the settings and information relevant to their account.

Here is a before and after:

Before everything had to be set on the admin panel :

The old admin dashboard where the site admin would manually enter the posting keys of the Steem accounts able to post through their website

Whereas now, the user can access these settings for their own profile:

The new user dashboard where authorized users can change their own settings and enter their posting key

Now, users that are authorized by the site admin to write their own articles can go on their profile where they will have their own set of SteemPress options for their account. Here, the user can enter their own Steem username and posting key without needing the admin to do so. Once done, the articles that they publish to Steem will be using their settings rather than the global settings set by the admin.

We see this as an important development towards releasing a pro edition of SteemPress later this year and target enabling larger websites hosting numerous authors to use SteemPress.

Improved key security

A common feedback from our users has been that their private posting keys were out in the open to be copy pasted by anyone who got access to their WordPress dashboard. To solve this, the dashboard now hides the entered posting key and instead provides an empty field where a new posting key can be entered should the user want to post through a different account or change their private posting key.



If you want to use another account or change your posting key, just erase the text, enter your new posting key and save again.

SteemPress trail

We have received many requests from users who would like to support other SteemPress authors by voting on their content to create our own voting trail. After also noticing that a majority of our users would routinely hit 100% voting power and thus earn less curation rewards than their potential, we decide to set up a steemauto trail. We hope this can allow our users to provide some extra support for one-another, while also helping them cast their votes more effectively. So if you want to support us, the authors, and not miss out, then consider joining our trail!

**Here is how you can follow the trail : **

How to trail our votes using steemauto

That's it for today! We look forward to an exciting new year, and hope to have you all with us in 2019!

As always, if you have any questions then please visit us on our discord channel!
To download SteemPress, find our plug-in at
To vote for our witness, either use SteemConnect following this link or find us on

Thank you for reading this far and for being interested in SteemPress!

@Fredrikaa and @Howo


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Thank you for your review, @helo! Keep up the good work!

Has your Pro edition been released? If not, do you have an ETA?

Love seeing the continuing progress, great work!

I think a main feature missing for multi author sites is the ability to set beneficiary rewards.

Rather than the current system wherein posts are made to the Steem blogs of the defined author, I’d envision a workflow where all articles post to the centralized Steem blog with authors & their accounts noted in a byline fashion. Beneficiary reward settings would be used to pay authors directly, in a trustless fashion. Settings could be fine tuned in each article, or set globally by the site administrator to define a minimum % benefit to the hosting blog.

We are currently working on a version of steempress to allow just that. We believe it's important to allow these kind of workflow with more and more blogs with a bigger writer pool start to join steem and steempress.

I was pretty sure it’d at least be on the roadmap! Thanks for confirming and thanks for all the hard work!

I will second this; would allow things like interview blogs.

Ah, the multi-account had confused me at first as I thought that was the initial functionality as individual users - all good. It's great that you moved it to the authorized user profile makes much more sense to me now. Love the 2 way integration as well.

Love the curation trail - have followed it. I'm still not convinced by Gutenberg, though...

Me neither to be honest :p

Great updates. I think I've finally got used to Gutenberg.

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You are lucky. I gave up and actually have only posted once via @steempress since December and that, using the Classic Editor. Is a longtime WordPress Blogger I find it really difficult, especially for updating old posts.

Really... the old post is just a 'block' within other 'blocks'.

It's a bit of a pain at first but once yer in the right block of text it's pretty much like the classic!

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It messed up the layout of the post and for some reason the media didn't pull through. I published, but was so unhappy, unpublished it. I spent 2 days trying to get it right and then gave up. I am familiar with blocks - mail chimp, so that made it even more annoying. So... As I said, I'll give it another go but when I've got more time to fiddle.

OK cheers.. I might go back and double check some post updates!

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Just as an FYI you don't have to make the switch now, the wordpress team has said they would support the classic editor until at least 2020 and possibly even longer. So It's not like it's discontinued or anything ^^ It's just an alternative editing experience :)

I have also got used to the new editor. For me it looks fine and no complaints from me.

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Oi. Como conhecer o site de vocês para mais detalhes? Essa ferramenta é um plugin ou um tema? Gratidão.

Sweet. Will have to use steempress when I get my website up and running!

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Excited to see growing development in apps such as @steempress-io made possible by @utopian-io.

You're making it easier for the everyday Joe to take advantage of the Decentralized Steem Blockchain without complicated technical knowledge. Great work!

Thanks ! Great app btw :)

Appreciate your feedback!

This is an awesome update. I can't wait to update my plugins. I definitely want multiple users on one of my magazine blog.

Thanks for the update, you guys are doing a great job with this Wordpress plugin! I've just updated let's see how things work out now @dboontje with the multiple users.

Thanks for the hard work @Fredrikaa and @Howo

Thanks !

Thanks for the update guys. I have yet to use Gutenberg, but hiding the password is a great function.

it's good to update to wordpress solve several security problems on the site, otherwise if you have problems with the editor, you can reset Gutenberg to the previous version with a plugin

Disable Gutenberg |

Yay, and thx again for your great tool.
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🎁 Hi @steempress! You have received 0.1 STEEM tip from @traciyork!

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide :)

Great upgrade ! Thank you for helping bloggers to be connected to the STEEM Ecosystem !

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Keep those updates coming! This is by far my favorite Wordpress plugin.

Thanks !

This. Is. Awesome.

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great update, great product.

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@steempress this article very easy. I know this article

users-friendly! good thinking!

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You guys rock! Steem press is amazing.

Following the #Steempress trail now.

Hey there! Quick question for you:

I already have a blog on Blogger/Blogspot. Is it possible that this plugin will be added to their platform?