Ward’s Berry Farm

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We went back to Ward’s Berry Farm on weekend. It’s so beautiful! So many fruits, flowers and vegetables were ready for picking. Also, there are some children playgrounds and a nice barnyard. It’s great place to get some fresh fruits and vegetables and making four-legged and fine-feathered friends.

My favorite part is to pick the berries and fruits. They have many different berries: Raspberries, Strawberries, Gooseberries, Blue berries, and other fruits such as: Peach, Plums, Melons…… If you do not like to pick your own, they also have a farm store, you can get all kind of fresh fruits and vegetables there.

For a country girl like me, I can stay on the farm all the time. Every time when I visit the farm, I feel like I am back home!! I remember my grandparents had more than 100 oranges tree, a beautiful sunflower field. And my grandparents grew rice, wheat, corn and some other crops. In the old day, there weren’t any electronic farm machine in China. They only had some very simple and basic farming implements such as rakes, ploughs, hoes, spades and water buffalo! The water buffalo helped Chinese farmers plowing their fields and carrying some heavy stuff. When I was kids, my job was taking care of my grandparent’s water buffalo, chicken and dog! I miss those good old days!

周末我们又去了农场. 风景非常的美,而且很多的水果,鲜花和蔬菜都可以采摘了。他们还有一些儿童游乐场和一个不错的畜牧场。这是一个可以采摘到一些新鲜的水果蔬菜并结交一些动物朋友的好地方。



Last time I shared a video about that berry farm, today I want to share some photos. I hope you enjoy the beautiful farm view!!

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Atleast once in a year we should vist these places, this keeps us fresh and alive

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