Silver Linings

Hi everyone,

I'm home. And after a day and a half of sleeping, I've caught up on the emotional trip to Wales to spread my mum's ashes.

It was a really special visit. Mum wanted to be scattered in a sacred space on her and dad's land, and the other half at sea. Dad chose summer solstice for the first part. We had a lovely ceremony with me, my sister and father, and some really special things happened. We also added a little to the stream that runs across their land. This will link up with the ashes that dad will cast out into a stormy sea at winter solstice.

So what else is new? I'm so delighted to have been invited to join the wonderful #steemsilvergold community here on Steemit. Warm gratitude to my lovely sis @saffisara for the nomination and to @enginewitty for the second- means a lot!

Now, on the topic of silver, dad let me rummage through his coin collection while I was up there. Check these amazing coins out...

And now for some silver...

And dad surprised me by giving me these two beauties...

But that's not all... Dad is an incredible scientist.. and at one if his labs, this was chucked away. He rescued it and gave it as a surprise gift to me. A bottle of pure silver... must be well over an ounce!

So wow- what a lovely time we had rooting through it all and then the lovely surprises.

Hope you're all well.
Evie xx

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Sorry to hear of your mother's passing, it was good that you were able to scatter the ashes where she wished it.

.. The coin that caught my eye was the Handel music festival one! Pretty interesting!

Thanks Bengy. She passed last March, but suddenly it was the right time to do this bit.

I've always loved the Handel one too as it's such high relief. E x

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LOVE this, little lovely

Our dearest @enginewitty dropped this link in @pypt #pypt

Hmm... "little" lovely might be stretching it a bit, but thanks for popping by- and bless Mr Witty for the PYPT shout out x

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I am sorry for your loss, and hope this was the beautiful celebration-of-life that you wanted it to be. We think of you often in PYPT and miss you, and you were certainly on our minds when @enginewitty lovingly shared your post with us.

Your father has an amazing stash of coins, and it was wonderful that he gave you some silver to boost your collection, too! Thanks for sharing, and come back to us in PYPT when you can! 💖

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my heart is overflowing with love for such a special time for you all

and why did i think you were already part of the community?!?!?!?! LOL i officially third the nomination ;)


I love you darling - start saving for next year ;)

well hello dreemy

Hi piddley pop! Hehehe

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Hey steemy steemian

Thanks my darling. It was a very healing moment for all of us, felt like a fog lifted.

Nah... I'm an SSG newbie... and so excited to join :)

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If you ever want the scrap silver made into something pretty let me know.
Love the post!
cool and interesting old coins.

Oh wow- thanks lovely, I'll certainly give that some thought! The coins provided hours of entertainment together as we rummaged through them. E x

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That's a nice Collection of Coinage and Scrap Silver...
June 25, 2019...

How much longer on the reset?

The date that makes the most sense to me will begin on July 1st, but it won’t be announced until July the 4th...

Thank you sir

Thanks, dad's been collecting for years but I was so touched with the silver pieces he passed on to me.

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Lovely coins there, @eveningart!

Cheers my dears 😁

Here I am your new Redfish neighbour. It looks I will be the last one you have. Next week it is party time for you.

What a beautiful ceremony you had and that you respected your mom's last will.

What a great coins your father has. Thanks for showing them

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Hello redfish neighbour, thanks for popping by! I'll be there for a while yet, last week was unusual for me as I had a blocktrades vote payout... but as they're like hen' s teeth I'll be back to powering up tiny amounts as they dribble in ;)

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@eveningart,wow u made a best work of collection

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Ooooh that bottle is kick ass! Maybe could have one of our SSG melt it into a pour for ya sometime in the future😋

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Such a cool gift, eh?! I kinda love how rough it is straight out of the lab in its old bottle... but lovely naltedtirt has offered to transform it for me if I'd like... and maybe I will sometime in the future xx

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I'm really not into the whole metals collecting... but old rubbed off coins just have something to them... like a piece of living history.

thanks to @enginewitty for sharing this on #pypt, i usually don't see stuff like this.

I know what you mean... you can almost sense all the other people who've held them too. Thanks for popping in x

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Gosh, that wpuld have been so emotional. What beautiful places for ashes to fly.. it must have also been a release for you.

Great coins!!

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It was incredibly emotional and very healing. Such a beautiful place for mum's ashes to lie. Thanks for popping in x

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