Collections (Part 1) - 26 Ounces of SilverShield Goodness!

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What's up Stackers!

After 10 months on Steemit, It's amazing to think 625 people consider my content worth their attention. I'm very proud of that and even more grateful still.


I meant to post about this after 500, then again after 600 followers, but I keep missing the even numbers. Regardless, I had the thought that newer subscribers may only be familiar with my most recent posts. So heck, why not post some of my older pick-ups all at once? I quickly talked myself out of that and decided to break it up a little over a few days, because, well, who doesn't want more STEEM? :)

So here we go - I will begin with my Silver Shield Collection thus far, 26 ounces of numismatic joy, with meaning!

0614181930 - Copy.jpg

Let's bring it into better focus. Here are the bigger ones @ 10oz, 5oz, and 2oz:

0614181931_HDR - Copy.jpg
0614181931 - Copy.jpg

Check out these Founding Fathers of the United States & Their Words of Wisdom, 4oz:

0614181932 - Copy.jpg

I couldn't fit these 3oz' into any specific category, but I love em too!:

0614181932a_HDR - Copy.jpg

...and finally, my two favorites oz so far:

0614181932_HDR - Copy.jpg

When I started my stacking journey, I never thought I'd end up with 100 ounces! Yet all of a sudden, here we are! Over the next few posts, I plan to showcase all I've picked up in 10 short months. That said, you'd be a fool to think I'm done, haha!


I hope you enjoyed taking a look as much as I enjoy sharing! Keep on stackin!



Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Congrats on the followers. More importantly, Congrats on the stack. I don't have any 3oz coins. I'll have to start looking around. Keep it up @nofiat!

Thanks VG! I must have not explained things correctly. No one round is 3oz...

That is an amazing collection! I don't have any 3oz rounds, too.

Thanks Ron! I don't think I was clear enough, pardon the confusion. No 1 round weighs 3 oz...

Why is everybody thinking you have 3Oz coins?

Vindicated! I'm glad you were able to understand what I 1 round is 3 oz. Thanks for taking a look and commenting @goldrooster!

lol, it is 3 x 1oz rounds...
great idea, why don't we make the 2019 STEEM rounds a 3oz?

That'd be cool; I'm in!

I want that come and take them!

Nice stack!

thanks friend!