Collections (Part 2) - 9 More Ounces of Silver!

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Hello again Stackers!

If you caught yesterday's post where I showcased a 26 ounce collection of silver, you'd have noted it was all Silver Shield stuff. I meant to have a theme for today's showcase as well, before noticing I'd left out a bar from the set yesterday. This messed up my plans for this post. Oh well, the show must go on!

Instead, today I will show some coins that @raybrockman put me onto early on, as well as a commemorative round, some coins with historical value, and the one I neglected to include yesterday.

Here is today's stack:

0615181843 - Copy.jpg

Let's go through them one at a time - this is the commemorative:

0615181841b_HDR - Copy.jpg
0615181841a - Copy.jpg

It is actually .925, but it contains a full ounce of pure silver, by weight. I picked this one up during my first-ever visit to my LCS. The capsule is scratched up but the round is fine.

Next up, some beautiful Tridents from Barbados that Ray put me on to - they're really pretty; great design! For me the added bonus is not having a royal or some figure I feel no connection to on the backside. I picked up 5 of these:

0615181842 - Copy.jpg
0615181841d_HDR - Copy.jpg
0615181841c_HDR - Copy.jpg

...again, please pardon the scratchy capsule!

Silver Trade Units from San Francisco's US Assay Office... a little piece of history:

0615181842a_HDR - Copy.jpg

And lastly, the 1-ouncer I forgot yesterday from Silver Shield - Always a great reminder as to why we should keep on stackin!

0615181841a_HDR - Copy.jpg
0615181841 - Copy.jpg

Thanks in advance for checking in, for your attention, and hopefully, for your up-vote! More to come...



I liked seeing them in sealed capsules...

...definitely helps slow the tarnish to keep em sealed up!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

I have the same policy. No parasite portraits in my little stack; and none on the way.

Scratched up capsules, something we can't avoid when I just love to play with my silver coins. One solution, play with my poured Pirate silver.

A beautiful collection. Let's keep stacking.

Those are really cool. I was at the LCS yesterday and saw one of the Silver Trade Units, but ran outta cash, so I wasn't able to get one. I did get a pretty nice haul though, so we'll see if you think it was worth it. For now, you get the win. :)

Nice collection. I never knew that silver shield did bars.

Great pics 😎

Thanks very much @silverstackeruk! I've only seen the two I have, the 1 oz Den of Thieves and the 10 oz Jesus clears the Temple. Clearly I'm a bit of a fan boy, lol. Thanks again!