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Hello Steemians of Planet Earth!

Well, a few weeks back I picked up another ounce of Gold for the stack. Sadly, it wasn't acquired at today's lower spot price, but do I really care? NO I DO NOT! - I LOVE THE YELLOW SHINY!

Check out my beautiful new Geiger bar!:

PS, my pictures are loading sideways, so I've made these clickable for your up-close viewing pleasure

0513180933a_HDR - Copy.jpg


0513180934_HDR - Copy.jpg

Anyway, the rich history of the Mint that makes these got me thinking about history and the everlasting value of Gold across all societies. That, in turn, got me thinking about wealth and wondering about historical figures. I am a huge fan of the work at and I found this article. It is a fascinating read. Among other facts, I learned these little tidbits:

Emperor Basil the 2nd of Turkey -

Accumulated 100 TONS of Gold by the end of his life.

King Soloman of Israel -

For 39 years, received 25 TONS of Gold annually as tribute; had so much Gold, Silver was near worthless in his kingdom. Imagine that!

King Mansa Musa of Mali -

Incalculable amount of Gold; so much in fact, he caused hyperinflation in Egypt as he passed through on pilgrimage to Mecca. His caravan included about 72,000 people, each of which carried a 4 pound Gold brick and 80 camels, each carrying a bag of Gold dust weighing between 50-300 pounds.

Crassus of Rome -

Estimated to have amassed 7.4 MILLION ounces of GOLD!


Here is the infographic if you prefer not to click on the link:


Now, if you look very, very closely, you will notice a pixel that seems out of place. That represents me -

Emperor Goldfucius Nofiat!

...building his wealth one ounce at a time, hahaha

0419181550_HDR - Copy.jpg

...and one last look at that Geiger beauty:

0513180934a - Copy.jpg

I hope you enjoyed the post and the info and the link! Feel free to help my stacking addiction with your chunkiest upvote! God Bless!



my bigest investment are gold silver and crypto

NICE! I would like to add other assets over time as well...

That Geiger is a beauty. I need to add more Gold to my stack. Pretty cool info also. Thanks for sharing.

thanks for checking it out @vgholdingsllc!

Beautiful! Geiger puts out some of my favorite products.

They do indeed! I always hesitate to pay the premium, but in the end, I always end up pulling the trigger!

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O, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on earth is going to be 'STEEMSILVERGOLD'

Thanks! That's a nice vote of confidence for our tag! Much appreciated and thanks for stopping by!

You're welcome

A handsome picture^^

I must agree! Thank you for visiting my blog. Much appreciated.

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I thought most of the richest people never divulge how much gold they have. Funny how the Rothchilds are not listed on Forbes list of Richest names.

That can be true, for sure. And certainly, many extremely wealthy dynasties were not included in the article. Its all estimation anyway. THANKS for taking the time to leave a comment, much appreciated!

No warren buffet?

Hi @propane! The article was kept to only historical figures , with the caveat that it is very difficult to accurately measure the wealth of these old timers. Some actually, were not known for holding precious metals, but instead focused on land, etc. Check out the link. It is very interesting and the site itself is a wealth of information!

Sounds good thanks

Lovely collection @nofiat.
Besides crypto I'm thinking of making investments in precious metals.

There's a reason the kings of old were so rich.

Assets baby! They are all wonderful. There is just a certain assurance having PM's provides me. Thanks for stopping by!

I am not an emperor but feeling blessed anyway with the gold I own. Nice post!

Thanks! We are all blessed indeed, with many more blessings on the way. In my household, only perhaps my dog considers me Emperor, lol.

What a beauty!

Thanks! I love the uniqueness of the square bar. I appreciate you making time to review and comment.

I enjoyed reading your article and thank you for sharing.

I do have a question though, with all the rich having gold in the past what would the relevance be to the "Information Age" have with gold as more people are adding value to information rather than precious metals as in the past?

Interesting perspective. The way I see it, knowledge is power indeed. However, power to be used for what? To the extent that knowledge is used to accumulate power, influence, and wealth, Gold is still very much relevant. Wealth (measured many different ways) can be considered a product of applied knowledge. How do you "save" the mental or physical energy output for future use? Governments want us to use their fiat currencies and depend on them exclusively. For those more independently-minded, precious metals and hard assets prevail!

True that, it is something to think about, it can be a debate of note. With knowledge it is easier to start over from next to nothing but a fail safe can definately make things easier. As the Fiat era is heading through the toughest time ever with too much debt it is only a matter of time before things start completely falling apart for the Governments.

I use a little trick for the photo be OK. Yo go to the source, flip it sideways, get out, go again to the photo and flip it sideways back again. It usually works for me.

I think I may be causing the problem since I remove all EXIF data from pictures before uploading to a permanent blockchain. What I can't figure out though, is why I never had the issue before and why it only affects some pictures... I'll keep on trying. Hopefully, the sideways action didn't detract too much!

Beautiful gold stack there! I love the Geiger! My end game is gold, but can only one fractional a month, the rest in silver. This post is very inspiring to me!!!! BTW, I just followed you. And I look forward to reading your articles and seeing more photos! Have a great day, my friend. Take care.

Yay! Thanks so much for following and for your interest! I'm glad you enjoyed the post and look forward to seeing you around!

wow... that is indeed a beauty! Its awesome to see you accumulating and love the backstory from visualcapitalist... Those guys do great work, especially on the debt too!

Nice to see you have the right perspective and one day you will be really happy you did!

Thanks Dave!

Though we never met in my head your kinda like Goldmember from Austin Powers but in a good way lol.

Good luck with your gold collection and potential future wealth

That's not too far off! Thanks for giving the blog a read friend! Best of luck to you as well!

Still have not diversified into metals but its on my to do list. I will definitely start with gold.

Gold is the end game, but don't sleep on silver! It's affordable and will rise in value more drastically than gold will. That's the general wisdom. You can also get into the artistic and collectible side of things more readily. Good luck!

Espectacualar Geiger, sin embargo hoy dia se crearon otras fuentes de riqueza debido a la evolucion de la nuera era financiera del siglo xxi, a pesar de los años el oro sigue siendo uno de los activos que a perpetuado su valor. saludos @nofiat, No es tarde para magnificar la riqueza, exitos!

Saludos amigo! Muchas fuentes, si. El tiempo nos dira cual permanece. Bendiciones!

Gracias estimado @nofiat

Damn that geiger is a beauty! I'm sure it it demanded quite the premium.