What's in YOUR Wallet? Another Ounce!

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Hey there!

A couple of months ago I found myself wondering which round I should carry with me for my pocket silver. I decided on the "Don't Tread On Me" coiled snake design from none other than SilverShield. I tried this for a while, but two things nagged at me a little.

  1. I prefer to carry a message with me that is positive. Instead of "don't do something" or "beware" as the message, I wanted something to keep my mind upbeat and focused on the right kind of vibes. I hope that makes sense.
  2. I like the round too much to worry about tarnish or damage. Also, I generally hate having too many things in my pockets.

So this didn't really work out for me as I'd planned.

Enter Pyromet's "The Silver Card"!

0523180052 - Copy.jpg

Silver is among the most reflective surfaces we know of. Can't you tell?

The first time I saw this, I knew it would one day be mine! I'd seen others posting theirs and I couldn't wait to find a place to buy one for myself. I finally did and I love it! It is generic enough that I don't worry too much about it, and it comes in a protective sleeve the same way many debt cards do (<--- see what I did there? :) ). More often than not, I forget I even have the thing, but when I do remember, it brings a smile to my face every time.

Here is my everyday wallet:

0514181711 - Copy.jpg

I'm a money clip guy. I like my cash the way I like my wife to be, easy and accessible at all times!

0514181711a - Copy.jpg

notice there is no cash... that accessibility comes at a cost, lol

There's still some value in this empty wallet though... what's that poking out?

0514181711b - Copy.jpg

There's the beauty!

0514181712 - Copy.jpg

...and here's the backside, in case you're curious about it:

0514181712a - Copy.jpg

Hopefully, if you were debating getting one of these Silver cards for yourself or not, this post helps sway you one way or another. Now please consider a chunky up-vote and lets see if we can help my no-cash-in-the-wallet situation.

Who am I kidding? I'd probably NEVER trade in Crypto for cash if I could avoid it! Assets-for-assets only, baby!

Steem & Stack On!



Yup, love these cards. Check out the toning on mine!

A great idea, it's only an ounce, but it will have you reflex if it is worth buying something of real value instead of buy junk from China with a Plastic credit card......

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

You will be pleased within twelve mo...and starting quite soon..nice piece..

Very nice! I definitely want one. Would be cool to make my low-profile front pocket wallet a bit heavier. And it would keep my mind on retaining real value.

Been looking at these for a while, but with the prices on eBay I was considering buying a bunch to sell on there...

I only have that handy Visa card in my wallet.

The Silver card is such a dope piece

I like it and I will soon buy one.

That is a great piece to own. Where did you get it? I must have one!!