Ordered some amazing silver but delivery in 2 months

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(Sorry double post due to using wrong account )

The next months - as said - I will be a buyer of silver and gold again due to some luck in investing. Yesterday I ordered the following high premium pieces of our Royal Dutch Mint. [source pictures] (www.KNM.nl)

Currently you can order two special products :

The Dukaton or Siler rider restrikes.

The 2019 proof Liondollars restrikes.

First let me show you these with the Dukatons first: (proof 1 ounce in Delfts Blue handmade holder) EUR 199

There are also 1 ounce gold ones and tw ounce piedforts with a limited mintage and over 100% premium.

The Liondollar restrike 2019 proof for 58 EUR:

The one ounce in gold is still expensive although not as the Dukaton

So I only bought the silver ones and still thinking of a gold one. However the waiting for delivery now strats as the coins will come in end of April only. I will defintely show them !

Anyone interested on the Delft Blue creation here is a movie of it.



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Those are very cool, did they have a low mintage?

The expensive silver rider/dukaton 1 ounce has a mintage of 3000 of which 500 come in the Delft Blue hand painted holder. The 2019 liondollar proof is max 5000. The BU might folow later this year.

Vwrry snazzy pn! Don’t forget to buy some good ol’ fashioned (weight) ounces too 😜👍🍆

The 2019 rectangular dragons are on my list but price was dropping today.

Nice set of coins, great looking design, cheers mate.

It's very rare to see real money these days !