👀Get your popcorn ready for this auction!👀Follow up!

Wow I nailed this one on the head with the $4,000.00 estimate.
Another great show!

There is an outstanding vintage silver ingot listed on Ebay! It is listed in auction style. The best offer is going to take this one down!

I personally enjoy tracking unique silver ingot auctions. You just never know how they are going turn out. Typically, bidding usually takes place daily. Often times casual bidding during then first several days. Followed by a window of no bidding. All of the juicy action takes place in the last hour of the listing! I have seen items jump up thousands in the last 4 seconds.
Get your popcorn ready for this auction!! A rare later date 1959 hallmark. This hallmark is usually seen on 20oz+ class. Not the smaller 5oz class. Potential to $4,000 in my opinion.✌🤘👀

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Got any butter for the popcorn? This could get interesting!

I want to invest in gold, where do you buy from that is authentic?? So many have a 10% profit margin that seems high plus shipping.

I would suggest buying from a local coin shop/dealer. I also know many people through out the country that sell close to wholesale. Cuts out the retail end on generic bullion. Let me know if you ever need assistance there. @jason7282

I appreciate the advice!

Wow $4,000.00 Thats just amazing!!!! What a classy Silver bar my friend!!!

About as classy as it gets for modern poured ingots ✌

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