Silver Ingot Lesson of the Day!

I received a new informational book today pertaining to 1oz silver bar's. Believe it or not. Finding a type of reference book like this is difficult. Mainly due to the incredible amount of time and effort it takes to publish one!

The past couple years I started to aquire as much literature on precious metals possible. Especially literature that focuses on vintage silver. It took me a long time to get to the point where I realize how important having this information on hand.

That being said, I am going to post brief informational articles on Steemit regularly. The articles will consist of photos of pages from the books that I own. I will refer to these posts as "The SilverIngot Lesson of the Day." I figured one of the most important things I can do is provide quality information that will benefit anyone who shares this common interest. It doesn't make sense keeping this kind of information to myself.

Here is a very informative display of Johnson Matthey and Engelhard 1oz silver bars. The author mentions what to look for in a counterfeit Engelhard example. TD Bank- Toronto Dominion was founded in 1955. The logo was established in 1969.

Information obtained from The Bullion Bar Book. Published by Gerald P. Cestkowski.

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I can see people making counterfeit Engelhard bars, they go for the name brand quality bars, and as price rises I think this will increase!!🙄

Very interesting. Been trying to keep up with your articles but it's not working. LOL. What book is that from?

No worries brother!

The bullion bar book