Monster Raffle Community Fundraiser for SteemSilverGold

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Over 47 troy ounces of Silver in 32 prizes worth over $770 USD just in Silver content alone! After you add in some of the premium for the craftsmanship and rarity of some of these prizes you are looking at a total prize pool value worth well over $1000 USD! ALL of it has been donated by members of the #SteemSilverGold community to be raffled off in a Monster Raffle Fundraiser with proceeds going to help support @ssg-community – Which is a Not-For-Profit initiative run by Volunteers for the benefit of this great community at #SteemSilverGold and the STEEM platform itself.


If you are interested in Silver and Gold in any form then there is something in this raffle for you. We have Bars, Coins and Rounds...whether they be Proof, Graded, Gilded, Hand Poured, Limited Mintage, Junk or Certificate of Authenticity prizes there is bound to be something in this prize pool that you like and tickets are only 1 SBD each!

We polled our community to find out which are the most sought after prizes and we’ve come up with a Top 5 which will be 1st to 5th prize and ALL the rest will go into the “Community Chest” to be drawn out individually and in random order. The best part is that if you win a prize and there is something else still available in the Community Chest you prefer – you can swap it! We will be doing the prize draw LIVE in our Discord next weekend at 11pm GMT on Saturday the 9th of June. If you want to get a ticket in this awesome raffle, just send your SBDs to @ssg-community with the memo “Monster Raffle Tickets” and you’ll go straight into the draw.

1st Prize – 5 oz Silver Vicksburg National Military Park Coin 2011


Donated by the very generous @tbnfl4sun who says :-

"I got this awesome coin like six months ago and have a twin, so that's why I chose this Monster coin for the raffle. I was shocked to find out that APMEX is selling this coin at 13.99 over spot! That's over 150.00 (wow) This will be a great addition to any stack!"

More information HERE

2nd Prize – 2 oz Silver Freedom Girl from Silver Shield 2013


Donated by the very generous @fat-elvis who says :-

"…here's my part. That right there is a 2013 2 ounce SBSS freedom girl. Mintage of 5000. So instead of the 1oz I promised, I opted to donate this semi-rare 2oz beauty queen."

More information HERE

3rd Prize – 2 x 1 oz Silver STEEM Rounds 2018


Donated by the very generous @raybrockman who says :-

"…my hat goes off to everyone who has decided to donate something special to the community. There is something that says SSG like nothing else, something that all members are a part of, something that signifies that we are one…so I am going to throw in 2 x 2018 steem silver rounds."

More information HERE

4th Prize – 2 x 1 oz Silver STEEM Rounds 2018


Donated by the very generous @goldmatters via @raybrockman who says :-

"..he asked me to take care of this for him, since he has his hands full with… goldmoney and mene. He has always been an awesome supporter of #steemsilvergold. So…who wouldn't want a 2018 steem silver round? @goldmatters is gonna throw in 2 x 1 oz 2018 steem silver rounds"

More information HERE

5th Prize – 2 x 1 oz Silver Somali Elephants 2014


Donated by the very generous @goldrooster who says :-

"Finally I am able to do something back. I do not yet have much steempower but silver coins I have plenty. These are two 2014 Somalia 1 Oz silver coins in capsule. They are bullion but carry a nice premium as the series is collected a lot. There are no milk spots on any of the coins."

More information HERE

Community Chest


There are so many great prizes in here to choose from, but if we try and put pictures and text against each of them this post will just become too big, but follow the links below and you can see pictures and read all about them.

Donated ByPrizeLink
@buggedout1 oz Silver STEEM Round 2017HERE
@thedamus1 oz Silver Pirate Skull + 8 x 1/10 oz Silver Walking Liberty RoundsHERE
@peaceloveliberty1 oz Silver Constance RoundHERE
@summertooth1 oz Silver Perth Mint Dragon Bar + 0.6 oz Silver Vegas Gaming TokenHERE
@edthecanadian1 x Canadian Dollar 1939 + 2 x 60's Canadian QuartersHERE
@dfinney1 oz Silver 2017 KookaburraHERE
@firecajun92621 oz Silver American EagleHERE
@silversaver8881 oz Silver 2016 KoalaHERE
@silverstackeruk1 oz Silver 2012 BritanniaHERE
@silverd5101 oz Silver 2016 PCGS Graded Maple LeafHERE
@ronaldoavelino6 x 90% Silver Brazillian Coins - Over 2 oz Silver TotalHERE
@coolbowser1 oz Proof Silver 2010 Silver Eagle with C.O.A.HERE
@jimbobbill1 oz Silver Canadian Cougar + 1 oz Silver Athenian OwlHERE
@welshstacker1 oz Silver Athenian Owl + Old British CoinageHERE
@fishyculture1 oz Silver Sunshine Mint EagleHERE
@neoxian5 x 0.25 oz Silver Neo ButtonsHERE
@cyber.explorer1 oz Silver 2018 PhilharmonicHERE
@phelimint2 oz Silver Proof Canada RoundHERE
@pit-bullion1 oz Gold Gilded Great Seal Silver CoinHERE
@willsparks881 oz Silver Prospector RoundHERE
@ironshieldLiberty Coin Set Proofs - 0.77 oz SilverHERE
@vgholdingsllc$2 Face Value of 90% Junk Silver (Approx 1.5 oz Silver)HERE
@goldkey1 oz Silver Engelhard BarHERE
@khamenUncirculated Canadian Coin Set (Approx 1.1 oz Silver)HERE
@armshippie1 oz Silver Hand Poured STEEM ButtonHERE
@goldenarms1 oz Silver Incuse Canadian MapleHERE
@bmj1 oz Silver 2018 KangarooHERE

As you can see above, this is quite the showcase of what we are all about at #SteemSilverGold and it's not just about a love for Silver and Gold in all it's magnificent forms, it's about a real community here on STEEM that is demonstrating once again it's amazing generosity and goodwill to fellow Steemians.

On behalf of everyone at #SteemSilverGold, thank you once again to everyone who has been involved and I hope you will join me in supporting this great community initiative by buying a ticket in this amazing raffle!

I am @buggedout and I approve this post

This initiative proudly brought to you by :-

@raybrockman, @silverstackeruk, @welshstacker, @thedamus and @buggedout


Just take my money already!!!

First 5 sbd sent!

Holy Mother of God,,,, finally one I can enter. This is truly an amazing thing that is happening right infront of our eyes. Put me in for 5, sbd on the way

It's pretty irresistible isn't it! I just want maybe 1 or 2 picks from the Community Chest. My Stackitis has been killing me over this all week!

🎉🎉🎉This is so awesome, everyone pulling together to help one-another in our community. Go #steemsilvergold and @ssg-community.🎉🎉🎉

Oh sweet Jesus, i need to change my underwear after seeing this.

Can i just send a few pictures of my credit card and you can work away with it, lmao

🤔🤔you can send it to @raybrockman 😂

I'll send it now but i will edit out the last 4 digits of my 16 digit card number to keep it interesting, baaa haha

Oh it's getting exciting, 6sbd's on the way. Will resteem tomorow.


This raffle is amazing! And it came at a time when I actually have some extra sbd laying around! Im stocking up on raffle tickets for sure. Thank you to the ssg-community for making this monster raffle happen!

So, in theory, if I buy 5 tickets could I win 5 times? In other words, each ticket is an individual entry. Thanks.

Yes, that is correct. You can win multiple times, but not with the same ticket number.

Got it. Thanks man. Put me down for 20 tickets please.

This is awesome!! True community spirit in action. This is going to be an amazing raffle! Nice work everyone!

Indeed. It was never this big in even my wildest dreams. It's thanks to great people like yourself who have embraced the idea.

Is there a limit on how many tickets you can buy or did I miss that?

No limits on buying tickets. You can only win once with each individual ticket though.

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Wow. Impressive as Hell. What day in June is this going down?

LIVE in our Discord next weekend at 11pm GMT on Saturday the 9th of June.

June 9th is a Saturday... June 11th is Monday...

Of course it is! Thanks. Must have got 11 stuck on the brain :/

Sweet action. Can we send in entries anytime?

We probably need to specify a cut off time before the draw, but the intention is to sell tickets from now until as close as we can up until the draw.

Sorry, I'm in a downer mood lately, got to think about.

Spirit Lifting 5 Cents from Stokjockey

Sorry I couldn't make it to #piratesunday . I haven't been feeling well and if I showed up I'd probably ending up depressing everyone. I appreciate the gesture @stokjockey .

OMG this is amazing and so much awesome! Dont know if I have enough steem to do too much but man so many fantastic gifts!!! Thanks for sharing and for steemsilvergold!! Upvoted and resteemed!

U know I'll be buying a few tix! I'll send the sbds later 😎

so hope I can get more then a few spots this is so freaking awesome thank you everyone

This is so amazing! Congrats on pulling together such a great reward chest! There will be so many amazing wins going out next weekend!

Sending in my first (probably of several) contribution for tickets!

I'll be sending in some SBD soon

wow niceeee!!! this is amazing, just like this group.

I did not have enough SBD, so I sent the equivalent in steem. Please let me know that this is okay.

This raffle is going to be epic!!

You got a 27.79% upvote from @upme thanks to @raybrockman! Send at least 3 SBD or 3 STEEM to get upvote for next round. Delegate STEEM POWER and start earning 100% daily payouts ( no commission ).

thanks brother. What would you really say would really help a lot. Thank you very much for giving this wonderful news.

How it works

How it works?

This is an amazing monster community raffle.🎿

A good fund raiser community for #steemsilvergold.

5 sbd sent and re-steemed, great job guys!

What is the link to our discord?

Can anyone buy tickets?

Yes, @j85063 this is a steemit wide raffle

wow , jackpot !! sending SBDs now !! (-:

Haha! Steemit was acting funny, my transfer would not go through so I tried again. Now they both went through. Cool! I am in for 4 tickets, fate decreed it should be so!

Awesome! I'm sending some SBD!!!

Resteemed by @resteembot! Good Luck!
The resteem was paid by @summertooth
Check @resteembot's introduction post or the other great posts I already resteemed.

I am in!!! 3 tickets for now please, but I am sure that I will get a few more before the close :)

I am in!! I completely missed the whole donation thing! I will think of something!! :D

Wow we are definitely in, wish we hadn't ! What an amazing community event! Thank you all for organizing and making this happen!

This is fun and for a great cause, count me in for a ticket! :)

I did a marketing post in betting gambling tags to attrack more people into it.

Just sent over 3SBD. Fingers crossed !

Can you buy raffle tickets all the way up to the raffle? I don't have enough to enter but I might be good for at least one or two tickets by Saturday night...sorry I can't contribute more, I'm a huge fan of this group!

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@biblegateway you're on the @abusereports naughty list!

Bad Steemian! Bad!