Welcome to Hive with the being-rebranded SteemSTEM

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Better late than never, here is my first post on Hive!

Why being late? Well, I prefer actions over words and I hence spent most my time in contributing to the migration of the SteemSTEM project to Hive. For now, let’s just call our project HiveSTEM, as the rebranding is still on-going (see here for more information and do not hesitate to chat with @mobbs on this matter).

[image credits: @glass.wolf]

Today, I can finally breathe a little and write this report about what I have been doing, although there is still much work left on my plate (our app and curation tools being now the most important items on my list).

The STEM Witness is online

Our witness, @stem.witness, is online on Hive since the very beginning of the chain. All witness operations on Steem have been terminated during the last week-end, and we are happily producing blocks for Hive.

Our project was first dedicated to growing a community of STEM posters and supporting the creation of high quality STEM content on Hive. About a year ago, we changed our long-term goals that consist in bringing STEM researchers and passionate hobbyists from all over the world to Hive so that our blockchain could be used as a primary source of scientific information on the Web.

Equivalently, we aim to deploy a STEM communication medium on Hive.

The success of our project is thus deeply linked to the success of Hive, and as such we wish to do our part through our witness. By the way, feel free to support us:

The HiveSTEM app

As said above, HiveSTEM has the goal of offering a way to those, profesionnals and amateurs, with the greatest knowledge of STEM topics to communicate about their work. To reach this goal, we count on the HiveSTEM app, that consists in the former SteemSTEM app that has been successfully migrated to Hive.

For those interested on the technical side, please see our new Github repository.

Because of the timeout restrictions of the official Hive API, I had to spend quite some time on rewriting several of the main functions of the app. This explains my ghosty attitude of the last few days. Reminder: I am a JS dev with broken arms who not only took the code over from someone else 18 months ago without any single knowledge on JS programming, but who also cannot work full time on its development.

Most my numerous changes can be summarised into two bullet points:

  • I reorganised the code quite a bit, so that the amount of requests to the API is now much smaller. Subsequently, using the app should also be much smoother for the user than the former version deployed on steemstem.io.
  • The HiveSTEM app is fully interfaced to HiveSigner, and partly interfaced to Hive Keychain. I still need to integrate many wallet functions for the latter (as was the case on steemstem.io).
Please try it out and do not hesitate to report bugs either as the comments to this post or directly to me on Discord or in the Steem Chat. Many occurences of Steem are still present here and there. This will be fixed as soon as possible.

For the next steps, I will continue improving the wallet interface with Hive Keychain, improving article edition and further work on the huge list of bugs and requests (feel free to add any item on top of the roughly 50 existing ones).

Please stay tuned!

The future

The next urgent stuff on my plate concerns HiveSTEM curation. We need to migrate all our curation tools to Hive so that we could resume our work. This will be achieved this week so that we could implement an abrupt transition from Steem to Hive.

We have no plans in continuing support Steem and are looking forward to the success of Hive! By the way, if you want to support our efforts, do not hesitate to delegate to @steemstem (we share back the curation rewards) or to trail (or frontrun) our votes (please contact me for more information).

When all of this will be done, I will hopefully be able to go back to particle and astroparticle physics writing. I am sure you all want to know about a universal framework to study dark matter at the CERN Large Hadron Collider that I have proposed last January (and that is being currently tested by both the ATLAS and CMS experiments)...

Long life Hive!

PS: This article has been formatted for the stem.openhive.network front-end. Please see here for a better reading.


Hopefully these Quarantines can pass and you can get back to your work. Always enjoy reading about physics

I work from home. I managed to put one research paper out last week, on left right supersymmetry. I will definitely blog about itm, at some point. But for now, my priority is to finalise the migration of SteemSTEM to Hive. For anything that concerns the code, only me can do it at the moment... Therefore, a shitload of work but this is fine ^^

Welcome to hive @lemouth the future ahead of us will be bright

The future is getting closer and closer :)

Thank you for all your work! Here's to a bright, productive future for the community

Definitely! And thanks to you to be with us for so long :)

Greetings from the other side where philosophy, the humanities and social sciences are blooming, may we close this gap one day ;)

I also love the other side! Although I am definitely not the one who will blog about it. I am however always happy to chat about those topics, from my own personal point of view of course :)

Welcome to SteemSTEM/HiveSTEM/whatever (we are still rebranding :) ).

Looking forward to the rebranding, SteemSTEM became kind of an echo chamber. We, the non-mainstream, need to interact more with the whales and witnesses: may hive not fail from the beginning in this regard

I am crossing my fingers. I am however quite convinced it won't. :)

Good stuff!

Glad to see you are here! It has been a long time :)

Yes, it's been a while :)

I'm really glad that the recent events didn't affect your ambitions at creating the scientific community you and jtm wanted. I'm looking forward to contributing to steemstem once it's fully working on the Hive blockchain.
Edit: I meant HiveSTEM ^^

It never did, and we always be there, or at least somewhere (well, hopefully)!

I am also looking forward to your return!

I am sure you all want to know about a universal framework to study dark matter at the CERN Large Hadron Collider that I have proposed last January (and that is being currently tested by both the ATLAS and CMS experiments)...


Also that logo! OooOOooo boy.. soooo.cool!!

This you may however need to be a little bit patient. Hopefully next week :)

i had a feeling you would be here as well 😊 , spreading the gospel of Newton 😅

Ahaha! :)

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