Last giveaway - Win some Hive 🤑

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Sadly we had to end our project like you all know it. You can read more about that here.

Our giveaway pot wasn't empty though and that's why we are giving away those funds.


Current pots

Contests/Giveaways: 1.164 Hive + 0.378 Hive from last 7 days = 1.542 Hive

We rounded up to 4 HIVE which you can win now. And everyone can enter, it is really easy to participate.

You just have to leave a comment down below

We will randomly choose a winner in exactly 7 days.

Update: @elianaicgomes was the only one who took part, so she won the giveaway. Congratulations!

Good luck everyone and once again: Thanks for all your support in the past!


Thank you for all your hard work until now!
Sad to see this project go..
I will reblog it! The least I can do :)

@elianaicgomes You won, congrats! Hope you'll enjoy your Hive ;)

Oh my! Thank you! I will :)

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