Meet Some Of The Latest Steemvoter (Beta) Guilds

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Hey guys, @steembusiness here to show off some of the awesome guilds which are already up and running on Steemvoter (Beta).

Now if you ask why I want to take the time to do this, the answer is quite simple, it is because guilds not only present an opportunity to improve your curation but most importantly, they give users a chance to vote on great content that actually deserves a leg up. So, let's take a closer look:

(If you aren't familiar with the new version yet please feel free to visit and sign up for free. You'll be amazed by all the new features and its ease of use!)

Literature, Books and Writing

In case you fancy some good reads from proper authors who are eventually even exclusively publishing on Steem only, then this guild might just be the right one for you to follow. It supports content in English as well as German and seems to be open for you to become a curator in case you're interested.

Proyecto Cervantes - Curación

Hablas Español? Then you might eventually already know about Proyecto Cervantes, which reached an astonishing popularity within the Spanish speaking community. We definitely recommend you to take a look on it and follow it for good curation as well as the guarantee that your vote reaches great authors.


Good food just makes our lifes more worthwile. If that's your opinion as well, then you might love to take a glimpse at SRecipes, a community and guild on steemvoter that curates the best food recipes on the blockchain. Join in on the fun to get inspired and hungry while reading the posts.


Love gaming? Then this might just be the right guild for you as it curates the best gaming posts on Steem. So give it a try and participate in growing the gaming community on the Steem blockchain through curating the content of gamers that deserve it.


Without a question SteemSTEM counts as one of the communities publishing and curating content of the highest quality. In case you're just slighly interested into science of any kind, then that's the guild for you to follow for sure.

Don't Miss Out On All The Other Guilds!

Of course there are many more guilds that are worthy to be explored and followed. Just head over to and jump into the explore section to start digging through all the guilds that are active over there already.

If you shouldn't find any that fits your interests then please feel free to be the first one to create a guild for it. It's really easy to be done and you can directly after start to support the healthy growth of quality content on steem.

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You guys should consider offering some kind of free month of service to long timer customers. Your service has been down almost as often as it has been up. Customers have been paying for a month of service month in and month out, yet they rarely actually get a full month of working services... seems like the right thing to do.

Any word on the status of Steem voter?? Hasn't been working for a few days now.

I was using the old version, so I need to sign up again for the new version. It is great the different guilds are build around different interests.

Thanks giving a good opportunity to enhance our curation with the guilds


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Is Steemvoter down yesterday?

it's down for almost 48 hours

Glad I'm not the only one. Down for me also.

My gosh, bad, really bad.

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still there is no updates from @steemvoter .... yes, it's really bad :(

Gosh, what's going on?

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Thank you for the great platform. I have done a simple tutorial for newbie to use your service.

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