Steemvoter Guild: Quoinex Promotion for Strategic Alliance

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Today's Steemvoter Guild Promotion Post is:

Key Takeaways from our CEO Mike Kayamori Year-end AMA (December 28th, 2017) by @quoineliquid

Introduction to Exchange Listing Promotion Guilds:

@thecryptodrive here; CEO of @steemvoter and is a public curation bot service, allowing non-tech users to program auto-votes to repeatedly support their favourite content creators effortlessly. is one of the most influential services on Steem, catering for millions of votes in our economy. Its revolutionary revenue model requires non-premium users to donate a maximum of one vote per day towards our own company and @buildteam umbrella group posts.

In addition, we offer our members the opportunity to opt-in to the Steemvoter Guild, and donate an additional daily vote to authors and initiatives of our choosing.

As part of our social responsibility we elect, to use generally only around 25% voting power on our users' daily payment votes and we exempt smaller accounts from the daily votes to minimise "vote count bloat".

Our biggest challenge has been to create regular posts that are worthy of the reward which our users' votes are able to generate and equally for the Guild Vote, finding worthy content that does not create contention when they are upvoted with the power of the guild vote is also a challenge and as a result we have been using less and less daily votes to the detriment of increased revenue that could be realised by BUILDTEAM token holders, developers and team members.

I believe we have come up with a solution that will benefit the Steem community exponentially and achieve our agenda of regular daily upvotes acceptable to the community.

Introducing - Steem Exchange Listing Strategic Promotions

In the last month or so I have been in contact with Ned Scott about listing Steem and Steem Dollars on more exchanges to boost the visibility and global accessibility of Steem. One of these exchanges is the fiat-crypto gateway and sister crypto-crypto exchange

I was able to arrange an email introduction between the Quionex team; Mario Gomez Lozada (CTO), Katsuya Konno (CFO), Ken Mazzio (Chief Compliance Officer) and Ned Scott (Steemit CEO), with the intention of having Steem and SBD listed on Qryptos and Quionex.

One of the hurdles in listing Steem is finding the motivation required for the exchanges to list Steem, we think we have now found the solution.

Steemvoter Guild votes are extremely powerful and are able to give a target post high visibilty on Steem and possibly set it to trending, depending on competing posts. In addition they provide a content monetisation incentive.

I was intrigued to see that in the Quionex email newsletters, they often link back to their Steem blog page and was surprised to see that their official account @quoineliquid has been posting on Steem for nearly 3 months, religiously! However, I was dismayed to see that their posts receive virtually no visibility or support in terms of views and upvotes.

Their latest post which is our guild post of the day only had one vote in the first 4 hours, which was their own vote.

This is not at all acceptable, and there needs to be better curation of strategic industry partner Steem accounts which can help create alliances for the Steem blockchain.

As a new year strategy, @buildteam and @steemvoter will endeavour to become strategic marketing partners on the Steem blockchain for crypto exchanges and other strategic industry partners. Our goal is to assist in listing Steem on as many credible exchanges as possible, and offering marketing and monetization incentives for the Steem community to be taken seriously.

I also welcome media partners to contact me @thecryptodrive on Steem or on Discord, for cross-exposure for our allied exchanges, for buildteam and Steem in return for similar exposure for the media partner on the Steem blockchain.

Join today and click the "guild" opt-in check box to donate a vote to supporting the growth of Steem and making a 10 Dollar Steem valuation a reality.

Join our Discord chat

Get support and connect with us and other Steemvoter fans! is a @buildteam project by @thecryptodrive (witness) @cryptomancer and @reggaemuffin (witness)

This is a @steemvoter subscription payment post. Thank you to Steemvoter customers for allowing us to use your Steem accounts to upvote this post by virtue of your free subscription to the bot service. @steemvoter is proudly a @buildteam subsidiary and sister project to @steemsports and @minnowbooster.


This is amazing! thank you for doing this to Steem and helping it to grow.

I know that 2018 will be great for Steem!

Pleasure, we will settle for nothing less than a $10 valuation for Steem in 2018!

I think this is a great move on your side. Steem is already picking up steam (:P) in terms of market-share due to its ease of use. Steem Dollars gaining more traction can really help fight back its volatility to some degree, which would only help the situation, as it's not too pretty on that front right now.

As for the potential of gaining Steem/SBD on an exchange that allows fiat exchange? That'd be great for the growth of steemit, as many of the people coming here actually need to use the money they earn here in real life, and most of the ways to move currency to fiat right now require way too many steps along the way, multiple sites to operate, and are just cumbersome.

It'd definitely increase the adoption of Steemit as a platform, which in turn could help its coin and tokens to gain value.

So, worthwhile investment of the power invested in you by the userbase.

One thing I'd like to add - contentious material is often something you do want to promote, because the discussions it generates can lead to people considering the matter more fully, and then to forward progress. Just not content made with the intent to anger people...

Important stuff is almost always contentious, so don't shy away from it. Just judge when you think it'll benefit the community to discuss it.

Thanks so much for your insights, will take your wisdom to heart. Happy upcoming new year to you!

Steemvoter you really doing a great job. I hope more people joined in steemvoter so that your voting power will high enough and everybody get benefitted from it.

Namaste! Appreciate your positive wishes.

nice post and you are helping the steemit community,
I very thankful to steemit because is very proactive.

@quoinexliquid has been posting on Steem for nearly 3 months, religiously!

That's not the account name. Not the one in the screenshot, and not one that exists on steemit. Please to be fixing, especially if you want people to actually follow that account. <3

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I think this is a good idea! Good luck in your business!

A big Kudos to the @buildteam guys for constantly coming up with amazing ideas. It's an amazing team you've got there.
The new year promises to be great!

Wonderful! I will definitely donate a vote, its about changing dreams to reality

Thanks for doing this to Steemit and helping it to grow.

Your posts are good. very beneficial for those who see your blog. sorry I can not vote you. my powor steam is crumbling. this is the love of recovery phase. if there is a solution of lamu please in love solution.



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Thanks for the interesting and useful article! Well, everyone has a dark side..Even heroes:)

Thanks for your important work to secure more competent and innovative partners for Steem to create higher visibility and more invested, which is great for a higher evaluation in 2018 [ which is a given! ;-) ]! Also for being Steem witnesses and putting in the effort and work to keep this up and running and improving for this next year.

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