Steemvoter Pro Tips : Here's a Video Explaining Steemvoter and What it Can Do For You!

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Hey folks, @techblogger here bringing you an exciting update from Steemvoter. We've received a lot of requests to better explain how Steemvoter works and why it is a crucial tool in any minnow, dolphin or whale's toolbox!

The following is an outstanding video produced by @buildteam and hosted by @nelkeljdm explaining almost everything you need to know about Steemvoter and why we think it is one of the greatest inventions ever to be created for the Steem ecosystem.

So without further introduction, here's the video:



We hope this video better explained the purpose behind Steemvoter and the useful features it presents to users.

Stay tuned for many exciting developments in regard to as we approach Q2 of 2018.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below so let us know what you think!

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What are your own tips for making the best use of Steemvoter?

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Love your website guys ! Did a review on the Steemvoter. :) Keep it up!

Awsome thanks ! :)

Thank you @steemvoter and Nelson for this explanation.

I do have a question though, which might be answered by you before and excuse me if this is the case. It doesn't change the fact that i would LOVE to learn about it and i'm sure other beginners/minnows do too.

As someone who has very low vote power, what can steemvoter do for me? It could automaticly upvote content of authors which i follow 3 if non premium and 500 if i have premium. But how would this gain me anything? The curation rewards we receive is close to nothing. So in my mind, steemvoter could only be good for me if i use the non premium version to upvote 3 of my favorite autohors just to support them. The premium service would be a waste of SBD for me as i wouldn't earn any amount near that back by voting.

Am i missing something here? Are there benefits for minnows and especially users who don't have the VP slider? If so, this surely should be included in every post you make as alot new users will see it for the first time.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to reply, i hope you will. I'm sure many people might need more information about this.

Hey @ferow Thanks for the comment and compliment.

Unfortunately as a minnow you won't be able to gain much curation if you have low steem power, if you take a look at my curation rewards I have roughly 3000 SP in total, delegated to me and my own I am earning roughly 3.3 STEEM a week from curation. (I could probably earn around 7-9 STEEM but I like to keep my voting power around 70%) I know where you are coming from though as I was very much a minnow in November, December of last year.

There are however exciting developments in the pipeline that will be changing steemvoter dramatically, I won't be able to discuss the details here but your voice will be heard!

Thanks for the comment!

Oh wow, it warms my heart to know there is something planned for us. So i'll take that for now and wait for you guys to share it. I'll follow you and @steemvoter to make sure i dont miss that. Thanks alot for thinking about us!

@nelkeljdm Thanks for reponding to this. The moment that @ferow asked this question i have been watching out for what your answer would be. The thing is how would minnows like us benefit from such?

But i am happy that you got us in the plans. I'll lead many others to read this and be aware. I promise that.


Hello love your project! :) Can you please tell me if I can use more than 5 accounts if I use the premium version? Thx for the answer!

Hi @flojo99, Why don't you use our new Steem voter which is in beta at the moment, you will get 10 free streams currently. Link is

Would you mind telling me if it's vest to vote as soon as post is online (being one of very first people voting) or should I really wait 20-30min (and why is that better)?

Thank you.

Research has shown that it is best to vote between 20-30 minutes of the post being published but the rule doesnt always hold constant under some circumstances. Hope this helps!

Thank you for your kind reply.

I was wondering if you ever tried using any bots? I know that many people seem to consider using bots not ethical. But I would like to know if it's best to use bots as soon as we publish our post or as late as possible (but not more than 7 days).


Hi, my account only allows for 5 rules. I ca n create more, but it seems only the top 5 are followed. Maybe add this to the faq. Also is there a button to delete rules? I see the checkmark, but that only deactivates. Thanks!

That's strange! Are you a premium user? There's a delete button in the rules section. See below screenshot

Thanks, on my Android mobile I have to swipe to see those buttons on the right, did not realize they were there. Thanks!

in steemauto i have already did something similar, should i stop that to use steemvoter

Yes, you can do that :-) but rather get onto our new Steem voter. Link is

I'm going to have to look into this deeper. I'm new and have just found the @BuildTeam. This is really enticing and makes a lot of sense. Making earnings on curation is something that's a viable way to increase the value of an account. To optimize curation awards is most definitely the goal! The percentage doesn't really pertain to me at this point. But, it does make great sense. I'll be looking into this more.

Hi @sutter,it does make sense if you want to gain a passive income from curation without having to do much besides the initial setup of streams and selecting your authors that you want to vote and earn curation from. Try our new Steem Voter which you will find at

Thank you for sharing this god news . I appreciate your post .
upvote and reesemed

waitting you!

hi my name is SHORIF, i am a newcomer in steemit. I hope we can establish relationships and help each other. thanks.

thanks for the info. it really was very helpful

what a good news , thanks all members from the team

I like to get an explanation from you. as a new steem, that explanation gave me more insight. Thank you @steevoter

Steem Voter is a service that allows you to automatically upvote your favorite authors while you sleep :-) On initial setup you will need to setup individual streams for your authors and set a voting time for you to upvote on and Steem voter will do this for you automatically. Try our new Steem voter at

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My @steemvoter does not seem to be voting...... is the service down/paused etc?

Please use the new Steem voter at If you have any issues come to Discord where I will be waiting to assist real time.

Sorry for using this space! I tried to contact you.
I'm trying to login into my steemvoter account but it does not work. I have tried to reset a password but it still does not work. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi @Donatello. Please come to Discord, link is on the post above. I will assist you real time

Hey @steemvoter! Do you have any information about your app facing technical issues? My rules don't work at all, meaning that only half of my VP is allocated as it should according to the rules set in my Steemvoter account. The account is active, I even paid 3SBD for the Premium Service but the results are terribly bad. I can't rely on an autovoter if it doesn't vote as it should you know...
Looking forward to your feedback!!
Thanks, Marly -

Hi @surfermarly, contact us at discord, link above and I will assist real time, are you still having issues?

Hello, how can I stop your serrvice, just delete all users from the list?
Thanks in advance Harald the good one

Pause the service and delete all rules.

Thank you so much for you creativity.

follow back , don't forget ufvote

help Error Your Session Expired, Please Login Again!
I get that error I put the key and it does not let me enter what I do

which password do I use for initial sign up??????

@maben2017,generally it is a browser issue

Hey accessing the website brings me a NOT SECURE warning... is something wrong?

That was a certificate expiry issues that has been resolved.

Why is the page down?

You are great steemians great whales continue to work in favor of small whales following you

Your publication is great, I would like to invite you to my blog and I hope you enjoy it as I do yours, Allow me to follow you ... God bless you.

Hey @steemvoter plz upvote comment me back I sent 10SBD I have no money I invest all money

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upsss . me afilie y parece que algo salió mal. Espero no haber entrado a alguna dirección engañosa como hago para verificar que estoy con steemvoter

Hmmm, I'm glad I stopped to have a look at the video first and saw the comments below. I see many are not answered, especially the one which asks how to cancel votes set up through you (even if the answer is OBVIOUS to you, it does NOT mean it is obvious to everyone, so this looks real bad).

Not encouraging - and I am fed up of talk only. So, I'll try the free offer, that is all.

Hi @arthur.grafo, most of those issues were resolved in our Discord channel. Do you still need assistance in cancelling vote rules? For real-time support please visit, you can also reply directly to me here and I will assist.

Thank you for replying.
I do not use Discord - and never will again. I live in S Africa and our electricity gets switched off 2 times a day, for about 4 hours each time. This means, each time I get back on the web, my IP has changed. Discord had me register, wanting my real name and email. Fine, I was reassured they are safe and gave it to them.

Next time I tried to go back to talk to someone, I was told I may not login because my IP number has changed. My IP? What has that got to do with anything? I know many who sit for hours at various coffee shops because they get a free connection, so not everybody keeps the same IP all the time. But more importantly, I had heard that both they and Telegram sell our info (as google does) and this seems to be pretty good evidence that it is true. whichmeans, I refuse to use either.

The next point that troubled me about your service. I went to your FAQ and saw that you answered a question about those who complain they have problems logging in and your advice was, switch off your anti-tracking and ad addons and allow cookies.

I am not willing to do that just for the 'convenience' of your site doing my upvoting for me (just as I have always refused to use FB, google, yahoo, twitter and so on. Conveniece is not important, safety and some degree of anonymity is). I made the mistake with Discord, but I only allow myself one such mistake every five years... so I'm hoping I've made my last one, since I am in my second half of my seventies.

Hi Arthur, I am from SA myself, ex-Durbanite but now an expat. The electricity issue there is crazy, my family back there are all affected by it.

Which Steemvoter are you using? The old or the new

We definitely are not like any of the other services you have encountered and have no use for your personal data. If you are using the new Steemvoter, ad blockers do block the login as this is javascript based, same happens on Brave with the shield. Both versions of Steemvoter are confirmed to work on Google Chrome.

I'm still not 100% sure what your requirement is, are you battling to login or are you needing to cancel your service/voting rules?

There is much we could say and laugh about, but I'll admit that the few times I've been in Durban, I've enjoyed being there. For instance, I flew down to buy a 2nd hand car, saw it, realised what is happening, so I quietly talked to the police and met the man again. they were caught for possessing a stolen vehicle, so the police paid for me to fly down again. I warned them I am not good at identifying faces....and as I'd feared, I turned out to be a dud of a witness. I did not even have the pleasureo of saying, hey, I did a good deed, the owner got back his car (it was the 3rd time it had been stolen), for the insurance had already paid him it was auctioned to some other kind of crooks.


@crypto.piotr asked me to check you and to set an upvote in support of a group he is using to help others. I have already made good there, giving roughly 10 times what my upvote is per, no worries. Having been brought to thinking about it, I had thought it would be nice to arrange two or three upvotes for those I vote for every day, but now I'm okay with not doing it, otherwise I would become more lax about reading and commenting on their posts...whether they post once or four times a day. What I enjoy about Steemit is the interaction and meeting people.

I have nothing against what you offer, I actually find it can lead to ridiculous situations - someone from SA put me on a bot or whatever and I get upvoted for all my posts...but he stopped using steemit many months ago. I do not benefit, it just makes it look good, as if many like my posts, for he has set his upvote to 2%, which is always worth zero.

Well, if anyone asks about how they can do auto voting, I'll give them your details - and thanks for taking the trouble.

Wow that is a crazy story about Durban, yeah there are crazy things that happen there, I've seen my fair share of crime and burglary, a few people were murdered in my area too, SA has just gone downhill.

I'm so glad everything is sorted with you and should you have more issues please don't hesitate to contact me again.

Stay safe!

Please try a different browser. Also come onto discord and I will assist real time.