Steemvoter Service Temporarily Down

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UPDATE: Unfortunately we are having further problems with our hosting provider. The long term solution to this is to do a system migration to dedicated servers in order to reduce the strain on our hosting provider. Unfortunately such a migration will take some time, so we have shutdown Steemvoter and will leave the service disabled for 1 week while we perform the migration. We will give further updates both on Steemit and in our Discord support chat as appropriate. Original post follows:

We have been experiencing a disruption to Steemvoter service today, and unfortunately it looks like it will take some time to resolve.

Our hosting provider has temporarily throttled access to the back-end database that we rely on in order for the service to function. This is due to exceeding our maximum number of allowed database connections, which in turn resulted from some runaway server processes that got stuck when this Steem API change went into effect.

Service is affected in the following ways:

  1. No premium upgrades will be processed for the duration of this disruption. If you sent SBD for an upgrade, then rest assured it will be taken care of once service is restored.

  2. The Steemvoter web site has been taken offline.

  3. If your account is in "pending" status, it will stay pending until this issue is resolved.

  4. All Steemvoter voting is turned off. When service is restored, voting will resume from that point, and any votes that should have happened during the period of the service disruption will simply be skipped.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused, and assure you that we will attempt to minimize this downtime as much as possible. Thank you for your understanding and patience while we work through these growing pains!

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Can we plz have an update, team?

Yes, please. Let me know if you have any info..

For real...they said a week last update and it's been almost a week. Would be nice to know "we're at X% of our updates and anticipate being up and running by X date..."

I'm sure they're busy but it doesn't take that long to post what I put in quotation marks above. I think it took about 10-12 seconds for me to type it if that.

While you are offline, It would be great if you could bring in a feature where you can choose how many times one person can be voted per day. I am using this site but had to pause because people write more than one post per day and it totally destroys voting power.

I second this!


This is an often requested feature, and we agree it's a great idea. It won't make it into this maintenance cycle, but could be included in a future update. Thanks for the suggestion!

As i experienced the steem power is not accurate hope it will fix also. thanks

Great idea!

I get around this by reducing my voting % for people that post more than once per day. I prefer your suggestion however. I'm just sharing how I get around it.

I SO AGREE W/ this!

I like that idea!

Agreed. Currently, I do what @steemtruth does but would much prefer to be able to have a vote limit per day per user.

CEO Update: Hey Guys, please ignore the login screen on the website, our hosting provider put that there when we hit the usage limits of our hosting, we are moving to a dedicated server with a lot more overhead and should be back online next week.

All premium users will get an extra free month of premium services to compensate.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for the update bossman :)

Missing steemvoter like a fat kid misses cake!

Hey, I'm a fat boy, and I do miss cake :( hahaha

Thanks for the update, I was panicking already when I tried to access to it and I couldnt. Lets hope everything get solve the soonest possible. Have a good day.

Hello, please what's your discord channell adress? Thanks!!

You can join our Discord with this link:

Thanks for this update!

  • I've been trying to sign up for an account for the past 2 months unsuccessfully.

  • I'm guessing it may have had something to do with some of these issues. I'd complete the sign up form however, I'd never receive a pin by email to compete the process...

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 6.57.11 PM.png

  • Any insight into whether or not I will be able to obtain an account once the server migrates would be appreciated or whether my issue is something separate.

  • As i mentioned this has been an issue for several months. I've tried different email address, usernames and browsers. Always get the same result unfortunately.

Thanks in advance for any response!

We're sorry to hear you've been having such difficulty. After Steemvoter is back up, if you are still having problems, give us a ping in our support channel on Discord and we can look into this more closely:

Hey! Thanks for the quick reply. Much Appreciated.

I will try again once things are up and running. I'm sorry to hear that you guys are dealing with such issues. Hopefully it all goes smoothly and that I can signed up asap.



I've been able to successfully create an account, no issues and super fast. I guess the difficult prior was due to the issue you guys had been dealing with.

Hope all remains well and good from here on out!

Will the rules and all our accounts be affected in some way?
Or they will remain the same and all the things will get to normal when you solve the problem?

Voting rules will be unaffected. Your voting logs, however, will be reset so that you won't be able to see a record of votes before the service interruption.

Miss your service.

Good for recovering VP

Haha :D

Heh, good way to look on the bright side!

My thoughts exactly!

Appreciate the update! Keep up the excellent service.

Great, update. Thank you. I see no reason to decline the payout for this. Important and timely information for the community.

Thanks for your support. We declined payout because we don't think it's fair to profit off a service disruption but want to make sure users are informed about what's going on.

That's just the right and as well a honorable approach! Thanks for keeping us up to date :)

Fair thought guys! Community thinking


I just paid for a years subscription to this service and would be having a right go at them if they chose to take payment here!

NEWS TO ALL! It seems that Steemvoter is back on line again!! my voters are appearing again in my new posts! thank you team!! hope this is for good!

so steemvoter is back. thank you. happy to notice

Thank you for this explanation now I know where steemvoter is

Ok. Thanks for the information.

Ok Thank You

Thanks for keeping us updated. How it get's fixed soon.

Thanks for the info!!!!

thanks for the service!

Thanks for the update. As mentioned by another, time for VP to recover a little!

Thanks for the hard work good to hear it will be back up soon

Hopefully this service will soon return to normal in the near future. Thank you for your information and hard work for us to enjoy this facility.

yeah noticed that this morning. thank you for posting about it so quickly thou, is it funds you need to upgrade you server or what? cheers for being prompt!

You're welcome. It's not a matter of money, we have plenty of funds to continue operating. We are simply growing too fast for our hosting provider to keep up, and have passed some threshold for allowed communications traffic for our back-end database. We will have to upgrade to beefier hardware which will give us room to continue growing.

that's why i mentioned the funding i think because obviously with beefy hardware comes beefy bills, hope you get on it top of it and that it does not require too much of a rewrite.

With my password I could not enter, I ordered a new one but the message does not arrive to the mail.

The web site will not work until we have completed maintenance, sorry! We've updated the post with the latest information.

Please can I ask, if my account is on play status, will it still keep voting?

Please can you read the update:

All Steemvoter voting is turned off. When service is restored, voting will resume from that point, and any votes that should have happened during the period of the service disruption will simply be skipped.

I wish it will be up as soon as possible

thanks for your info, will be looking forward for your recover

Love your service and appreciate the work you do. Thanks for the update.

Lol I was about to do forgot password.

Thank you for the update. I am also seeing that is not able to connect to the blockchain. Is there someone that can be alerted to that?

We are not responsible for that service and unsure who to contact regarding it.

It is back up now and thank you for your response.

Vote punya ku

Just kill me now :(

Will be waiting patiently

Noticed this with my Post Rewards...Under a Dollar even after 20minutes...😂😂😂.... I could see my VP shooting to 90's which never approached 80 before.

Is the problem still ongoing? I am receiving a message when I try to go to the site that I need to enter my account name and password. I didn't have this issue previously.
Just when I was about to send the necessary 3SBD to obtain premium services.

The Steemvoter web site is currently offline. We expect the service disruption to last about a week and will post a further update once service is restored.

Thanks for the reply!

Thanks for posting this update, I first thought you ended your service completely.

No, we intend to keep Steemvoter running for a long time to come! Unfortunately we do run into bumps in the road like this sometimes.

Is the 1 SBD premium still active for january. Also if you have more than 1 account non your steem voter do you need to send sbd for each of them?

I have so much VP now :D :D
I hope your are up soon.

thank for sharing sir

On point

Best post ...
Thank you for sharing....

Hopefully heal quickly and can move as before @steemvoter.

his name is also the system must have its shortcomings, thanks for the help so far @steemvoter

steem voter ok..good

Can anyone confirm if this effects the Minnow Booster Delegation? I assuming so, but would like to know for sure. If so, not bad for Minnowbooster to make an announcement to that effect also.

Thanks for the info! I wish you good luck in solving all the problems!)))

Я подписалась, чтобы быть в курсе дела всегда).

I hope it will not take too long.

yes, last 2 days your portal not working. Okay we are waiting.

What about email or mobile notifications of the votes.

Thank You @steemvoter excited for your come back

This is a very beautiful lesson.
And please help me through the up voting
Thanks a lot my friends.

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