How To Use SteemWorld On Hive [Tutorial]

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SteemWorld by @steemchiller is (was) my favourite tool and starting point for everything related to activities on Steem.

And yes, you can use it with Hive too.

The trick is the same as with eSteem family of apps.

You have to change the Steem Node setting to point to Like this.

Enter and you will see your data on Seem blockchain.

Go to Settings and change Steem Node.


Click on Balances, Stats, ...

Stats with my account, for example, show my data on Hive blockchain now.

Compare the following image with the image from Steem.

Do you see the difference? Yes, I have powered up all liquid Hive and started powering down on Steeem.

Let's compare the balances too.

On Steem:

On Hive:

I didn't try it yet but I do believe that some transaction functionality should work on Hive too.

Since SteemWorld is not ported to Hive per se you shouldn't be disappointed when something is not working.

Notifications are working which is the most important part for me.

Try it out and share your experience.

Please, do visit SteemWorld and give kudos to @steemchiller. He deserves them!

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Better and better


Thanks for this! See here @apshamilton

I think he should submit a proposal for the community to vote for his airdrop. I read somewhere yesterday but I can't remember where.

Thanks to you too. I didn't follow what was going on between him and the witnesses yet it seems like there was a clash of opinions.

Hope it ends well for everybody involved.

Excellent Finding!!!! Well done @ervin-lemark !!!

Maybe I was cheering too early. It doesn't work for me now. Can you check it?

Hm, this will be a hard nut to break. @steemchiller is on the black list.

I would love too use his tool on Hive.

Where do you apply for revoking somebody from the black list?

@gtg @roelandp @blocktrades
@hiveio @peakd

Thanks for your answer!

According to @ausbitbank there will be a post about this shortly on the @hiveio account (I asked him this morning for the appeal procedure as I want to appeal, besides @steemchiller, for @remlaps and @cmp2020)

Hey, thanks for letting me know. I hope we can come to a positive outcome about this.

Thank you for supporting my father and I! Hopefully we will still see you on Steem (every now and then) since Hive disowned us. We were both incredibly disappointed to learn that we are on the blacklist. We will be staying active on Steem though.

Sorry this comment is so late. Had to wait for curation rewards so that I would have resource credits to post it. I also made a post the other day explaining what happened, and how I feel.

Yes, I read it (on Steem, though). I consider the way you and your father were excluded from the airdrop a bit of a false start of Hive and understand you are both greatly disappointed.
I hope this can be remedied and you'll consider coming over to Hive as well. The classical-music community is a bit empty on Hive without the two of you...

I think a proposal here can be created :

Wow! I'm trying this right now! I hope @steemchiller can appeal and deveolop HiveWorld. It's one of the only things that I will miss... Or maybe someone can take te code and use it in Hive. Thank you for this tip!

After checking and doing some trials I have to say that it does not work for me :-(

It just might be that @steemchiller noticed the usage of #hive RPC endpoints and blocked them. See my reply above.

Strangely it worked for the first time and then stopped working.

It crashes on "get_account_count".

Exactly. My guess is that traffic to #hive endpoints is blocked at one end or the other. See other comments, please.

OK, I got it.

There is Content-Security-Policy thing that restricts connections to outside. You can check it here

Content-Security-Policy default-src 'self'; connect-src 'self'; font-src 'self'; frame-ancestors 'none'; frame-src 'self'; img-src * data:; object-src 'none'; script-src 'self'; style-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline'

Workaround would be to use "local" steemworld without those restrictions, but downloadable versions does not exist anymore.

Exactly as I've thought. It's strange that it worked a couple of hours earlier. DId the headers change in the meantime?

Yes, downloadable version ... I had it on my drive and I went searching for it ... yet I couldn't find it. Wait, I'll check on another workstation ...

I've found a version from August 2019 and it's working with Hive :)

I believe there were no changes in headers, because they restrict usage by domains that are listed there.

So, to fix this issue @steemchiller has to add HIVE domains to the allowed list:

connect-src 'self'

I replaced steempeak with peakd in one of the javascript files and now notification links open in peakd as expected.

I am a happy camper now :)

I believe you can do it by save to file, make changes to config and later load this config file back. You do not have to change the javascript.

steemworld is one app we need to have a version on HIVE.Hopefully we can help him get some through the proposal.
I did use the application that way in conjonction with keychain by changing both api to get to HIVE

I agree 1000% about getting @steemchiller active here on Hive.

Thank you for your comment and information.